Bronny James Doesn't HOLD BACK in front of LeBron Matt Barnes and Tristan Thompson


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  • Keli Junior
    Keli Junior  2 months back

    It's ashame how adults go in on a child. Bron and Bronny are two different people. Stop looking at him like he is his dad. Bron was on a whole other level at this age. Bronny will be fine, let the kid enjoy basketball like his father is doing. If he makes it to the league he makes it, so what. This kid can careless about everybody's negative opinions. LeBron isn't hyping his son up, the media is smh. I give Bron credit for that. He's thankful for whatever decision his son is going to make and backs him.

    • Jose Alvarez
      Jose Alvarez  4 months back

      Im assuming your comfusing the kid with the karate kid sweat band with bronnie james, hate click bate

    • Eazy
      Eazy  6 months back

      I'm not understanding bronny doesn't hold back he had no highlights whatsoever dude keep it 100 I know you want views smh!!!!

      • qwik11hoops
        qwik11hoops   6 months back

        he had highlights bro you gotta watch the whole thing

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith  7 months back

      Tristan got the work in that bag

    • 05 James
      05 James  7 months back

      That center is a whole mini porzingis

    • Candice Boston
      Candice Boston  7 months back

      Bronny james team is not no regular team they goooood

    • Touch DownZone
      Touch DownZone  7 months back

      Bronny gawd

      • Newton Lawrence
        Newton Lawrence  7 months back

        Bronny James, the new and improved Agent 0, (WATCH OUT)

        • TouchDownZone
          TouchDownZone  8 months back

          Bryce about to be so good

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            yea no doubt thats baby Melo bro



        • Malachi Evans
          Malachi Evans  8 months back

          is it me or bronny is trash

        • eric soria
          eric soria  8 months back

          Mikey is way better than bronny

        • Matthew Jones
          Matthew Jones  8 months back

          LeBron has raised a narcissist after his own image

        • Colby Reynolds
          Colby Reynolds  8 months back

          I swear bronny must be playing in the Afro circuit

        • E Oleary
          E Oleary  8 months back

          TT got a purple purse on

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            nowadays I see a lot of em in LA..back in the early 2000s I saw 0

          • E Oleary
            E Oleary  8 months back

            @qwik11hoops that's swag?

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back


        • Monica Yoo
          Monica Yoo  8 months back

          Who’s #2 on the red team (the one with the purple shoes)

        • Jacob Taylor
          Jacob Taylor  8 months back

          Why does it seem like Bronny is the 5th or 6th best player on his team? All these kids look like future D1 talent on his squad...holy shit

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            exactly every kid is a d1 talent

        • Devin Robinson Media
          Devin Robinson Media  8 months back

          How they gonna let bronny carry so bad like its obvious

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            they let them all carry thats why I guess

        • Justin Wilhite
          Justin Wilhite  8 months back

          is tristan wearing a pink purse in the thumbnail??

        • David Johnson Sr
          David Johnson Sr  8 months back

          8 foot rims?

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            hmm crazy

          • David Johnson Sr
            David Johnson Sr  8 months back

            Look at the video again. Rim height vs player height. Not adding up.

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            nah buddy Lebron would never allow that

        • Young Chiko
          Young Chiko  8 months back

          dat #2 hispanic kid on bronnys team is colddd

        • B1 tube
          B1 tube  8 months back

          Y'all see sky

        • Jamie Green
          Jamie Green  8 months back

          Why cant these nba players just sit back like normal parents and watch the kids play. They have to make it all about them and steal the spotlight from the kids by being all on the court

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            its in their blood to get on the court lmao

        • B Austin
          B Austin  8 months back

          Bronny was the 11th option on his squad offensively(he's gonna need some handles though, don't think he'll be 6'9" like daddy)... playing zone on "D" he was cool!

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            i would say he was the 4th plus this is the 15u squad

        • Melahel 777
          Melahel 777  8 months back

          Bronny didn't score and it look like LeBron left early

        • JADAWEB TV
          JADAWEB TV  8 months back

          The Lil King is patience. Sings of an all start.

        • Batman And Robin
          Batman And Robin  8 months back

          25 on the other team was nice

        • CallMeNikee2x
          CallMeNikee2x  8 months back

          Is it me or does his son suck ass 😂😂 the team carry him every game?

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            nah he is getting really good bro

        • Alabaster
          Alabaster  8 months back


        • j.boogie2dabeats
          j.boogie2dabeats  8 months back

          I hate that bronny is so passive tho he’s a good team player as he should but I’m waiting for him to start taking over games

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            he makes the smart play most of the time

        • King Tip Wavy
          King Tip Wavy  8 months back

          Dawg With Chinese Headband In The Red Was Balling Everyone Else Was Ass ...

        • IFitHadtobetoldRight
          IFitHadtobetoldRight  8 months back

          These wo-man purses are the next step huh.. miss me with alllllllllllllllll.. of that.

        • Ah
          Ah  8 months back

          Brons younger son looks like he may be bigger than Bronny eventually

          • Ah
            Ah  8 months back

            qwik11hoops Fr bro

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            that will be crazy

        • Andre Herren
          Andre Herren  8 months back

          Must be confused on who Bronny is. Title misleading. I didn’t see one Bronny highlight. I saw couple guys playing for self

          • Le Brow
            Le Brow  8 months back

            Andre Herren you looking confused with that comment 😭

        • Hung Ngiap84
          Hung Ngiap84  8 months back

          Tittle should be Bronnie team hv nothing to do with bronnie

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            let him live bro

          • Le Brow
            Le Brow  8 months back

            Title should be Hung Ngiap84 is a dummy😭

        • Gee Cee GANG
          Gee Cee GANG  8 months back

          That Jordyn Woods comment was disrespectful. Watch yo mouth fam 💯

          • Le Brow
            Le Brow  8 months back

            Gee Cee GANG or what 💯 you a dodo nigga Green Crack Gang foh

        • Willie Will
          Willie Will  8 months back

          Second period with 46 points lead🤔🤔 Gah damn!

        • Dylan Seaton
          Dylan Seaton  8 months back

          4:56 😂😂

        • Nate Smith
          Nate Smith  8 months back

          "where's Jordon woods at" shots fired. 😂

        • The Beatty Bunch
          The Beatty Bunch  8 months back

          Did I miss something??? What exactly did Bronny not hold back??

        • Chc.Kayleb
          Chc.Kayleb  8 months back

          Someone plz answer this. What is team Strive for greatness, I know that’s his dad saying but I thought bronny was playing for the blue chips

        • PelecanosTv
          PelecanosTv  8 months back

          lol damn bronny didnt even start?

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            he played 4 games this day

          • S K
            S K  8 months back

            PelecanosTv his playing up on this team but starts on blue chips

        • Brandon Falls
          Brandon Falls  8 months back

          Damn Porzingis has a brother

        • Owen Currey
          Owen Currey  8 months back

          They are really good at basketball

        • marcus saunders
          marcus saunders  8 months back

          That team trash

        • Ryan Heard
          Ryan Heard  8 months back

          Lebron James son looking like he just doesnt have it in him. Its ok though. I went a different route from my father too. Thats the purpose of going to college to explore other niches.

          • qwik11hoops
            qwik11hoops   8 months back

            nah man he will be good af expect greatness

        • John Smith
          John Smith  8 months back

          4:56 “Where’s Jordyn Woods at?” Bro chill 😂

        • Travion Thomas
          Travion Thomas  8 months back

          did bronny score