World of dance: Dance performance by Ne-Yo and Derek Hough

  • Published: 29 June 2018

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  • hot stepper
    hot stepper  4 days back

    That last performance was intense

    • Adithi Mallesh
      Adithi Mallesh  3 months back

      The names of all the songs ? Please

      • Keilani H
        Keilani H  4 weeks back

        The third one is New Blood by Zayde Wolf

      • TYLER-M
        TYLER-M   3 months back

        1st song : ne-yo's push back
        2nd song : I think "hide away" by kiesza
        Don't know about the 3rd one.

    • mamta jangid
      mamta jangid  3 months back

      Ysabella rock's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      • Stacey G
        Stacey G  4 months back

        All of them were amazing!!!

        And for those putting down Jlo and Neyo
        Neyo is a song writer producer and singer.

        J Lo started out as a dancer then added actress and singer to Her resume.
        They both do behind the scenes things as well as their own stuff and probably choreographed a lot of what you just saw soooo... I think they know what it takes to make a good dancer.👀

        • ReymartDel
          ReymartDel  2 months back

          Stacey G nah lol they are NOT dancers.

      • Anna libar
        Anna libar  4 months back

        He doesn't need to own a shirt just walk around like that 🤤

        • j
          j  5 months back

          What is the song at the beginning???

        • Imane KANDILI
          Imane KANDILI  5 months back

          Why is Jlo not here?

          • mia
            mia  2 months back

            Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road. but he cant judge either?

          • Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road.
            Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road.  3 months back

            A lot of voice critics can't sing, a lot of food critics can't cook, almost all of movie critics don't even have a chance of directing a film, Ne-yo judges, but he doesn't dance very often, what's the matter this time? I don't know about Jlo though, well she is turning 50 this year, so it could be that.

          • beautaefulbitch yoonseok
            beautaefulbitch yoonseok  3 months back

            @G C cause you talking shit ig......

          • G C
            G C  5 months back

            Imane KANDILI dude why are you getting so defensive

          • Imane KANDILI
            Imane KANDILI  5 months back

            S U C C You can think whatever you want! I don’t care.

        • Sophie
          Sophie  6 months back

          cool so Ne-yo can do simple choreo and a back tuck and nearly land on his head... why is he a WOD judge...?

          • rap kid B20
            rap kid B20  3 weeks back

            You can't do it

          • Karbonation
            Karbonation  1 months back

            It's more about being famous than being the best. They need somebody with just enough skill in the field, but more so a big name to attract viewers.

          • John Asante
            John Asante  2 months back

            Have you never seen Neyo dance?? He's actually great. This was just him doing basics

          • Janel McKay
            Janel McKay  3 months back

            Sophie the back tuck only looked like that cause of the pose he landed in and simple choreo can go a long way with the right attitude with it but i will admit it was basic but it blended well

          • Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road.
            Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road.  3 months back

            Consindering how 85% critics don't even have the skill of which they're criticizing it doesn't really matter.

        • emehnemz!
          emehnemz!  7 months back

          what titile of song 2:25 thank you 😊

        • Tafadzwa Gunda
          Tafadzwa Gunda  7 months back

          He still got it

          • QueenieofHearts
            QueenieofHearts  9 months back

            Derek is so HOT!!! The chemistry between Jenna and Derek is palpable