Rebuilding a Clean Title blown Motor Pt cruiser From Salvage Auction


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  • Calvin Cederborg
    Calvin Cederborg  3 weeks back

    You should try doing More work yourself

    • Jose Pizarro
      Jose Pizarro  2 months back

      It is good to see how they are united as a family, whether they are rebuilding a car or fishing. Hopefully, if my father were alive, I would have been able to do everything you do together. God continue to bless you and keep carrying that message.

      • Andrea Conti
        Andrea Conti  2 months back

        Fantastic painted your father is the best :)

      • Nathan
        Nathan  2 months back

        Definitely should have gone with that orange. Still a nice job regardless.

      • mike mike
        mike mike  2 months back

        Can you guys give my brother a shout out the rebuild Brothers thx

        • Dave King
          Dave King  2 months back

          needs a nice set of 18's on there max

        • stephen victor bailey
          stephen victor bailey  2 months back

          That's one clean pronto cruiser

        • Just Mat
          Just Mat  2 months back

          Orange 😂 you guys are bad 👍🏼

          • Gregg Frazier
            Gregg Frazier  2 months back

            Looking great..enjoying the build.

          • burncrash05
            burncrash05  2 months back

            Selling it or keeping it?

          • E Abuhasbu
            E Abuhasbu  2 months back

            00:30 Shut the fuck up 😂

            • JaysAutoRestoration
              JaysAutoRestoration  2 months back

              why this build makes me want to go buy a pt cruiser? lol keep up the work man

              • Rebuilder Max
                Rebuilder Max   2 months back

                Thank you and you should it’s a great car

            • Vishal Jain
              Vishal Jain  2 months back

              Has anyone seen a small dent on 17:06 on door ?

              • Cody Smith
                Cody Smith  2 months back

                Looks amazing, I have always liked the PT Cruiser Sport wagons and convertibles

              • Jayman XRF2X
                Jayman XRF2X  2 months back

                The car look good why you won't paint your rims black

              • 2Moza
                2Moza  2 months back

                Max i have said before you started your channel and working with dad and your brother your a winner because you are doing work and not sitting at a games screen or trying to cause drama you will always have someone trying to bring you down to there low Level just brush it off and keep doing what you Enjoy with your Family Mate forget the rest and there are more people out there than these Haters. lol the Vlog :)

              • Howard Rice
                Howard Rice  2 months back

                Looks very nice Max see what a lot of hard work can do. P.S. thank your Dad too he love you a lot.

              • Sweet Tee
                Sweet Tee  2 months back

                Good job. Don't let the haters get you down. You will never be able to please everyone. Just make you happy.

              • Alex S.
                Alex S.  2 months back

                Black rims.

              • Dan Wingo
                Dan Wingo  2 months back

                Let the haters hate, I for one have always loved the style of the PT Cruiser, my brother had one. Keep up the great work. God Bless you and your family.

              • KeiNovak
                KeiNovak  2 months back

                Keep it up, dude.

              • Paul Levy
                Paul Levy  2 months back

                Ignore the hater's; they'll always find something to whine about.
                572 likes, 8 thumb's down. I'd say you're doing great. The prep work really shows in the completed car. Probably didn't look that good when new.

              • Wayne A Clarke
                Wayne A Clarke  2 months back

                Great Job Max! You are one of the People that make things happen. Your Dad is Awesome and is teaching you things that will last you a lifetime. May God Continue to Bless Your Family!

              • Jacob Throckmorton
                Jacob Throckmorton  2 months back

                Looks awesome!! Keep up the great work. What if you powder coated the wheels black and then did a red pinstripe on the separation from black to silver on the car and one on the wheels. I think that would set the car off. Just a suggestion.

              • Robert Bisson
                Robert Bisson  2 months back

                Great job young men, but where is the hood ??? Are You going to surprise us with something special ?

                • Rebuilder Max
                  Rebuilder Max   2 months back

                  Did you not see the last video were we painted it

              • jkubys
                jkubys  2 months back

                I love the color combo!! My first, and only, brand new vehicle, was a Ford Ranger and it was this black and silver. It looks super sharp and those colors belong together!!

              • No Future 68
                No Future 68  2 months back

                Wow , Pop is a car painting machine ! Killer Skills...

              • Tom Varnado
                Tom Varnado  2 months back

                awesome ,awesome ,that is the perfect color .great job .

              • paul klich
                paul klich  2 months back

                Good Job Max

              • VXJ 1
                VXJ 1  2 months back

                Max it's a great 1st car especially because you worked on it with family, no matter what people are saying take that away from this experience. P.S your 1st car looks great.

              • david robinson
                david robinson  2 months back

                Great job guys 👍 congrats on your first car

              • tracy wraley
                tracy wraley  2 months back

                90% of a good paint job is in the prep work runs and orange peal can be sanded out but if the panels are not straight it won’t look good you all do a grate job on the cars you build

              • Tony Kruebbe
                Tony Kruebbe  2 months back

                Max I’m really digging the PT Cruiser bro. I’m jealous and want one now, lmao! Keep up the awesome job my friend!

              • Darryl Jenkins
                Darryl Jenkins  2 months back

                Forget the haters, I didn't have that nice of a car when I was your age. Nice learning video.

              • Abd Abd
                Abd Abd  2 months back


                • Barry Kelly
                  Barry Kelly  2 months back

                  Great Job Max!!

                • Gene Holmes
                  Gene Holmes  2 months back

                  Looks GREAT

                • 57ovalandy Rivera
                  57ovalandy Rivera  2 months back

                  It’s looking great buddy 👍🏼

                • Bruce Pierson
                  Bruce Pierson  2 months back

                  I certainly have to agree with Ed Lockrow. I couldn't have said it better myself. Great to see you making the most of your life, learning useful skills and working in a field where you are going to have a good future.

                • Kenneth Baker
                  Kenneth Baker  2 months back

                  I am impressed with the work your doing,keep it up.

                • bluecollartrader
                  bluecollartrader  2 months back

                  Nice choice for the color, Max.

                • el noto logo
                  el noto logo  2 months back

                  Yooo nice paint job i really love it well done 👌🏻👌🏻

                • Gear Vlogz
                  Gear Vlogz  2 months back

                  Max, Don't listen to the haters. Having a PT Cruiser for a first car is great. Just think of it as a baby version of an SRT-4. Unlike most of those haters that are driving around in their mommy or daddy's minivan. You have something cool that is all yours.

                • jack hamilton
                  jack hamilton  2 months back

                  Love the 2 tone color 👌🏾

                • Kyle white
                  Kyle white  2 months back

                  Love the build and effort but I think I noticed a dent in the passenger door when he was painting it

                  • gilbert Rodriguez
                    gilbert Rodriguez  2 months back

                    Awesome work can't wait to see all the builds and mystery builds congrats.

                  • The idk Network
                    The idk Network  2 months back

                    Glad to see it painted all legends have to start somewhere stay positive💯💪🏻

                  • Bill Streber
                    Bill Streber  2 months back

                    I've got to admit color combo I like very much adds so much more to looks... great first project