FAT LOSS 101 FOR MEN (Chest Fat, Belly, Love Handles!)

  • Published: 31 December 2017
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    Fat loss from the three most stubborn zones for men can be quite difficult, unless you have a plan. In this video, I share with you a three phase plan for losing fat in the abdomen, love handles or waistline area, and the chest. These spots are where most men carry their fat and are the last to lose it when dieting or trying to cut down. The reason for this is actually based on our genetics, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do something about it.

    Before we get started however, here is a list of the videos that I referenced in the video for you to watch:

    How to Stretch Your Chest - superiorjanitorial.pro/user/watch?v=SV7l1sfEmO0
    The 7 Minute Ab Workout - superiorjanitorial.pro/user/watch?v=8jyhJ6TiUPA
    Lose the Love Handles - superiorjanitorial.pro/user/watch?v=yWjf2io_b6E

    The first thing you have to realize is that all three of these areas share the common problem in that they look bad mostly because of the abundance of body fat. You may even have developed muscles underneath, but as long as the fat is present you will never get a chance to see what it looks like. This means that your priority has to be on cleaning up your nutrition. If you refuse to eat better, no matter what else you do, you will never look better.

    Early on however, you don’t have to get too specific with your eating. Simply make a pass through your diet and get rid of the obvious garbage that you know is not helping your cause. Sweets, excessive alcohol, sugars, etc can all be removed and replaced with more nutritious foods. You don’t have to necessarily worry about your macros at this point but just getting rid of the junk food and liquid calories.

    Realizing that it will take some time to see the results of these changes however, you should start chipping away at the trouble spots in another way. For the abdomen, you want to first ensure that you can properly activate the muscles in the rectus and transverse abdominis. Most find this difficult and even when they do perform ab exercises they get frustrated at not being able to feel them. Next, you want to start adding in ab training but mostly in the form of rotational ab exercises. Instead of trying to do crunches and having the fat get in the way of the movement, you can work your abs without having to crunch. Finally, you want to incorporate moves for your entire core, such as with the 7 minute ab workout included above.

    When it comes to the love handles, you want to start by working the lats. Here especially, you want to focus on full contractions and range of motion to ensure proper development of the muscles that actually insert onto the top of the pelvis near your waistline. The more you can build these muscles the greater the visual differential between your waist and your shoulders and the better the v taper. Next add in direct ab work and finish up with direct oblique training for the best look as your diet gets dialed in.

    Finally, for the chest you want to stretch it and strengthen the muscles of the rotator cuff to posturally improve the visual appearance of your chest. From here, work the serratus anterior. This will give your chest more natural underlying support will helping to visually chisel out the area underneath. Finally, you want to make sure that as your body fat levels decrease and fat loss continues that you are working your chest in all three heads. Use the angles of the band work as an example of how to hit the upper, lower and middle chest.

    For a complete program that helps men to lose fat day by day in a step by step way, be sure to head to athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start training like an athlete and watch how much more easily your body will get rid of fat and allow you to build lean muscle.

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    • The Comedian
      The Comedian  1 months back

      Mine is all three bro...

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      Ali Mohammed  1 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ good

    • Mahesh Zadokar
      Mahesh Zadokar  2 months back

      How to lose butt and inner thigh fat sir

    • Steven Dallas
      Steven Dallas  3 months back

      Hello Jeff, We need more neck exercises. Thank you for all the information and inspiration!

    • LilAppleBoi
      LilAppleBoi  4 months back

      I’m only 15 and I want to get rid of my fat that I have and idk how to

  • Natural Home Remedies
    Natural Home Remedies  1 days back

    Before having intense workouts, having a systematic and scientific diet will help you start losing belly fat in a very short time!

    Starting your day with a correct form of breakfast is the first step which should only contain the fruits. Fruits will be digested in a very short time and metabolism will not spend so much time on digesting. If you consume animal protein it will keep your metabolism so long time busy and cant send enough energy to immune system to work properly.

    For more details 》》https://youtu.be/ejX9OYkAPxI

    • Poongothai HP Gas Agency

      you best or cr7 best in building six packs

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        Jossue Guzman  2 days back

        How long should the phases be.

        • Mr Challenge287
          Mr Challenge287  3 days back

          God i feel like just cutting then stick a fuckin hoover in there😖

          • Jordan Gill
            Jordan Gill  3 days back

            Fat loss 101:



            • Jordan Gill
              Jordan Gill  13 hours back

              KingOf Gotham I guess so. But if a fat guy or girl does these exercises and keeps eating the same calories they’re not going to see any difference at all and will quit

            • KingOf Gotham
              KingOf Gotham  13 hours back

              Jordan Gill those kind of things make people giving up on their goal even. Before they start,this video is for someone who never did this process of weight loss in his life,for athletes ofc its crucial to keep calories in count in order to stay fit and improve

          • Dave Andrew
            Dave Andrew  4 days back

            hope you can help me.im male 102 kilo.my belly is 47 inches.i have a beer belly.start of December I stoped drinking beer and jog 5 times a week 10 miles a time.i eat 4 healthy meals a day. 6 weeks later and my belly is the same.PLEASE help as I feel I am wasting my time.thanks

            • Dr.Monkey
              Dr.Monkey  5 days back

              What If I have too much skin down my belly ?

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                Yasar Hassan  5 days back

                Who’s watchin this Video lying on bed?

                • Preston Lovely
                  Preston Lovely  6 days back

                  Dude when I turned 21 I gained 20 lbs of fat from beer lol. Gonna switch to vodka and cranberry juice

                  • Good52 Karma
                    Good52 Karma  6 days back

                    But why take advise from a steroid abuser?

                    • KZbleach
                      KZbleach  1 weeks back

                      Really honest video. I dont think enough people hear it, you dont need to be this lean. If you want it you want it, but you need to be realistic and accept the sacrifices you will need to make to get there and respect and know that it's okay to admit that you don't think it's worth it. I think a lot of people get so wrapped up in just losing fat they think fitness and even just a hralthy life style is beyond them because they cant attain crazy low body fat. We place way too much importance on this one aspect of fitness.

                      • Amateur Hour
                        Amateur Hour  1 weeks back

                        I always thought ab workouts/targeting belly fat didn’t work. I trust Jeff, I’m just pissed I could have been focusing on abs more while I keep dropping body fat.

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                          HR PRODUCTION  1 weeks back


                          • OD Alpha
                            OD Alpha  2 weeks back

                            I’d never marry anyone who would try to stop me from the gym.

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                              Karin Smith  1 weeks back

                              This blog post will teach you how to lose weight fast: http://hootadvice.com/cutting-calories-to-lose-weight/

                            • First Name Last Name
                              First Name Last Name  1 weeks back

                              Only a pussy would let other people dictate what they do.

                          • john Fetzer
                            john Fetzer  2 weeks back

                            thank you . 62 years old , and belly and lov handles are my problem. (Issue is I have an injured back, to twisting is a no-no.

                          • Efeosa Bod
                            Efeosa Bod  2 weeks back

                            how long should each phase last

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                              Man With No Name  2 weeks back

                              You cant out train a bad diet

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                              • Mystery47
                                Mystery47  2 weeks back

                                I'm trying an experiment to lose fat. I've given up coffee and preworkout drinks. My theory is that if the body relies on stimulants for energy then it has no need to burn fat for energy. And Americans are ADDICTED to their coffee and coffee products like high strength espresso drinks and lattes. Is it just a coincidence that America is also obese? I felt a bit lethargic for a few days after quitting then normal. I got the idea from what happens when you start taking testosterone shots. Your body starts slowing down its' own production of testosterone because it senses that there is sufficient T already circulating in the body so why bother making more.

                                • Preben Gjestang
                                  Preben Gjestang  2 weeks back

                                  Well, so basically you have to eat right and workout to get results? Shocking ... :D

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                                    warisbutt1  2 weeks back

                                    I am really impressed with your Knowledge of the Mussels the way they work.. Weldone n great help ❤

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                                      Josiah Black  2 weeks back

                                      This the only dude I dont think trying to flex but just has a passion to teach while using his own physique as the example.....

                                      • Samir Siamer
                                        Samir Siamer  2 weeks back

                                        The only thing that can help you lose fat and get abs isn't working out but dieting , losing weight is 75% diet and 25% exercise , I started an intermittent fasting of 18 hours a day every day 2 months ago and I have already lost most of belly fat , without doing any abs or crunches , stop eating sugar and alcohol and train while on fast and you will see result

                                        • American Muscle
                                          American Muscle  2 weeks back

                                          Dude way too much talk. You lose your audience in not showing yourself doing an exercise.

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                                            Baljinder Singh  3 weeks back

                                            Sir your middle of chest looks weird...Y?

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                                              cottondai  3 weeks back

                                              Thank you for these tips brother.

                                              • VEGITO BLUE
                                                VEGITO BLUE  3 weeks back

                                                What about fat on glutes? Can't find any way to get rid of that ☹️

                                                • Rob Wellings
                                                  Rob Wellings  3 weeks back

                                                  Hello Jeff, have you got any advice for a leg workout for someone who has knee cartilage wear, so loading weight onto the joint is a no-no. Atm I do the leg press, leg extension, hamstring curl and the standing calf raises machine as a workout, lower weight, but more reps/sets to keep the knee fatigue off.. Sometimes I add Bulgarian split squats, but this is only if the knee feels strong that day. Ultimately, strong thigh, quad, calf, glutes and hamstring muscles = a successful cartilage repair. If you can add to that workout then great, any advice given would be gratefully received. Cheers!

                                                  • Ba'al Busters
                                                    Ba'al Busters  3 weeks back

                                                    I do this. I hold a crunch position in bed before I sleep and when I wake up. I do it for as long I can, shaking and then release and do it again. It feels great engaging the abdominal muscles. You get addicted to it. Healthy addiction is great. Incidentally this older video is more personable. I think the newer videos are a little less personable. You seem kinder in this video.

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                                                      elwoje  3 weeks back

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                                                                    9:32 "want to train these muscles..." [flex] ;)

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                                                                        me phone  1 months back

                                                                        Ways to lose belly fat

                                                                        • Isaac Chavez
                                                                          Isaac Chavez  1 months back

                                                                          Only reason why I'm working on my physique again is because I want to attract women. Got out of a 10 year marriage and lost what I had when I got married which is a big thing she loved on me. Divorce makes you fat and the ladies don't like fat. As soon as I get my "V" shape back again ill be getting married again! 🤣🤣😥

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                                                                          NilPem Samsohang  1 months back

                                                                          There always one thing commonly saying eat less what that does mean. If you are lifting weight everyday how can you get strength without eating anything. I don't like taking supplements either.

                                                                          • łemon zest
                                                                            łemon zest  1 months back

                                                                            fat loss 101

                                                                            phase 1:
                                                                            1. nutrition (cut out crap)
                                                                            2. muscle activation (engage each muscle)
                                                                            3. stretching (strengthen back muscles)

                                                                            phase 2:
                                                                            1. lat workout (full contraction for v-taper)
                                                                            2. nutrition (count macronutrients)
                                                                            3. oblique workout (rotational movement)
                                                                            4. push up (extend beyond plank position)

                                                                            phase 3:
                                                                            1. nutrition (counting micronutrients)
                                                                            2. consistent ab training (5 times a week)
                                                                            3. target specific muscles (full contraction)
                                                                            4. obliques (full movement)

                                                                            • lone Brand
                                                                              lone Brand  1 months back

                                                                              yeah but when will the phases move from phase 1 to phase 2

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                                                                                Wayne Zahra  2 months back

                                                                                My lower part doesn't go with my upper abs. Why am i carrying more fat on my lower stomach than my upper part ? I want veins below my belly button. Please tell me that I'm not the only person that finds veins sexy on females ?