Thursday Afternoon Morning Monday Podcast 5-2-19

  • Published: 02 May 2019
  • Bill rambles about the age of humanity, Endgame, and wearing Birkenstocks.

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    I was born a freckled child in a land far away during a much simpler time. I did well in school until it counted. As a freshman in high school I had dreams of going to Notre Dame and becoming a lawyer. By the time I was sophomore I was taking shop class and was considering getting into construction. I ended up working in warehousing and unloading trucks. Other than stand up, that job was the most fun I ever had.

    I am now a stand up comedian. I do a couple hundred shows a year. And I enjoy the travel. I’ve done four hour-long stand-up specials: “Why Do I Do This”, “Let It Go”, “You People Are All The Same” and “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way.” I host a podcast each week called The Monday Morning Podcast. And I have an animated series on Netflix called: ‘F’ Is For Family.’ Occasionally I act in movies but only when they let me.
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  • Robert Dore
    Robert Dore  2 weeks back

    Lost was one of those series where one lost interest quite early on, the concept became very tired very quickly.

    • serge glazunov
      serge glazunov  4 months back

      Wtf was this shit bill?

      • Clark Mannen
        Clark Mannen  4 months back

        I thought Bill was married and already had a kid

        • Calin Boisteanu
          Calin Boisteanu  4 months back

          " Are eggs still vegetarian ? Oh wait they're meat " ........... Like I can't even; This has to be the dumbest thing Bill has ever said.

          • LEAD BELLY
            LEAD BELLY  4 months back

            For reducing your meat intake Bill,love ya even more.....proud of you,because you love the taste of meat too....well em fry em add em to pasta dishes oh and capers liven things up....!

            • 11vero87
              11vero87  4 months back

              Yes bill! Watch the avengers movies and they are in a specific order too!

              • dmob420
                dmob420  4 months back

                Hey Bill you say you have tinnitus so do i and i wanted to know what do you do when you go to sleep? I leave on a tv and a fan so it can drown out the ringing, it works for me.

                • big mike obama
                  big mike obama  4 months back

                  When you think its "racist" when normal people in Sweden are sick of unchecked immigration and "no go" zones and rape gangs, you've been in California too long, let see what happens when your moron wife accidentally wanders into one of these areas and the cops wont even help her, it is racist to not want rape gangs bill you cucked out faggit, go back to Boston homo

                  • X-man
                    X-man  4 months back

                    16:30 Lost is one of the greatest tv shows of all time. Most people seem to miss the show now that it's gone off. And most people on YouTube do reactions to the show and love the ending.

                    • Antonio Sousa
                      Antonio Sousa  4 months back

                      oh, shitt, where we go again on Europe , comparing with USA, BORING

                      • Pat Brodie
                        Pat Brodie  4 months back

                        Have your twat stick to the floor SMDH, LOL

                        • Pat Brodie
                          Pat Brodie  4 months back

                          Yeah, Billy, I am Team Marvel 👍🤗

                          • Ronnie Martillo
                            Ronnie Martillo  4 months back

                            Endgame sucked, fight me.

                            • MisterMitch
                              MisterMitch  4 months back

                              Grass Fed and Grain Finished is the Standard in the Cattle Industry. Grass Fed and Grass Finished is the "orgainic" thing.

                              • You Know What
                                You Know What  4 months back

                                look up the space shep in the Baltic sea..its says we Scandinavians are they ancestors to the Pleiadians that crashed there

                                • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x
                                  x D3G3N3R8 NATION x  4 months back

                                  I don't think thats what is going to kick off in Europe at all.....its getting to the pont were the European citizens have had enough of a utterly Fascist dictatorship being created around them without their consent...that is the backlash I see.

                                  you can call it 'racism' but people don't want to be 'told' how they are going to live their lives and that their opinions mean nothing...its almost like someone wants to start a race war.....its pathetic

                                  • SafePa
                                    SafePa  4 months back

                                    Is Bill on about CopperCab in the classic podcast bit?

                                    • rick 123
                                      rick 123  4 months back

                                      Does he still do the advice and if yes how do you ask him

                                      • Aristotle
                                        Aristotle  4 months back

                                        The Al Gore laugh can be found at 12:39

                                        • Elijah Davidson
                                          Elijah Davidson  4 months back

                                          Where the heck is today’s podcast

                                          • Logan Waltz
                                            Logan Waltz  4 months back

                                            Trump is the greatest living president or president that was alive at any point during my life.

                                            • The Brown Recluse
                                              The Brown Recluse  4 months back

                                              Bill Burr!!! Release the Unredacted MULLA Report Already, and quiet all these Sufferagette LAAAADIES!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

                                              • S.79 Dishaw
                                                S.79 Dishaw  4 months back

                                                Love your show! I have to listen to you all the time just because laughter is the best medicine! 🤣❤

                                                • Teddy K
                                                  Teddy K  4 months back

                                                  Billy Pez Head, if you stop drinking completely you become anti-social with close drinking friends. You won’t be on the same wavelength and it gets boring fast, I’ve done it. Even if you do binge one a month, the hangover will be epic. The key is to keep the dry spell temporary and get in kickass California shape for a cpl months, then keep it low calorie and low sugar when you do drink. That’s why celebrities disappear for a while. It not always plastic surgery, they are dieting.

                                                  • Travis Guy
                                                    Travis Guy  4 months back

                                                    Dude Bill I am such a fan girl. I love your ugly fuckin face!(love from a veteran)

                                                    • and then I was like
                                                      and then I was like  4 months back

                                                      Come to Boston

                                                      • and then I was like
                                                        and then I was like  4 months back

                                                        Hey Bill ❤

                                                        • Anesthesiatrip
                                                          Anesthesiatrip  4 months back

                                                          Thanks for the show in Helsinki, I laughed my balls off :D

                                                          • Isabelle Morciglio
                                                            Isabelle Morciglio  4 months back

                                                            awww poor bb, his mom chose a man over his kid

                                                            • Andy Broberg
                                                              Andy Broberg  4 months back

                                                              Billbo burrgins

                                                              • Steve Britton
                                                                Steve Britton  4 months back

                                                                You should bring this guy on tour with you someday

                                                                • Isabelle Morciglio
                                                                  Isabelle Morciglio  4 months back

                                                                  Lol it's called MILF, and DILF. Lol

                                                                  • Isabelle Morciglio
                                                                    Isabelle Morciglio  4 months back

                                                                    Lol us mere mortals, working class ppl...❤Bill 4 ever

                                                                    • Isabelle Morciglio
                                                                      Isabelle Morciglio  4 months back

                                                                      Bill, just drink in moderation. Binge drinking after being sober for months can get you sick:diahrrea, vomit, stomach pains. Don't binge drink just do the minimum, ex: less than 1 shot of whiskey or hard liquor every day or every 2 days, 1 beer every 3 days, weekend drinking only: do not binge, maximum 3 beers, hard liq max 2 shots, do not drink to get drunk, drink to get a nice buzz.

                                                                      • Isabelle Morciglio
                                                                        Isabelle Morciglio  4 months back

                                                                        Bill, i am vegan, i dont eat tofu, or fake vegan meat. I have a lot of recipes. I travel a lot for work. My travel agenda as vegan: breakfast coffee, avocado w/tomato toast, or plain toast or plain bagel, lunch salad or soup, if there is no soup or salad then grains rice or couscous, quinoa, a bit of pasta 1 cup or less with salad. Dinner charcuterie vegan style just all veggies no cheese or cold cuts ham, but my son is not vegan he eats meat or poultry once a week, usually for dinner, minute steak and salad, the trick is to eat small meat portions with big veggies ir salad portions, i sometimes crave meat, and when i do, i cook it for my son and just eat a bite of it, i'm only human, lol.

                                                                        • Alex
                                                                          Alex  4 months back

                                                                          2:10, "you want dessert?" "Nah, let's wrap this up." LMAO. Classic Bill.

                                                                          • nothke
                                                                            nothke  4 months back

                                                                            VALTERRY BOAT ASS

                                                                            • tyler0896
                                                                              tyler0896  4 months back

                                                                              Four and a half fucking minute fucking ad? I hope your baby gets run over by a truck you red piece of pig shit.

                                                                              • LudoSanderz
                                                                                LudoSanderz  4 months back

                                                                                I really enjoyed the show in Amsterdam!!

                                                                                • Skalliwag Big daddy
                                                                                  Skalliwag Big daddy  4 months back

                                                                                  “close the fucking ad”.
                                                                                  Now you know how we feel Bill.

                                                                                  • Michael Cowie
                                                                                    Michael Cowie  4 months back

                                                                                    last cigarette

                                                                                    • Luke Whitten
                                                                                      Luke Whitten  4 months back

                                                                                      Doesnt he already have a kid? Is this an old episode?

                                                                                      • Drew Thielen
                                                                                        Drew Thielen  4 months back

                                                                                        Bill getting mad at the add was the best part😂😂

                                                                                        • Kyle Gushue
                                                                                          Kyle Gushue  4 months back

                                                                                          I just forgot what i was going to post.

                                                                                          • Kelly Violette
                                                                                            Kelly Violette  4 months back

                                                                                            PEOPLE  that  FUCK WITH SHIT ~ "EGO"/MONEY"
                                                                                            WILL NOT BE THE IDIOTS TO:
                                                                                            mold a new reality
                                                                                            Closer to the heart

                                                                                            • Mr. World
                                                                                              Mr. World  4 months back

                                                                                              would it kill him to do a video podcast.

                                                                                              • New is Now
                                                                                                New is Now  4 months back

                                                                                                Is this a recycled podcast? Bill burr has had a child for some time.

                                                                                                • bignosekike boogersuger
                                                                                                  bignosekike boogersuger  4 months back

                                                                                                  Bill u ever think about voice mails....u know how many people would pay to have ur voice handleing business instead of that automated cunt being so passive all the time...who knows who callin...say someones call ya let it go 2 ur voice mail and instead of please leave a messages after the beep

                                                                                                  (ahh go fuck ya self!

                                                                                                  Leave a message.)