Guy Martin finds a wife - Our Guy In India Episode 1


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  • Kari Bordi
    Kari Bordi  1 months back

    Biker gang? India? What a joke

  • Aaron Marekino
    Aaron Marekino  2 years back

    Such a brilliant man

    • Shubham De
      Shubham De  2 years back

      Guy was amazed when he saw the smartphones & We got amazed when we saw an ordinary basic phone carried by an extraordinary racer of TT

      • Rowan West
        Rowan West  4 years back

        I t S e e m"s . Y o u G o T h e E x t r a M i l e" lettuce shade # .

        • Gene D
          Gene D  5 years back

          As Guy would say, if you dont have anuthing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

        • Courtney Robinson
          Courtney Robinson  5 years back

          at point 0.48 he says hes can't believe that india has all these fancy phones its shows his level of british education britain a country that still believes its well educated but still have no idea of india

          • dfpguitar
            dfpguitar  3 weeks back

            almost word or even fraction of a word that guy says is an idiom.

            I'm guessing you are not British?

            in British English when you say "I can't believe you _ _ _ _ _" .

            There is probably only a 10% chance that the person truly means that they did not believe it.

          • PotatoAim
            PotatoAim  7 months back

            @Courtney Robinson are you reratded lol

          • PotatoAim
            PotatoAim  7 months back

            guy is a recluse.. he doesnt care about social media he cares about lorries and motorbikes he was born in the wrong era but hes far from stupid 🤓

          • jimmy s
            jimmy s  3 years back

            Courtney Robinson Be careful you do not hurt yourself when you fall from your high horse.

          • wazim buhora
            wazim buhora  4 years back

            Guy is probably the most old school fella you can come across