Jason Day's Second Round Interview


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  • Jeffreezy
    Jeffreezy  4 months back

    ya knOw

    • Jordan Mitchell
      Jordan Mitchell  6 months back

      Would love to see his highlights from round 1,2 and 4 especially shooting a 67 last round even know he didn’t win deserves to have highlights

      • Colty77
        Colty77  6 months back

        He could have a nice career in broadcasting (golf) if he eventually becomes physically disabled by his back. Very articulate.

        • Jimbo Slice
          Jimbo Slice  6 months back

          gremlin lookin mfer

          • joseph tugaoen
            joseph tugaoen  6 months back

            Nice shirt.

            • David Croft
              David Croft  6 months back

              Beware the injured golfer.

              • pete mama
                pete mama  6 months back

                I agree if he's injured he knows he needs surgery with the thought of a year absence looming I'm betting he's keen on winning all he can before his medical leave.

            • sumsar0125
              sumsar0125  6 months back

              could we get some highlights instead of interviews?

              • Calum Thatcher
                Calum Thatcher  6 months back

                Sad to hear Jason sees a chiro, no wonder he has a bad back!

                • Tony Keilar
                  Tony Keilar  6 months back

                  I thought El Chapo had escaped.

                  • Drew Karp
                    Drew Karp  6 months back

                    What's up with that guy ??? Either the fakest drama queen or the most fragile body in the history of the world. My grandma gets around better

                    • Caleb Verbrugge
                      Caleb Verbrugge  6 months back

                      Physical therapy!!! Chiropractors cause tisue damage while phisical therapy strengthens the muscles to keep the bones and stuff in the correct places better!

                    • Russell Westbrook
                      Russell Westbrook  6 months back

                      If not tiger let’s get this w Jason!

                      • pete mama
                        pete mama  6 months back

                        That's what I said next I would have taken Tony finau.

                    • Jade
                      Jade  6 months back

                      Go Jason! my hero

                      • David Gee
                        David Gee  6 months back

                        Nicely done Mate