Matthew Berry is optimistic about T.J. Hockenson and Kyler Murray | The Fantasy Show


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  • Joseph Borden
    Joseph Borden  1 weeks back

    Should I trade Breida for Kirk?

    • Abdul Umer
      Abdul Umer  2 weeks back

      would you trade tj hockenson for david montgomery? i have engram as my primary te. i feel the hock is the next big thing at the te spot

      • Tee Tao
        Tee Tao  1 weeks back

        I wouldn’t

      • Jerry Sidhu
        Jerry Sidhu  1 weeks back

        Lol if u can get Montgomery for hockenson then do it.

      • Seth Powers
        Seth Powers  1 weeks back

        Engram is a lock. Tj for Monty is a good trade for both parties. The upside for Monty come week 4 could be huge, especially if you need a RB

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation

      hockenson is good but being on the lions is not good for him.

      • Dennis Navarro
        Dennis Navarro  2 weeks back


        • Lionel Sanchez
          Lionel Sanchez  1 weeks back

          I mean the cards almost won last game 😂😂😂

        • Joey
          Joey  2 weeks back

          Cardinals can't go 0-16 they tied a game already.. Stoopid

      • Dominick Paonessa
        Dominick Paonessa  2 weeks back

        Do i drop Vance Mcdondald for TJ Hockenson

        • YFNik
          YFNik  1 weeks back

          Hockenson way better option

        • J D
          J D  1 weeks back

          Vance has been in the league for some time and he's not consistent. TJ may be the next Gronk or Kelce

        • Christian Kane
          Christian Kane  1 weeks back


        • Jayce McIntosh
          Jayce McIntosh  2 weeks back


        • Bryant Millikan
          Bryant Millikan  2 weeks back

          Dominick Paonessa nah just a bad week for Steelers

      • Infinity Stache
        Infinity Stache  2 weeks back

        Was going against Kyle Murray and was looking good in the first half when he only had like 1 point. I put my phone down to grab something to eat, only to come back and get sick to my stomach when Murray posted 26 points on me.

        • Infinity Stache
          Infinity Stache  1 weeks back

          @Chris Caahbaugh I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the replay. My opponent was doing backflips cause he had MURRAY AND FITZ and won by 8 points.

          And they did all of that just to end up with a tie. I was upset lol

        • Chris Caahbaugh
          Chris Caahbaugh  1 weeks back

          It didnt help that detroit went to a running clock offence 2nd half with a weak O-line and in the 4th they pulled thier secondary 12 yards back into prevent and gift wrapped that tie💯

      • Randon Dude
        Randon Dude  2 weeks back

        The sheep join the

        • Sergio Casas
          Sergio Casas  2 weeks back

          I benched Marquise brown and josh Jacobs :(

          • Dion G
            Dion G  2 weeks back

            Sony Michael fucked me 🤬🤬🤬

            • Review That
              Review That  2 weeks back

              My dads boyfriend is taller than kyler murray

              • Review That
                Review That  2 weeks back

                WeedNugs Weekly thanks

              • BaronVonBielski
                BaronVonBielski  2 weeks back

                Review That what sad failed attempt at comedy. 5’10 is taller than the American average height. He’s literally not short.

              • WeedNugs Weekly
                WeedNugs Weekly  2 weeks back

                That's something a bot would comment

              • Review That
                Review That  2 weeks back

                @Mac 26 ya?

              • Mac 26
                Mac 26  2 weeks back

                "my dads boyfriend"

            • Lawrence Amurao
              Lawrence Amurao  2 weeks back

              i dropped hockenson for waller. smh. i have engram but still, he looks like a lock

              • Lawrence Amurao
                Lawrence Amurao  6 days back

                thekingbradable thanks, i paid high on him at 6th rd. was close on picking oj howard. that wouldve been a disaster

              • Lawrence Amurao
                Lawrence Amurao  6 days back

                butchbrittany that was before the monday night game. feeling really good now, trying to get value for him coz im okay at te.

              • butchbrittany
                butchbrittany  7 days back

                Waller isn't bad, though.

              • thekingbradable
                thekingbradable  2 weeks back

                Waller will be solid this year too. And you have Engram? Dude you're good lol

            • Zenigundam
              Zenigundam  2 weeks back

              Kyler Murray is a little b-tch. All he does is run for his life like a little chipmunk. Only alpha males should play quarterback.

              • Buzz Killington
                Buzz Killington  1 weeks back

                This guy again😂😂 I bet kyler would make you feel like a beta male real quick if you said that around him

              • Derek Castillo
                Derek Castillo  2 weeks back

                Aww I feel bad for you. Whatever your family did to you to stop your mental growth I feel bad.

              • ray herrera
                ray herrera  2 weeks back


              • WeedNugs Weekly
                WeedNugs Weekly  2 weeks back

                Obvious troll but Kyler ran three times past the line of scrimmage and the line held up enough plays for him to get the ball out. Cardinals put up nearly a games worth of numbers in a 4th quarter and OT.

              • John Elway's Horse teeth
                John Elway's Horse teeth  2 weeks back

                Look at this Charlie Foxtrot calling for alpha males at QB

            • flyler
              flyler  2 weeks back


              My next subscriber gets $1000 dollars

            • LeeTravius Mckay
              LeeTravius Mckay  2 weeks back

              T.J. Hockenson needs to leave the lions like Eric Ebron did and Kyler needs an offensive line

              • devon pettway
                devon pettway  2 weeks back

                @JTSAM preach 🦁🦁🦁🦁

              • JTSAM
                JTSAM  2 weeks back

                Lol Ebron didnt leave the Lions didnt want him back cuz he dropped every pass. TJ is good with the lions

            • JR Garza
              JR Garza  2 weeks back

              Corey Davis killed my team

              • Solo Dolo
                Solo Dolo  2 weeks back

                Hope he's able to get out of Detroit or else his career is going no where lol

                • EnvyMyAccuracy
                  EnvyMyAccuracy  2 weeks back

                  TJ was ballin out there. Dude is a great asset to the Lions.

                  • Kahin Ahmed
                    Kahin Ahmed  2 weeks back

                    Michigan Hater The reason why they retired early because of the terrible defense. If Detroit’s going to keep T.J. , they need to improve their defense.

                  • Michigan Hater
                    Michigan Hater  2 weeks back

                    He needs to gtfoh before he get lionized like Calvin and Barry

                • Amer Omic
                  Amer Omic  2 weeks back

                  Pin if u love ur fans