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  • Golfing World
    Golfing World   1 years back

    What do you think - can Tiger win again in 2019?

    • Plus2 Golfer
      Plus2 Golfer  3 months back

      I'm calling it right now he'll win the Masters and the xoxo championship

    • Luke F
      Luke F  9 months back

      He won the masters

    • humble person
      humble person  9 months back

      @Greenballed HE did! Your prediction is true.

    • humble person
      humble person  9 months back

      Yes,, he just won!

    • Courtney Swaby
      Courtney Swaby  10 months back

      Definitely my life depend on it I never stopped believing

  • Shai Hasani
    Shai Hasani  3 weeks back

    And the thousands of amateurs like me!

    • wordpressobsessed
      wordpressobsessed  3 months back

      Hard to believe that Tiger is now beating PGA tour pros that were in diapers when he won his first PGA events in the mid 1990s. And now we are embarking on Tiger Era 2.0. Incredible.

      • Peter Florino
        Peter Florino  3 months back

        Only thing he inspired me to do was stop watching golf and all the over the top tv coverage of him. I wanted to watch the tournament but was forced to focus only on this goof. Made following the sport boring. So happy he is no longer in the elite. So many great players to watch.

        • Metro DC
          Metro DC  3 months back

          Without tiger there's no golf!

          • Paul Edmondson
            Paul Edmondson  3 months back

            I have never been inspired by swearing and spitting. Give me a palmer or Watson any day.

            • Gmacpark
              Gmacpark  3 months back

              Two majors this year for tiger, he sure has shut a lot of haters up

              • Don Wentzel
                Don Wentzel  3 months back

                Wow isnt funny all the dickriders that said he's done is now talking good about him

                • EpicGoing Ham
                  EpicGoing Ham  9 months back


                  • Robert M
                    Robert M  9 months back

                    Funny these 3 guys aren't exactly his buddies I got the impression Justin Thomas, Rory, and Rickie Fowler were closer to him.

                    • Man In Black
                      Man In Black  3 months back

                      Tiger and jason have been good friends for years. Much more so than the other names you mentioned.

                  • Daniel Hendricks
                    Daniel Hendricks  9 months back

                    there will never ever be someone as dominant as tiger was because back then no was on the level that he was. in todays day and age, everyone is nearly as good as each other

                    • Ninten Luke
                      Ninten Luke  9 months back

                      1 major down 3 to go

                      • robby edwardsen
                        robby edwardsen  9 months back

                        I have always thought Tiger was the best ever. If he doesn't have any more health issues, he has more Majors in him for sure! Slamming g Sammy's record will fall next. I just learned Tiger is 3rd on the European all time win list as well. 42 wins there plus his PGA 81 wins.... wow!!! Beat Jack's Major record and no one can dispute who the best ever is or was

                        • Alex Brown
                          Alex Brown  7 months back

                          Yeah, but his majors and WGCs count as European tour wins of which there are a combined 32 so you’re counting duplicates there. Not to diminish the record of the GOAT here, just speaking facts.

                        • Robert M
                          Robert M  9 months back

                          Agree totally already at least Jacks equal another major and 85 wins should end any argument...imo

                      • asscurt
                        asscurt  9 months back

                        Curtis strange interview tiger when he was real young and told tiger he can't win every game....and hes gone learn ??????????

                        • Courtney Swaby
                          Courtney Swaby  10 months back

                          Made me shed a tear Tiger is that great the closest you'll get to witnessing the impossible

                          • AidanCollierGolf
                            AidanCollierGolf  1 years back

                            I love how Patrick Reed is talking about seeing how people behave behind the camera. 😂

                            • Alfred Pasly
                              Alfred Pasly  1 years back

                              I liked GW with Cara Robinson, never missed an show.

                              • Bill T
                                Bill T  1 years back

                                Patrick, thinking that Tiger is a different person on and off camera is not exactly a compliment to him. You're basically saying that Tiger is two-faced and trying to spin it as a positive.

                                • M
                                  M  9 months back

                                  Actually he was right.....on the course you just can't hate Tiger..he is the greatest golfer we have ever seen and now i just want him to win atleast 3 more majors and we all know he can and he will....but off the course he has done many mistakes.
                                  On the course he’s a role model for other golfers to look up to but off the course its just the opposite.

                                • milkman dan
                                  milkman dan  1 years back

                                  I feel like he said it more as a description of himself, because he's received a lot of negative attention for his behavior.

                              • b2b kiwistyle
                                b2b kiwistyle  1 years back

                                Spieth is another Tiger hater.

                                • Shai Hasani
                                  Shai Hasani  3 weeks back

                                  Adam Scott copied Tiger’s early swing. So in a way Spieth’s trying to copy young Tiger’s swing

                                • Tackleqb
                                  Tackleqb  1 years back

                                  b2b kiwistyle how is he a tiger hater ? He just said he emulated him growing up ?

                              • Yochan Hwang
                                Yochan Hwang  1 years back

                                I wouldn't be surprised if tiger won all 4 majors in 2019. Soley from the way he played last week at tour championship

                                • Robert M
                                  Robert M  9 months back

                                  1 down 3 to go oops what if!!!

                                • Joel Remy
                                  Joel Remy  9 months back

                                  You are prophetic man. He is one quarter there.

                              • Me Too
                                Me Too  1 years back

                                I'm 56 yrs young, I still look up to him...he epitomizes anything is possible

                                if you've got the talent

                                • Aaron Smith
                                  Aaron Smith  9 months back

                                  And if you are willing to work harder than everyone else...

                              • Leo
                                Leo  1 years back

                                tiger will win 2 events + a major next year

                                • Oba Ni Judah
                                  Oba Ni Judah  3 months back

                                  He has also won the zozo PGA four days ago, so you are good, any chance you predicting the lottery numbers for Nov-Dec 2019?.....

                                • mebeingU2
                                  mebeingU2  9 months back

                                  Calder Dryden, so far, you’ve been a good prognosticator, he’s got the major....

                              • Sean Oreilly
                                Sean Oreilly  1 years back

                                Jordan, you grew up wanting to emulate Adam Scott's swing? Interesting since he copied that swing from TIger. I wonder what the real reason you preferred Adam Scott was.

                                • Olavi Knaapila
                                  Olavi Knaapila  1 years back

                                  Greetings Tiger Woods. Greetings Colin Montgomerie 🌹🎶☀️Greetings All Golf Friends From Finland.