What Are LOL Thinking?! - LOL OMG Series 1


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  • Sarah Madlock
    Sarah Madlock  5 months back

    Queen Bee is pretty. I love the black and gold scheme. Looks classy here. Swag is totes rockin that 2000s vibe 🤣

    And you nailed it when you said the second one was having a Pretty Woman moment. Very tacky and not really kid appropriate. The first one was cool. That outfit style is popular in certain groups. I could never pull it off, but I have seen those who can.

    The underwear situation was just... OOF!!! I think that says it all lol! 🤣

    I do love the reuseable pieces and feel like these could be really neat if they make purchaseable outfits like Barbie has. That way you can mix and match and have some really unique combos.

    My overall feel is that, these can be really good if they edited some of the outfits to be more age appropriate and fixed some of the accessories to actually work; like the glasses and necklaces. I love the inclusion of a good doll stand and the garment bags. The dressing room is a unique idea as well. I adore the plastic boxes they included to keep your accessories safe when not in use.

    So... Aside from the second doll, which I quite disliked, this is a total win and step in the right direction!

    • Galaxy Rain :3
      Galaxy Rain :3  1 days back

      CAN WE ALL ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THE UNDERWEAR IS ODD BECAUSE IF YOUR A YOUNG CHILD UNLESS YOU ARE DRESSING OR A CURIOUS CHILD THEN THE CLOTHES ARE STAYING ON? Like, you people get so *triggered* over the dumbest of things. It's meant for all ages above the restriction. There could be a 6 year old playing with these or a 63 year old and no one would care. You will live.

    • Galaxy Rain :3
      Galaxy Rain :3  1 days back

      @Alice Fleming **flashbacks come back**

    • Galaxy Rain :3
      Galaxy Rain :3  1 days back

      @Bubble Goddess Proxy they came from a frigging toy company. *For kids.*

    • Kittykali _gachalife
      Kittykali _gachalife  2 weeks back

      Bubble Goddess Proxy they are marked as a kids toy

    • Gatcha Girl
      Gatcha Girl  2 weeks back

      Bruh tldr

  • Maddie [REDACTED]
    Maddie [REDACTED]  16 hours back

    the second one reminds me of trisha paytas a bit

    • Unicorns
      Unicorns  19 hours back

      You are a terrible judge

      • pz 2
        pz 2  22 hours back


        • Coool Dude
          Coool Dude  1 days back

          hOw DaRe YoU cAlLeD mE a BuTt!?

          • Galaxy Rain :3
            Galaxy Rain :3  1 days back

            Wow! These folks are super cute but 100% *thicc as hell.* I honestly like all of the dolls and actually asked for these for Christmas 😂 whenever I see a doll I really like and keep seeing I remind my parents and my heart beats, because I've asked for stuff in past Christmas's and got it. I know I am most likely getting these. Thank you for the honest review!!

            The only one I don't care for (but still like) is swag. She is definitely giving me rapper or spice girl vibes and is super cool. My sister is getting queen bee and swag and I'm getting lady diva and neonlicious. Thank the Lord we didn't have to argue over them because it would've ended with OMG dolls to never being spoken of again. But back to the point, I'm not into a doll like that. My family is not a money machine (but we get by) and when I see the doll it's almost like it's silently flexing with her Gucci and rollex (lol she doesn't have that but it's like she does). It's really funny when I say that.

            And my opinion on the underwear. I don't really care for it but it's not in my way. It's hidden and unless you take the clothes off you can't see it. People are getting really triggered off of it and I just laugh to myself. Such fools.

            Anyway that was my opinion now I'm gonna go skip the ad bye!!

            • Meeman
              Meeman  1 days back

              The little piece of fabric in doll skirts is to keep the skirts from riding up.

              • Twilight Nightborrow
                Twilight Nightborrow  2 days back

                Dang, she thicc lol

                whats wrong with me?😂

                • anime memes
                  anime memes  2 days back

                  I love your videos your amazing
                  And I'm getting swag for my birthday

                  • anime memes
                    anime memes  2 days back

                    Yay who's a scorpion if you are be my friend

                    • Silvia Ramos
                      Silvia Ramos  2 days back

                      I Love you mommy. 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳

                      • Silvia Ramos
                        Silvia Ramos  2 days back

                        😯 what

                        • Law Evading Rock
                          Law Evading Rock  2 days back

                          Idk why I'm watching this but I feel like these dolls were made for collectors rather than children

                          • Queen 15
                            Queen 15  3 days back

                            I think that the dolls are fine because we will look similar to them

                            • Nicole Arcenia
                              Nicole Arcenia  3 days back

                              Why do you explain everything to us like we are blind???

                              • Morphis_Four_Seven
                                Morphis_Four_Seven  3 days back

                                Stripper toys?

                                • Brianna Moore
                                  Brianna Moore  4 days back

                                  Your mean You said she can’t rap

                                  • Cannonmannon
                                    Cannonmannon  4 days back

                                    Bruh. They have peepees on the by dolls are you surprised

                                    • yōkai
                                      yōkai  4 days back

                                      They have features that are not for the child's eyes and I think they encourage children to look like this

                                      • Sofia Conceicao
                                        Sofia Conceicao  4 days back

                                        This is very petty, but does dolls don’t have an hourglass shape they have a pear shape since their bust is far smaller then her hips, it’s just annoying to keep hearing hourglass when it’s in fact a pear shape

                                        • 「 salamander 」
                                          「 salamander 」  4 days back

                                          The old style:
                                          | |
                                          ( )
                                          The new style:
                                          ( )

                                          • Jessie k
                                            Jessie k  4 days back

                                            That flock of seagulls poof and the eighties bangs are kinda weird but my daughter still digs it. That underwear made me cringe in several ways.

                                            • Jessie k
                                              Jessie k  4 days back

                                              @yōkai me too! Classic 80s

                                            • yōkai
                                              yōkai  4 days back

                                              OMG I love the flock of seagulls 😃 but sad I didn't go to the concert

                                          • Syntori Davis
                                            Syntori Davis  4 days back

                                            I hate you for not liking Roya bee

                                            • NexJen
                                              NexJen   4 days back

                                              Then you shouldn't hate me, royal bee was my favourite one.

                                          • Sugar Pie Bunny Bunch
                                            Sugar Pie Bunny Bunch  5 days back

                                            Queen Bee is my favorite! She's super based off of Beyonce and I'm living for it. I adore these proportions as opposed to other dolls like barbies, super thin bodies with large breasts were super glorified up until recently, now us pear shaped gals are finally getting some representation! I adore the outfits for all of them except the second one, and I don't see too much of an issue with the "underwear", I'm sure it will wipe off with acetone like another commenter said :) I personally like these dolls and everything about them, wouldn't change a thing, BUT I do realize these are made for children and some aspects are a little too mature for them and could have them dressing a little more provocatively than they should. It's like Bratz when I was younger, wanting to wear crop tops and platforms as a little kid caused soooo many needless arguments in the house. Personally though I think that there are 10/10, love these dolls!

                                            • Collin Rangel
                                              Collin Rangel  5 days back

                                              The platform on the doll stand is a seat I think

                                              • Melany tavares
                                                Melany tavares  5 days back

                                                stop hateing

                                                • Poison peppermint
                                                  Poison peppermint  5 days back

                                                  they all look like strippers

                                                  • yōkai
                                                    yōkai  4 days back

                                                    True maybe more like harlots

                                                • Nicole Bryant
                                                  Nicole Bryant  5 days back

                                                  There inappropriate to me like I would not let my kids play with them

                                                  • Charley Moore
                                                    Charley Moore  6 days back

                                                    I'm not tryna hate BUT IT'S CHECKERD NOT TILIE!!!

                                                    • gircakes
                                                      gircakes  6 days back

                                                      Sorry her body is not realistic. Giant hips are arguably more unrealistic than stick bodies.

                                                      • yōkai
                                                        yōkai  4 days back

                                                        They look like plastic surgery

                                                    • Alexandra Francisco
                                                      Alexandra Francisco  6 days back

                                                      LOL these days are soo expensive.

                                                      • Sumayyah Mohd Rashdi
                                                        Sumayyah Mohd Rashdi  1 weeks back

                                                        why are you getting so defensive over the clothes, these cloths teaches young girls not to be ashamed of the clothing they wear.

                                                        • yōkai
                                                          yōkai  4 days back

                                                          They look like they have plastic surgery and children shouldn't wear such little clothes

                                                      • Alice PY
                                                        Alice PY  1 weeks back


                                                        • Joker P5
                                                          Joker P5  1 weeks back

                                                          Swag looks like Tana Mongue who else agrees?

                                                          • Alex Wohlgemuth
                                                            Alex Wohlgemuth  1 weeks back

                                                            I think that these dolls are actually gorgeous! I wonder if dollightful will customize any of them...

                                                            • Victoria ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
                                                              Victoria ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  6 days back

                                                              I love dollightful, I hope she could make actual functioning glasses for them

                                                          • addison m
                                                            addison m  1 weeks back

                                                            The doll on the first doll’s purse looks like she’s trying to hang herself...

                                                            • NinjaNipple Dog
                                                              NinjaNipple Dog  1 weeks back

                                                              Asking if Queen Bee has apPropriatE uNderWear when shes literally wearing a leotard and Im sure youd have more issue if the underwear was sticking out. And jeez, its not like its a thong or something. Calling her base 'inappropriate' too was a bit weird. Leotards are normal, kids wear them in gymnastics and such, Im sure they just want all the dolls to be able to wear one, so they all get the same underwear

                                                              • NinjaNipple Dog
                                                                NinjaNipple Dog  1 weeks back

                                                                "More realistic body proportions, "More realistic that your average barbie" and "full figure", in what world, lol?? Barbie fashionista dolls are quite realistic, and at least barbie is kinda normal-slender, versus this doll that has like a flat waist thats 30% of the circumference of her hips. She looks wild, no one looks like that. I wouldnt care otherwise but shes definitely nowhere near realistic just 'cause they gave her the in-style of giant hips

                                                                • NinjaNipple Dog
                                                                  NinjaNipple Dog  1 weeks back

                                                                  People said you'd like it because of less waste, but my god thats hardly enough decrease in waste to make any notable positive impact (environmentally/emotionally), those people are seriously graspin at straws
                                                                  And you said the top has a 'choker-like part', do you mean turtle neck?? lol

                                                                  • NinjaNipple Dog
                                                                    NinjaNipple Dog  1 weeks back

                                                                    Wow, that description on the box isnt "like social media", it just screams "An old person wrote this!!". So weird
                                                                    Also, the doll had a purse that looked like a doll? How creepy would it be for a person to have a tiny human bag on a chain, they didnt really think that through, did they, lol. Definitely not 'fashionista'', more 'serial killer vibes'

                                                                    • LordofFullmetal
                                                                      LordofFullmetal  1 weeks back

                                                                      I really don't jive with you just straight up labeling normal pieces of clothing that really haven't had any kind of sexual connotation for YEARS "inappropriate for children". How about we DON'T teach young girls to attribute their worth as a human being to the type of clothes they like? How about we DON'T teach them that wearing a certain necklace or certain type of shoe makes them look "inappropriate" (read: slutty)? You do realise that this attitude you're projecting is EXACTLY what leads to "she can't have been raped because she was wearing X; she clearly wanted it". You are directly contributing to that scenario by suggesting that women should and shouldn't wear certain arbitrary pieces of clothing.

                                                                      I really liked you until you started doing that. Now I don't know if I can keep watching, because I'm indirectly supporting dangerous and outdated views that put real women at risk.

                                                                      • yōkai
                                                                        yōkai  4 days back

                                                                        It's teaching children to wear little clothing
                                                                        And having a plastic body

                                                                    • Evelina Liakou
                                                                      Evelina Liakou  1 weeks back

                                                                      Barbie is more inappropriate,bc shes naked,The o.m.g dolls have under clothing but Barbie doesnt

                                                                      • yōkai
                                                                        yōkai  4 days back

                                                                        These dolls have nipples you know that right!

                                                                    • Gacha Gold
                                                                      Gacha Gold  1 weeks back

                                                                      The first outfit when you said you got spice girls vibes I was like OMG SAME

                                                                      • Ava Doez Gacha11x
                                                                        Ava Doez Gacha11x  1 weeks back

                                                                        as a kid, i would say, most kids really dont take a good look at their dolls so..

                                                                        • Dolphins Turtles And Sharks

                                                                          Roses are red
                                                                          strawberry's are to
                                                                          if you like Jen, make this blue

                                                                        • Sarah Symphony
                                                                          Sarah Symphony  1 weeks back

                                                                          WOOOOOOOO ROYAL BEE IS A FELLOW SCORPIO FINALLY THEY CARE ABOUT US

                                                                          • Toptracking System
                                                                            Toptracking System  1 weeks back

                                                                            Next jen: hopefully we can remove her head

                                                                            • yōkai
                                                                              yōkai  4 days back

                                                                              True they have ugly heard and fly eyes

                                                                          • Sir. Jean Horsey Face
                                                                            Sir. Jean Horsey Face  1 weeks back