Why Liberals Hate Joker but Love Batwoman! | Louder with Crowder


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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   1 weeks back

    What did you think of the “Joker” movie? And do you think the media outrage is just simple “clickbait?” Or is there some other reason for it? Also, have you taken the time to CONTRAST the critic treatment of Joker, with that of “Batwoman”?

    • Roric Peehed
      Roric Peehed  1 weeks back

      @John Balnis jesus dude haha get a hold of ur emotions buddy. This is what trump derangement looks like. As always to fake internet tough guys who tremble in fear when any confrontation happens in real life, being a virtuous soyboy isn't going to make her wanna sleep with u bb :( u should really find a hobby or talent or something. Try making her laugh! That almost always works!

    • Deedless Deity
      Deedless Deity  1 weeks back

      "They want everyone to fear one another"
      Sounds like Socialism in a nutshell.

    • The Amazing Nightmonkey
      The Amazing Nightmonkey  1 weeks back

      Stop being coward and debate Sam Seder or change your name to Steven Coward.

    • Lunar
      Lunar  1 weeks back

      @Glaucon-5 last time I checked the people you disagree with aren't the fucking president of the United States of America

    • Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang
      Alvaro Vargas bang-wutang  1 weeks back

      Keep it basic if my pastor says don't watch either one of them I'm not going to take the devil side on either side.

  • ErisBrigedon
    ErisBrigedon  6 minutes back

    Leftist: We should deal more with mental illness
    Also Leftists: Movies about mental illness makes us uncomfortable. 'Just no.'"

    • Michael Watkins
      Michael Watkins  40 minutes back

      The movie was all about the neglect of poor people and mental illness by society and government. It even points out cutting of social services which is a left issue. I don’t understand why the left is against this movie. 🤦‍♂️

      • Eric B
        Eric B  43 minutes back

        Guys love movies featuring lesbian leads... We just don't watch those movies for the plot. It doesn't matter anyways, we were told right out by the lead that batwoman isn't for us.

        • moonchild
          moonchild  48 minutes back

          I’m liberal and LOVE Joker. I can’t stand Batwoman it’s trash.

          • Shabaaz Foster
            Shabaaz Foster  59 minutes back

            Thats a pretty bold statement. One size doesnt fit all. I tend to think I am a liberal but I LIKE JOKER - and also dont care for catwoman. Your headline is based on a VERY SMALL group of people. Shame on you for putting labels on things.

            • Arun Graeff
              Arun Graeff  59 minutes back

              Joker was a damn good move Phoenix deserves an Oscar. It doesn’t really promote violence the media just need a bullshit story to talk about plus Joker points out issues on people with psychological issues and the lower class society plus what put reality in our world as become today. So the media was just up there own ass. When they said it promotes violence they lied sure it had some violent scenes but that any move nowadays. I can prove to you the media lies cuz i saw it in theaters and didn’t get shot🤔🤔🤔🤔😂, so the media lied as usual!!! Not surprised🙄🙄🙄🙄

              • rodocker.
                rodocker.  1 hours back

                Hey Steven I love you but as a photographer I feel that you need to stop increasing the saturation on your videos, it makes you look unnaturally orange, the skin tones are just unnatural, too orange. Again I love you and I’m NOT hating, just some constructive criticism :)) carry on!

                • Reno Reins the BH
                  Reno Reins the BH  1 hours back

                  Nothing like promoting freedom by implementing censorship and restrictions to anything you dislike or disagree, essentially making people fear for what they say or like. 🍿😎👌

                  • Harold White
                    Harold White  1 hours back

                    Hey! I'm a lefty progressive and I LOVED this film! I appreciate good art when I see it. Maybe the difference is I'm not a millennial snowflake, dunno but don't believe everything the MSM tells you. The last time I can remember people being searched before entering a movie theater was when The Last Temptation of Christ was playing, because of bomb threats.

                    • Kevin Ngo
                      Kevin Ngo  2 hours back

                      This professor calls out Joker but is fine with John Wick or The Purge

                      • Jackyboy Vosotros
                        Jackyboy Vosotros  2 hours back

                        Going to watch for 7th time tomorrow. Movie is a masterpiece that we rarely see.

                        • Emily Lambourne
                          Emily Lambourne  2 hours back

                          The fact that some victim’s families and some surviving victims even investigators debunked that the shooter was inspired by the joker. Instead the media focusing on false narrative of the joker saying it’ll cause a shooting, how about the message of mental illness in the movie and help raise awareness instead? Bloody morons these media outlets are.

                          • Sergiu H
                            Sergiu H  3 hours back

                            2019 = everything is racist

                            • I'm An entity
                              I'm An entity  3 hours back

                              i appreciate the spoiler alerts

                              • James Bond
                                James Bond  3 hours back

                                That's a classy table ornament over there.

                                • Ljubisa Petrovic
                                  Ljubisa Petrovic  4 hours back

                                  God you Americans have to be the dumbest bunch

                                  • BATATA JOSNEY
                                    BATATA JOSNEY  4 hours back

                                    Why do all your guests act like a bunch of robots on repeat function to agree with everything you say? Not to mention they can barely even speak given how you never stay more than 2 seconds in silence, Steven. What a boring show.

                                    • Lola Lilac
                                      Lola Lilac  5 hours back

                                      The only thing joker dissapointed me was that there wasnt a huge killing as a huge finish...you know?

                                      • Snage Snawyer
                                        Snage Snawyer  5 hours back

                                        I love that the movie is just a statement on how one bad day can really change a person and their destiny, also the Gacy-esque clown paint

                                        • Carla Glensky
                                          Carla Glensky  6 hours back

                                          The left hates the Joker because he sticks a mirror in society's face and the last thing the left wants is for people to reflect on the way we treat each other. The media hates the Joker because the media IS the Joker. They're insane, starving for fame and want violence and chaos to rule.

                                          • Ian Odin
                                            Ian Odin  6 hours back

                                            Rachel Maddow is in it. Are they fighting a Russian ghost

                                            • dragonspight
                                              dragonspight  8 hours back

                                              Okay, this isn't a jab at her opinion here, but the professor at 1:30 has... some weird proportions. Does she just have a super wide jacket on? Her head looks too small, like a marvel character.

                                              • tahataha 2
                                                tahataha 2  8 hours back

                                                I do have a question why are people in the west so afraid of saying nigga ? It is just a word no

                                                • Arlo Hofilena
                                                  Arlo Hofilena  8 hours back

                                                  Honestly, I don't mind someone's sexual preference. If you're gay, straight, or bi, it's perfectly fine. It just doesn't mean you can use that to be a jerk or make some agenda-filled garbage that's more likely to hurt people than actually help them.

                                                  • Mustardgas203
                                                    Mustardgas203  9 hours back

                                                    Oh come on! No one liked batwoman!

                                                    • Raden Faksi
                                                      Raden Faksi  9 hours back

                                                      When I see new Joker, JOKER is the Symbol of Chaos and Humanity. (Of course liberals and SJW is always in high class) Liberals and SJW is not human, they're fuckin' animals and savages.

                                                      • FFKits
                                                        FFKits  9 hours back

                                                        why are they always sexually repressed rad fem equivalent of incels that want everything poc lgbtqlmpoprs ? Can this end already???? can these people just go extinct PLEASE?

                                                        • llvllrllvllorgan
                                                          llvllrllvllorgan  9 hours back

                                                          its a movie about how a white guy gets bullied by assholes a victim of bigotry, talked down to and made to believe that he has no worthwhile opinions. then finally has enough and snaps and becomes a homicidal maniac? 🤔 i can see why the left doesn't like it. because its what the left has done to create the majority of mass shooters over the past 20 years.

                                                          • Anthony Diaz
                                                            Anthony Diaz  10 hours back

                                                            This trump fucker

                                                            • Judge Lott
                                                              Judge Lott  11 hours back

                                                              I went to see Joker due to a recommendation by Paul Joseph Watson. I absolutely loved it. It's rare to get something that's real from Hollywood

                                                              • Laura Kane
                                                                Laura Kane  11 hours back

                                                                Not the movie itself but the things that happen to the character in the story are what CAN cause people to snap.
                                                                The thing is they don't want to acknowledge that circumstances beyond our control can effect a persons life in such a way that they either fight hard to rise above it or allow anger and depression and a horrific childhood to turn them to violence and murder.
                                                                That's the collectivists mistake.
                                                                Their idea of equality of outcome.
                                                                That is impossible.
                                                                Maybe if there were more consequences or if we helped more Americans in need than we do, instead of never doing anything to really help while we have the nerve to import thousands more in need, we wouldn't have so many mass murders.
                                                                Maybe when the president points out that children are playing in dumpsters instead of safe, happy backyards, maybe something should be done instead of accusing him of insulting the children.

                                                                • cloudyyo
                                                                  cloudyyo  11 hours back

                                                                  Word. If the REGRESSIVE left wants us to be more free, then why the heck are we feeling more and more fearful over recent years? I am not old. I’m a middle millennial, and life was a lot free-Er back then.

                                                                  • Laura Kane
                                                                    Laura Kane  11 hours back

                                                                    We're a traumatized society?

                                                                    Someone please wake me up already.

                                                                    • Alwyn van Deventer
                                                                      Alwyn van Deventer  11 hours back

                                                                      Old, white men. Not white, old men. Grammar police would like to bring her in for questioning, as she is suspected of using adjectives in the wrong order.

                                                                      • Rex Alfie Lee
                                                                        Rex Alfie Lee  11 hours back

                                                                        Is it possible that the people who believe the MSM & scream & act like complete cunts have a mental illness? If that is so is it possible that those who just accept these mentally ill cunts behaviour & reasonings only really show how fucking stupid they are?

                                                                        • Tornado Chaser
                                                                          Tornado Chaser  11 hours back

                                                                          Steven man - WTF?!!! You spoiled the whole movie! And to think, that I've actually already watched it. SMH You're terrible at this, and need to work on it, as what I said doesn't even make sense, and nonetheless, I'm outraged AF! So this is what it must feel like to be passionate about politics.

                                                                          • Dustin Dewitt
                                                                            Dustin Dewitt  12 hours back

                                                                            I am sorry like yes and it has like made like nearly like a billion dollars. Like

                                                                            • Dolly Woofwoofer
                                                                              Dolly Woofwoofer  12 hours back

                                                                              if crowder enjoyed joker so much, does this mean he hates capitalism now? prob not. it may be that crowder didn't even watch the movie and is on the grift grind. sorry, but joker is ABSOLUTELY an "sjw" movie, whether you like it or not.

                                                                              • Cresting Light
                                                                                Cresting Light  12 hours back

                                                                                Another important piece of misinformation about the Aurora shooting:
                                                                                It happened in *The Dark Knight Rises* NOT the Dark Knight. It had nothing to do with Joker.

                                                                                • Matt Becker
                                                                                  Matt Becker  14 hours back

                                                                                  Steven, do you realize how distracting it is to listen to you with Gerald constantly mutter-babbling over you? That shit is insane. You don't find that anywhere else in entertainment and it looks extremely amateur.

                                                                                  • Sydney Shorltz
                                                                                    Sydney Shorltz  15 hours back

                                                                                    Official petition for steven crowder to do global warming is a myth: change my mind.

                                                                                    • Cody Chabot
                                                                                      Cody Chabot  15 hours back

                                                                                      fuck not enough time lol i heard spoiler alert 3 times nd forgot we were talking about the joker movie XD its cool i was too slow

                                                                                      • Egypt22
                                                                                        Egypt22  15 hours back

                                                                                        "Traumatize society" but here we are putting serial killers and murders on a pedestal like they are Hollywood celebrities. They said fuck all when IT came out, and that had a killer clown that loved killing children. Basically all horror movies i guess traumatized society, but none of this hating on each other, fighting, wars across the globe, housing crisis, school debt...we're basically going into a global depression like back in the thirties.

                                                                                        • Cody Bogard
                                                                                          Cody Bogard  15 hours back

                                                                                          CROWDER YOU FAT SHIT!
                                                                                          DON"T BULLY ME JOE

                                                                                          Liberals also like JOKER.. you're choosing the out of control far left you pie eating pork chop

                                                                                          DON"T BULLY ME JOE!

                                                                                          • Mike Liberty
                                                                                            Mike Liberty  16 hours back

                                                                                            The loss of Judaeo Christian culture , give me a fucking break , have your read the bible , its full of rape adultery murder Genocide Etc Etc .

                                                                                            • WINTA HILL VILLEN617
                                                                                              WINTA HILL VILLEN617  16 hours back

                                                                                              The Joker was Amazing!!! R U kidding me?! Its a fuckin movie! STFU Mary whoever you are! The deadpool movies kill more ppl in the 1st 5 mins! Movies & games are not to blame! Ppl R to blame for mass shootings!!! Phoenix will get an Oscar! 💚💜💚💜

                                                                                              • NoNames Opinion
                                                                                                NoNames Opinion  16 hours back

                                                                                                The liberals are already driving people to live in fear with this climate change BULLSHIT