Radiance: Backstage to Main Stage, The Duels - World of Dance 2019 (Digital Exclusive)


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  • Ava C
    Ava C  6 months back


    • lababy860
      lababy860  6 months back

      I absolutely love this performance 😍😍 God is a freaking woman

      • Marcos Rivera
        Marcos Rivera  6 months back

        The ones on the left side were better.A much cleaner performance from them,and it had a lot of sass.

        • Victor Félix
          Victor Félix  6 months back


          • Sergey Chernobay Dance Channel

            Great production, it looks amazing!

            • almand Martin
              almand Martin  6 months back

              I don’t know what they have on their faces but I wonder what made them not use them in the performance

              • Ava C
                Ava C  6 months back

                hmm it might have been considered "messy", judges can be quite picky about using props

            • Tamara Smith
              Tamara Smith  6 months back

              Please post Main Stage full screen. This is such an inspiring performance I want to share it with my family, but the side by side doesn't do it justice. This show is an inspiration to so many people, not just to dance and enjoy music and the human form, but to appreciate art and life and all the complexities dance merges right before our very eyes.

              • Team ML
                Team ML  6 months back

                I hope they upload vpeepz performance as well

                • Neeraj S. Kholiya
                  Neeraj S. Kholiya  6 months back

                  Hello NBC when Will be the next Video of Kings from India.😍😍😍

                  • hitman 98
                    hitman 98  6 months back

                    Next Cut is on 14 or 21 april

                  • Neeraj S. Kholiya
                    Neeraj S. Kholiya  6 months back

                    @Pakistan zindabad 😊okk bhaiji

                  • Pakistan zindabad
                    Pakistan zindabad  6 months back

                    Maybe in May bcoz
                    First video they put in Feb and after one month they put another in April so my guess is maybe next video will be after one month

                  • Pakistan zindabad
                    Pakistan zindabad  6 months back

                    I was about to put this cmt bruh

                • Creative INDIAN
                  Creative INDIAN  6 months back

                  I wanna to watch full episode ...In india ...
                  But unfortunately...

                • Meshal Ali
                  Meshal Ali  6 months back


                  • CrystalGTV
                    CrystalGTV  6 months back

                    Whatever they took from their neck or cheek and threw at them had me like yasss god is a freaking woman 😩😩😂 they killed it!

                    • Judeus Samson
                      Judeus Samson  6 months back

                      Were they wearing something over their face on the left side?

                      • wynnie k
                        wynnie k  6 months back

                        @Judeus Samson , I’ve watched it through a few times an no, nothing actually worn on their face. I’m thinking it was a two fold burn. The opposing team has masks as part of their routines, so, since they did it while looking right at them - as if to Unmask Them - I think that’s the likely answer. Although, it could also be a strong statement related to the lyrics of their song choice “God Is A Woman”.

                    • Shana Teng
                      Shana Teng  6 months back

                      Am I the only one thinking their out fit can be better?

                      • k s
                        k s  6 months back

                        How much they score

                        • Infernape
                          Infernape  6 months back

                          For their online content, they should have videos of the ENTIRE dance on stage, without cutting to the judges. Most of the time, I'd rather watch the performance than watch Jennifer's reaction to the performance

                          • Bluto
                            Bluto  6 months back

                            Yeah the flow is broken.

                        • Dinkdownn
                          Dinkdownn  6 months back

                          Sooooo so good! I love being able to see the whole dance without interruptions .. 😒 wish we could see all of them that way.

                          • Stephanie Achane
                            Stephanie Achane  6 months back

                            Very smooth!!!!! Loved it!!!!😊😋

                            • Jxschv.
                              Jxschv.  6 months back

                              thought it said main guys, smh

                              • YoungHoratio
                                YoungHoratio  6 months back

                                That group on the left was killing it. That right group was alright.

                                • Ava C
                                  Ava C  6 months back

                                  fml i laughed too hard

                                • YoungHoratio
                                  YoungHoratio  6 months back

                                  @Debbie Driscoll it is the internet tho some ppl really don't know.

                                • Debbie Driscoll
                                  Debbie Driscoll  6 months back

                                  @YoungHoratio I chuckled at the comment. Not everyone gets sarcasm. We need a sarcasm font to help people out :)

                                • YoungHoratio
                                  YoungHoratio  6 months back

                                  I um surprised ppl took me literally lol. Thank y'all for pointing this out.

                                • x_Truc_x MSP
                                  x_Truc_x MSP  6 months back

                                  it’s the same group, but go off sis

                              • Roonit Raj
                                Roonit Raj  6 months back


                                • Yellow & Rain
                                  Yellow & Rain  6 months back


                                  • Yellow & Rain
                                    Yellow & Rain  6 months back