• Published: 06 November 2019

    Wow, I can’t believe we’re done. 13 days, and everything we’ve worked for all year is done.

    Thank you to every single person who has followed my Corn Harvest Series. We aren’t slowing down on the farm yet, so hopefully, there will be many more videos come before ‘winter’ really sets in.

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    Thank you, thank you!


    I’m Tara, a 5th generation farmer in Northern California. This channel is all about my journey of farming with my dad while starting my own vineyard. I hope you enjoy watching and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Comments • 102

  • Joey Gonker
    Joey Gonker  4 weeks back

    That's awesome congrates on finishing your corn harvest. 2019 has been a challenge this year in Ontario. We had a late wet spring followed by a dry summer and now a wet fall harvest. Right now we are at 50% complete with corn harvest. Hoping to get done by the end of November but sometimes you have to move the goal posts lol. Great channel. Keep up the good work!!

    • ExperienceNECO365
      ExperienceNECO365  4 weeks back

      Finished corn harvest tonight. Hope it went well for you. We started Sept. 27th. finished Nov. 9th with one week of down time for snow here in Northeast Colorado.

      • Ken Chilton
        Ken Chilton  4 weeks back

        Your hubby is a lucky man to have a lady like you. You are very happy to be working the farm and have your own piece of land for your future income smart move on your part. Happy to be part of your daily routine. Here's hoping to a good year for your dad and your family
        Thanks for good editing keep up your hard work.

        • Adrian Klaver
          Adrian Klaver  4 weeks back

          Well you've made it to Ohio:

          • Metin Yılmaz
            Metin Yılmaz  4 weeks back

            If you're single I'll drive you through the field for a lifetime. :)

          • Curt Weatherbee
            Curt Weatherbee  4 weeks back

            I love California never been there . One day I will visit California and see all the beautiful beautiful scenery ❤️🇺🇸

            • Lyn Wessel
              Lyn Wessel  4 weeks back

              Farm Math: 200 acres x250(?) bu/acre = 50,000 bu. divided by JD 9500 combine capacity of 1700 bu/per hour x 90% efficiency (turning around) =33 hours on the combine hour meter. Anyway, glad you're finished!

              • gustavo ariel alassia
                gustavo ariel alassia  4 weeks back

                Excelente Lake good

                • Larry Parish
                  Larry Parish  4 weeks back

                  Did you know that you can freeze persimmons and stick them on pop-sickle sticks?

                  • Dennis
                    Dennis  4 weeks back

                    @5,300 views and the usual demented few (very few) give a thumbs down. Must have done that before watching.

                    • Robert G.
                      Robert G.  4 weeks back

                      When a local TV station shows up at your farm Tara, it means you are on the right path on your YouTube channel. Other farm channels I watch, MN Farmer, Brians Farming, Andy, the Harmless Farmer, and Welkers Farm. These are very good channels that are very informative on what, why and when plus entertaining.They are a funny bunch as well. Congrats on you final corn harvest!! from Connecticut.

                      • Louis Nemick
                        Louis Nemick  4 weeks back

                        Great job Tara on your videos. I can't hardly want for the next one.

                        • Doug Cultra
                          Doug Cultra  4 weeks back

                          Weird to see Orange trees in the background, me being from the Midwest. Has the channel made you famous enough to get the News out to check you out?

                          • Josi Seppi
                            Josi Seppi  3 weeks back


                          • Beaver Vineyards
                            Beaver Vineyards   4 weeks back

                            It was actually my Instagram that caught the new’s attention 😊

                          • Doug Cultra
                            Doug Cultra  4 weeks back

                            Not Orange tree what is a Persimmon looks like a Tomato when you were eating it.

                        • Bluetick Hunter
                          Bluetick Hunter  4 weeks back

                          Nice series of corn harvest. We haven't started in PA yet. Curious what you did with the other acres since you said previous years you harvested a lot more acres of corn. Other row crops? Or alfalfa? Rotation or a new direction? Keep up the good work, new subscriber here.👍

                          • Bluetick Hunter
                            Bluetick Hunter  4 weeks back

                            @Beaver Vineyards thanks for replying, I'm glad to see your subs taking off. Enjoy your content, bracing for heavy wet snow this weekend and early next week still haven't started corn. Good luck with 2-3 videos a week. I like your energy and eagerness to learn and teach. Keep up the good fight sunshine.

                          • Beaver Vineyards
                            Beaver Vineyards   4 weeks back

                            We didn’t renew a couple leases. And we’ve planted more alfalfa 😊 thank you for subscribing!

                        • Jack Stone
                          Jack Stone  4 weeks back

                          Well u reaping yr reward now so give thank u come true and get the corn of the ground redy to distribuite lo

                          • Hill Tiger
                            Hill Tiger  4 weeks back

                            conglations ronda nice work and i miss you

                            • Flyerbob 1
                              Flyerbob 1  4 weeks back

                              What do you do with the stalks? Some people bush hog them and round bale it for animal bedding.

                              • Beaver Vineyards
                                Beaver Vineyards   4 weeks back

                                We disk them back in for the most part. My dad believes it’s good for the ground

                            • Adam Greene
                              Adam Greene  4 weeks back

                              I watch a few farm channels love what you do and how you do it ! I live in North East Indian north west Ohio big farm area it is interesting to see the differences in farming ideas and techniques .

                              • Ernest Sherwood
                                Ernest Sherwood  4 weeks back


                                • Brandon Kaercher
                                  Brandon Kaercher  4 weeks back

                                  Sounds like your bearings are going out of your rear spreaders. Wow your dad's actually on YouTube hi nice to meet you dad lol. Looks like the corn had gotten some kind of disease in the Cobb and kernels. One year we had that in 500 acres of corn it was a really really wet year and we fought and fought to keep diseases out of the corn and we lost one field my grandpa was really upset that year cause he had just bought a new combine.

                                  • dogboy441
                                    dogboy441  4 weeks back

                                    Enjoying the vids here in Oz...

                                    • knowltek
                                      knowltek  4 weeks back

                                      It’s not’s lavender...oui. Hahaha

                                      • Murat Sener
                                        Murat Sener  4 weeks back

                                        Thanks. Good luck...

                                        • Joel Hershberger
                                          Joel Hershberger  4 weeks back

                                          Congrats on completing your challenge. I live in MN and we just got snow yesterday in my area and there are a lot of fields that still haven't even been touched for harvesting the corn. I feel bad for the farmers. I always hope for the best for them.

                                          Thanks for the video. Looking forward to the next one.

                                          • Scott Warrington
                                            Scott Warrington  4 weeks back

                                            How many acres of corn were planted?  Since you don't have grain storage & its haul off the field to the elevator right away.  Do you have any say on the price it gets sold for?  Since we have bins,  can sit on the grain as the prices goes up & down.  How does your system work?  thanks

                                            • cody Vermeulen
                                              cody Vermeulen  4 weeks back

                                              Do you have auto height on that corn header?

                                            • Crystal Bennett
                                              Crystal Bennett  4 weeks back

                                              You’re getting really good at these videos! Congrats on your successes and here’s to many more to come! ❤️

                                            • james west
                                              james west  4 weeks back

                                              Now on too the Grapes !! must be pruned and trained to the trellises Sow we can get a bottle of the first years finest ! Enjoy the videos you have been putting out. Glad to see you carrying on the Family farm with Dad. Remember one thing DAD"s are the Best teachers !!

                                              • Lawrence Rinaldo
                                                Lawrence Rinaldo  4 weeks back

                                                Excellent, thank YOU for keeping up with this "Learning Curve" experience, looking forward to future videos.

                                                • Stephen bontrager
                                                  Stephen bontrager  4 weeks back

                                                  Congrats on finishing your harvest looking forward to many more videos to come

                                                  • Daniel Hermeling
                                                    Daniel Hermeling  4 weeks back

                                                    I've enjoyed watching your corn harvesting series. You are doing a great job and I am looking forward to your future videos. The drone footage was awesome, and I could be wrong but I think the cameras that people were suggesting for the auger was a cabcam system you can see the inside of the trailer from a monitor in the cab. The last pass is always bittersweet, glad to be done but wish there was more. Thanks for taking us along for Beaver farms corn harvest 2019.

                                                    • billg1527
                                                      billg1527  4 weeks back

                                                      Great drone footage !

                                                      • Jim Whittington
                                                        Jim Whittington  4 weeks back

                                                        Love your intro and the channel........go Tara!

                                                        • buckeye farm boy
                                                          buckeye farm boy  4 weeks back

                                                          Television coverage, must be getting pretty popular.

                                                          • Aaron Benkert
                                                            Aaron Benkert  4 weeks back

                                                            Hello from Michigan. It’s great you get to farm with your dad.

                                                            • Jerry Kramer
                                                              Jerry Kramer  4 weeks back

                                                              Congrats on the end of your corn harvest. Oh by the way, I saw the shameful question some guy posted on your last video, I would suggest y’all just block them and good riddance to them, not needed. Really am enjoying your videos. 👍

                                                              • 379insk
                                                                379insk  4 weeks back

                                                                When you are a farmer there is no feeling like that last bushel being harvested! Good for you!

                                                                • Brian Elifritz
                                                                  Brian Elifritz  4 weeks back

                                                                  You've done a great job. Look forward to more videos

                                                                  • Bruce Rogers
                                                                    Bruce Rogers  4 weeks back

                                                                    I love your corn harvest series you might say you kind of grew on me.your eye makeup definitely brings out the ev best in them.your definitely a good tractor operator.

                                                                    • Maine Farmer
                                                                      Maine Farmer  4 weeks back

                                                                      Started corn harvest here with 27% moisture lots of drying.

                                                                      • Blackdog Tractor/Excavator

                                                                        I'd be curious as to the average bushels per acre. Hopefully you will address it some time.

                                                                        • Curtis Wolf
                                                                          Curtis Wolf  4 weeks back

                                                                          I bet you are happy it's done. How much alfalfa are you going to plant and how many acres do you normally have? Alfalfa is a good cash crop. I'm sure even more so in your area. I'm really liking your videos. Good job.

                                                                          • Sloan Trumbo
                                                                            Sloan Trumbo  4 weeks back

                                                                            Your fields are so different compared to ours in Virginia. It's fun to see how other areas look and farm. Thanks for sharing.

                                                                            • Timothy Welch
                                                                              Timothy Welch  4 weeks back

                                                                              Greetings again from Texas

                                                                              • Jimmy McCuan
                                                                                Jimmy McCuan  4 weeks back

                                                                                would love to hear more about the equipment you have, brands, types of crop yield, what type of corn do you plant, how much fertilize ect

                                                                                • ROBERT THOMPSON
                                                                                  ROBERT THOMPSON  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Enjoyed it can't wait to see what is next

                                                                                  • Jana Lower
                                                                                    Jana Lower  4 weeks back

                                                                                    I have that sweatshirt in blue, thanks for the tip on the hat! Hard to find hats that don’t rub on my ears. We just started soybeans today. Corn is still to wet.

                                                                                    • pat regan
                                                                                      pat regan  4 weeks back

                                                                                      We are having our first snowstorm tomorrow 😟😖😖😖😫 i also work outside all day. I hate the cold weather but here in NY we only get maybe 3 months of nice weather.