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  • aly
    aly  12 months back

    Seems relatable

    • Keep It in the Streets
      Keep It in the Streets  1 years back

      Can't wait to see this! Anyone interested in independent films check out our trailer and channel!

      • kuq e zi
        kuq e zi  1 years back

        What a beautiful girl

        • Jamiela Harris
          Jamiela Harris  1 years back


          • Alex Hernandez
            Alex Hernandez  1 years back

            What’s the name of the song she’s listening to?

            • incompetentsperm
              incompetentsperm  1 years back

              love on the run - clementine and the galaxy

            • jcudal32
              jcudal32  1 years back

              Alex Hernandez darude sandstorm

          • Youtube Channel
            Youtube Channel  1 years back

            It's not their fault they're born in a generation where they were raised on smartphones etc. I think parents are largely at fault. The amount of parents i've seen using iPads and phones to keep their kids entertained is staggering.

            • Benny Jones
              Benny Jones  1 years back

              Exactly. Love that Bo Burnham has this real empathic stance with the movie and that this clip is supposed to be comedic in nature.

            • Ronald Perry
              Ronald Perry  1 years back

              Youtube Channel just a sign of the times, as a early 80's baby I'm sure people used to say the same thing about videogames.

          • Nhuzn
            Nhuzn  1 years back

            god i hate this generation

            • O k
              O k  1 years back

              I know right who else misses segregation and world wars?

            • overlyanxiousdweeb
              overlyanxiousdweeb  1 years back

              wow aren’t you a special one

            • Zones
              Zones  1 years back

              >every generation

            • General Tso's Walnut Brigade
              General Tso's Walnut Brigade  1 years back

              I hate it too, being 15 years old and all.

            • Benny Jones
              Benny Jones  1 years back

              *doesn't realize that older generations were not too dissimilarly frowned upon in prev generations for their seeming ineptitude and seemingly destructive addictions to modern trends *

          • awais sh
            awais sh  1 years back

            Wen dis come out in Blu Ray

            • IBlameNargles
              IBlameNargles  1 years back

              God, these are such weird clips to show. They look like their part of a larger scene which means they're terrible to show as an ad.

              • Ben Nesvig
                Ben Nesvig  1 years back

                IBlameNargles Agreed. They should have shown the full clip. The movie is excellent.

            • VYBZ
              VYBZ  1 years back

              When will this go national

            • Elva Light
              Elva Light  1 years back

              And here we have a prime example of generation z

            • Chadum H
              Chadum H  1 years back

              I really hope this comes to my local theater. Gotta support Bo, yo.

              • MAthU
                MAthU  1 years back

                Chadum H luckily it came to mine and I’m seeing it today

              • kylee t
                kylee t  1 years back

                i think it releases nationally this friday

              • ShoeString Movies
                ShoeString Movies  1 years back


                SPOOKSHOW PRODUCTIONS  1 years back

                I think it comes out either next week or this week in wide theaters. At least I think, not sure.

              • Aengelo Vargas
                Aengelo Vargas  1 years back

                Chadum H same dude