Ronny Chieng - 2016 Comedy

  • Published: 24 November 2017
  • Ronny Chieng - 2016 Montreal Comedy Festival.
    He was brilliant at Hamer Hall Melbourne 2017 as well with new material. Big fan. Enjoy.

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  • jake jenning
    jake jenning  2 weeks back

    And we are still gonna bomb iraq

    • Semaphore Smith
      Semaphore Smith  2 weeks back

      He's the best

      • Virgin Method
        Virgin Method  4 weeks back

        3:00 You don't need to measure dicks, just watch porn long enough.

        • Wwe Fanatic
          Wwe Fanatic  2 months back


          • Bruce Im
            Bruce Im  4 months back

            High iq comedy I love it

            • Mimi YuYu
              Mimi YuYu  7 months back

              I love his condescending sarcasm

              • Rukman Rukman
                Rukman Rukman  8 months back


                • Baby Lon
                  Baby Lon  8 months back

                  Ronny Chieng,you are AWESOME,you have your personal style,so funny.😂😂😂😂

                  • SchrodingerE
                    SchrodingerE  8 months back

                    I love his comedy, but its "innocuous" not inoculus (not even a real word). Sorry he says that joke incorrectly a lot.

                    • QQurious mQQe
                      QQurious mQQe  8 months back

                      He is... ACTUALLY BRILLIANT... in his Comedy... I'm 💖ing it... 😁👍

                      • bebetigre12
                        bebetigre12  8 months back

                        so funny as Eddie in Rich crazy asians.

                        • James Y
                          James Y  8 months back

                          Bit of subtle hostility in his jokes. I don’t see why this is funny and I am Asian. BTW, non-whites will laugh at anything. Why?

                          • Kylie Hancock
                            Kylie Hancock  7 days back

                            Everybodies own sense of humour is different..what 1 person finds funny another may not.
                            It shouldnt really matter what one person finds funny if another doesnt.
                            All that matters is that the people who do find it funny-whom relate to that kind of humour are free to laugh without being ridiculed or judged by those who disaprove and dislike that type of humour.
                            The same as those who dont laugh nor find it funny shouldnt be hassled by those who do laugh and do find it funny...even if Chaing really is the bain of Pure & Hilarious Comedy and is No.1 in my books for an Austral-asian stand up comedian. Even if i do say so myself. Love me some asian jokes and who better to tell them than an asian himself. The true satire of Asian stereotypical jokes are accurate to everyday living in this day and age. And in the multicultural world that we live in today. Most of us are able to relate and can laugh and make fun of our own race or other races without worry of being racist and offending someone, purely for comical purposes.
                            If it werent in comedy, only then may it offend or portray racism.
                            Oh & 1 last thing.
                            I also am Asian...and could not be more proooud of it! Roooar! 🐼🐉🦐
                            ASIAN POWEEER!!! fiπ 🥡😑🥢

                          • bou path
                            bou path  4 weeks back

                            @SR t SR t tell James Y go get his eyes check because audiences that are laughing mostly whites folk

                          • bou path
                            bou path  4 weeks back

                            You mean the audiences that are laughing mostly i see is whites folk, you need eyes check

                          • Bruce Im
                            Bruce Im  6 months back

                            U have no sense of humor

                          • Yuchin Xia
                            Yuchin Xia  7 months back

                            that is because u can't get his jokes without living or at least experiencing in the "Western" countries.

                        • Phil Walters
                          Phil Walters  8 months back

                          do you eat dogs

                          • KeyZsaWake
                            KeyZsaWake  9 months back

                            Just saying, we all good at jokes (You guessed I'm Chinese)

                            • striker865
                              striker865  9 months back

                              Ronny for president!!

                              • Adiwira Tiang Negara
                                Adiwira Tiang Negara  9 months back

                                That's democracy.

                                • TheIkawatay
                                  TheIkawatay  9 months back

                                  China sent this guy to make jokes towards white guys.

                                  • Jessy Rose
                                    Jessy Rose  6 months back

                                    @elanya42 I stand corrected. You are right, he's just been living here for over 10 years, not granted citizenship though. My apologies, I thought he was.

                                  • elanya42
                                    elanya42  6 months back

                                    @Jessy Rose He's currently based in Australia but is a Malaysian citizen.

                                  • Jessy Rose
                                    Jessy Rose  6 months back

                                    @elanya42 He's an Australian citizen.

                                  • Jubei Yang
                                    Jubei Yang  7 months back

                                    @canzo0378 What are you two arguing about? Let's see shed some light on this: All Asians are Chinese. That's the reason he identifies himself as Chinese.

                                  • Ming W
                                    Ming W  7 months back

                                    @elanya42 EXACTLY!

                                • blackpassenger
                                  blackpassenger  9 months back

                                  big props to ronny chieng

                                  • Joseph Stalin
                                    Joseph Stalin  9 months back

                                    ronny chieng's delivery of his jokes were great...not a moment of cold spell...and it also helps that he has slim down a lot...looks sharper. Good job...

                                    • Pao Lee
                                      Pao Lee  9 months back

                                      who tf measures enough d!cks?

                                    • Sani Laomahei
                                      Sani Laomahei  9 months back


                                      • A Lee
                                        A Lee  9 months back

                                        Looooove him 😍😍

                                        • falybrown
                                          falybrown  9 months back

                                          His facial expressions are so expressive and are a comedic act on their own!

                                          • Sung Shin
                                            Sung Shin  10 months back

                                            There’s actually meaning in his jokes. Truly hilarious and philosophical lmao.

                                            • Emylea Edruce
                                              Emylea Edruce  11 months back

                                              💕💗 *Ronny* 💗💕

                                              • Polymath Tutoring
                                                Polymath Tutoring  1 years back

                                                Brilliant delivery.

                                                • Khairul Azlan
                                                  Khairul Azlan  1 years back

                                                  😂 i died

                                                  • мicĸyғlippѕ
                                                    мicĸyғlippѕ  2 years back

                                                    Mo Ronnie... want More!!!

                                                    • Paul G. Boyle
                                                      Paul G. Boyle  2 years back

                                                      Leg End

                                                      • rebecca
                                                        rebecca  2 years back

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                                                        • Ven d
                                                          Ven d  8 months back

                                                          Ill marry you

                                                        • SuSmallville
                                                          SuSmallville  9 months back

                                                          If you can tell me the square root of 69, I'd marry you

                                                        • Ken Silva
                                                          Ken Silva  9 months back

                                                          @B D asian guys like white girls, and white girls are starting to get into asian guys again. don't hate.

                                                        • Lord Snow
                                                          Lord Snow  1 years back

                                                          @Polymath Tutoring I express mine by sucking dicks

                                                        • Polymath Tutoring
                                                          Polymath Tutoring  1 years back

                                                          @rebecca Is that how you usually express admiration, by asking someone to marry you? How else do you express admiration?

                                                      • Simon Navarro
                                                        Simon Navarro  2 years back

                                                        Dictate all you want ... You will still be destroyed.

                                                        • Rachel Mckinnon
                                                          Rachel Mckinnon  9 months back

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                                                        • Rachel Mckinnon
                                                          Rachel Mckinnon  9 months back

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                                                        • Jonathan G
                                                          Jonathan G  9 months back

                                                          White incel with micropenis detected

                                                        • gutsfuck9
                                                          gutsfuck9  9 months back

                                                          ohhhh big man.

                                                        • MrTimedevil
                                                          MrTimedevil  1 years back

                                                          Oh another butthurt white guy

                                                      • An D
                                                        An D  2 years back

                                                        this is great stuff!