The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained REACTION


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  • Mini Mann
    Mini Mann  6 months back

    I remember when I made this intro for you man, sorry for all the name changes I don’t even remember what my name was back then😂

    • Wasteful Pastels
      Wasteful Pastels  8 months back

      2:45 he didn’t mean a nuke, it was like an atomic nucleus the size of a city

      • Shawn P
        Shawn P  9 months back

        What the fuck is the purpose of this video?! I thought he was gonna tear it apart or something. No, he just sat there sipping the KoolAid...

      • Atom Sorcerer
        Atom Sorcerer  9 months back

        Everything must look like a potential bomb to this guy-

      • Singer
        Singer  9 months back

        Please react to Noci Grant's cover of 'All Time Low', would be awesome! :-)

        • Octowave
          Octowave  9 months back

          The most dangerous thing in the universe is heartbreaking

          • Marla Hudgins
            Marla Hudgins  9 months back


            • Syd TEM
              Syd TEM  9 months back

              Well we all learn something new every day plus I love science and technology also there's new simple history videos react to them

              • Mene The mene
                Mene The mene  9 months back

                Amazing reaction bro ;)