How much better is Seahawks' defense with Jadeveon Clowney? | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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  • Joe Pesci
    Joe Pesci  2 weeks back

    The Texans screwed up with Clowney because they didnt move him early enough, and traded him off at a time period of the year when they have the absolute worst leverage.

    The downside for seattle is talent pool on the D-line is all on a one year contract or last year of their contract.

    They are only going to hold these players together for one season, and they better make the most of it.

    • I am MGTOW
      I am MGTOW  2 weeks back

      Seahawks had a solid defense and now with Clowney they got even better in my opinion.

      • Justin Smear
        Justin Smear  2 weeks back

        With the fact the Schneider got Houston to pay $7 mil of Clowney's cap hit makes this a bigger fleecing than what Miami did.

        • Dr Meatspank
          Dr Meatspank  2 weeks back

          That Bears front 7 is absurd its hard to beat that

          • BRIAN SWORD
            BRIAN SWORD  2 weeks back

            Chris sims is awesome.He knows his stuff.I'm a seahawks fan.

            • Lucas Hendrickson
              Lucas Hendrickson  2 weeks back

              Btw I feel it fair to mention if Clowney leaves the hawks in free agency they get their 3rd round pick back

              • Justin Smear
                Justin Smear  2 weeks back

                @dylan dickey yeah they likely get a 3rd round pick (2021) if either Ansah pr Clowney leaves in FA. Go comp picks!

              • bford98541
                bford98541  2 weeks back

                @dylan dickey yup!!!!

              • dylan dickey
                dylan dickey  2 weeks back

                Lucas Hendrickson really?

            • operationNOBO
              operationNOBO  2 weeks back

              Seahawks have the best overall front 7 in the league. Cant wait to see how Kendricks and Clowney do this season. Ford is also going to have a breakout year and if that happens, theyll be able to part ways with Reed easier.

              • TDC
                TDC  2 weeks back

                before I knew about their deal with Miami it seemed like a ridiculously lopsided deal in fav of the hawks. now seeing the full picture and the rest of the deals it kinda makes sense. the texans were in a horrible position with clowney and did the best they could at that moment in that market. they still should have dealt with clowney a lot earlier. his value would have been a lot higher pre-draft imo.

                • Robert Strom
                  Robert Strom  1 weeks back

                  Your wrong it's still bad for the Texans, they are paying half the contract, Mingo was getting cut, Martin may have been practice sqaud, plus if clowney leaves we get the 3rd round pick back.

              • cholhwa
                cholhwa  2 weeks back

                I thought free agent was someone you sign after the season. But Seahawks got a "free" agent.

                • Larry Watson
                  Larry Watson  2 weeks back

                  Seattle is trash

                • Tim Johnson
                  Tim Johnson  2 weeks back


                  • Joel Tilson
                    Joel Tilson  2 weeks back

                    Legion of Boom is back with Clowney!!! Seahawks!!!

                    • jacob svetich
                      jacob svetich  2 weeks back

                      No different team, there will never be another legion of boom.

                  • Thomas Ward
                    Thomas Ward  2 weeks back

                    Yes Clowney is very disruptive

                    • Wisdom of Nod!
                      Wisdom of Nod!  2 weeks back

                      It's not, Clowney is average...not great at all.

                      • Kent Knowles
                        Kent Knowles  2 weeks back

                        They all got better go hawks

                      • Sauron
                        Sauron  2 weeks back

                        Who was top 3 in Tackles for loss and qb hits last 2 seasons ?

                    • Eli Cabrera
                      Eli Cabrera  2 weeks back

                      This is awesome he said ***k the plays up

                    • NoCoLobo
                      NoCoLobo  2 weeks back

                      Am I the only one that thinks it's super weird they're setup in the lobby of this office.

                      • Cesare Smetters
                        Cesare Smetters  2 weeks back

                        The clowny trade sucked. They got at best backups as players and a conditional 3rd rounder. They would have gotten a 3rd round compensation pick for him, and he had 0 leverage. Once game day started he would have been losing 1 million a day, and once injuries happen somebody may have given something real for him. Good luck to the Texans getting a new GM now

                        • Justin Smear
                          Justin Smear  2 weeks back

                          @rudy zeron eh I'm not sure either "breaks out." Why? Because Mingo is going into his 7th or 8th season and now on his 6th or 7th team. Then Martin can't seem to keep enough weight on to be consistently great on the line and isn't very good in coverage.

                        • Cesare Smetters
                          Cesare Smetters  2 weeks back

                          @rudy zeron so there is always a chance Mingo breaks out. The problem is it isn't a good chance.

                        • rudy zeron
                          rudy zeron  2 weeks back

                          You might be surprised,
                          I think at least one of those two guys might become a well known name in Texas if they play them enough. Remember this words

                      • Gary Crook
                        Gary Crook  2 weeks back

                        Seattle is totally over-looked by the analysts. That's a mistake.
                        Pete Carroll is a great coach, this defense is scary.....
                        and Wilson is Wilson, HOF QB.
                        They are the sleeper team of 2019.

                        • black 51
                          black 51  2 weeks back

                          @Eric Hammer you come at me in a disrespectful way I'll come for you the same way 💯😉

                        • Eric Hammer
                          Eric Hammer  2 weeks back

                          @black 51 Exactly what I already knew, you're a bum.

                        • black 51
                          black 51  2 weeks back

                          @Eric Hammer lmao

                        • black 51
                          black 51  2 weeks back

                          @Eric Hammer 🖕🏿😬🖕🏿

                        • Eric Hammer
                          Eric Hammer  2 weeks back

                          @black 51 Or am I just gonna get emojis instead cause YOU'RE too stupid to articulate a sentence worth "reading"

                      • Sunit Gajula
                        Sunit Gajula  2 weeks back

                        Chris Simms is trying too hard to look like Macklemore

                        • Salvador Vidrio
                          Salvador Vidrio  2 weeks back

                          Nice that you keep up with irrelevant "rappers."
                          Fucking nerd!

                      • human Artifact
                        human Artifact  2 weeks back

                        finally someone who doesn't talk nothing but cowboys

                        • Brandon L
                          Brandon L  2 weeks back

                          The problem with Chris’s theory that they didn’t “get jobbed” is both the players were going to get cut and you could have signed them then...and you were going to get a 3rd anyway if you let clowney walk after he played the year. So you literally could have had your cake and eaten it too.

                          • Brandon L
                            Brandon L  2 weeks back

                            Marcus Mingo was 100% getting cut. Martin had a shot to make the team but was probably the odd man out and would have languished away on the bench anyway after drafting LJ Collier . It was either him or griffin getting cut, but griffin is solid on special teams so Martin, Mingo, and Austin Calitro we’re out.

                          • Marcus
                            Marcus  2 weeks back

                            Neither one especially Martin were getting cut fake news

                        • Adust Gaming
                          Adust Gaming  2 weeks back

                          Their front 7 is great but I still think the eagles is the best

                          • Evan Koberg
                            Evan Koberg  3 weeks back

                            The Seahawks do not now have the best DL the bears do until proven they don’t

                            • Evan Koberg
                              Evan Koberg  2 weeks back

                              3eeToe the bears also have the best front 7

                            • Brian Kimball
                              Brian Kimball  2 weeks back

                              After one game against mr “greatest qb ever but can’t scramble Rodgers”? Nah. I’ll take Seattle’s consistency every year.

                            • 3eeToe
                              3eeToe  2 weeks back

                              Evan Koberg
                              He was not trying to say the Seahawks have the best d-line, he said they have the best front seven

                          • Steve Pickering
                            Steve Pickering  3 weeks back

                            All this talk over the clown, who's best season was nine sacks while playing next to j.j. watt. Lmfao even j.j. little brother t.j. has a better sack season then the clown. T.j. has been in the nfl two years. Media hype has been pure stupidity on the clown since he made one big hit in college. Truth

                            • Dara Pot
                              Dara Pot  2 weeks back

                              In 2016 he was a second team all pro and help the texans win a playoff game. Remember the interception against the raiders? The texans defense also finished number 1 in total yards that year. Then in 2017, only clowney and chandler jones had 20+ TFLs and 20+ QB hits. He also finished that year with 9.5sacks. Both seasons were without JJ watt. Think and do some research before you speak

                            • Stephen Harvey
                              Stephen Harvey  2 weeks back

                              Everyone thinks for some reason that Clowny is a sack master. He’s not that kind of player. He’s best against the run and if that’s what the Seahawks were looking for than that’s great. Does he improve their defensive line? Absolutely but his addition will not make them the best D line in the league. He will not effect the qb like a Von Miller or Garrett and as we all know today’s NFL is about passing the ball and effecting the passer. Clowny more times than not will not do that.

                          • Michael Kelly
                            Michael Kelly  3 weeks back

                            The Seahawks have Reed, Ansah, and Clowney all hitting free agency next year. No way to keep them all.

                            • Justin Smear
                              Justin Smear  2 weeks back

                              @dylan dickey what? You don't let a great pass rushing DT walk. Ever. They are so rare that keeping a great pass rushing DT (who is also great against the run) is more valuable than a great pass rushing DE. I'd say try to keep all 3 depending what they want but put more effort into Clowney and Reed.

                            • Brian Kimball
                              Brian Kimball  2 weeks back

                              Michael Kelly don’t need to. They’ll find another just like they do every year. Frank Clark Cliff Avril Michael Bennett etc. keep em coming

                            • dylan dickey
                              dylan dickey  2 weeks back

                              Borie Seng Carson Locked till 21, don’t need to worry about him next year

                            • dylan dickey
                              dylan dickey  2 weeks back

                              Keep Clowney, let Reed go, Poona ford can be the successor

                            • Borie Seng
                              Borie Seng  2 weeks back

                              Going into 2020 sea will have 75 mil in cap space 2nd behind well the Texans thats plenty cap to sign Carson clowney reed etc.

                          • kenneth miller
                            kenneth miller  3 weeks back

                            Defenses win super bowls not offense texan massed up

                            • Warren Mazengwe
                              Warren Mazengwe  3 weeks back

                              Its always funny to hear "Peckerwoods" pronounce really black or really ethnic names. Especially names with a lot of syllables.

                              • 2Sea0ttle6
                                2Sea0ttle6  2 weeks back

                                This MF done called us peckerwoods lol

                            • Jimmi Stone
                              Jimmi Stone  3 weeks back

                              Go hawks

                              • Jones206
                                Jones206  3 weeks back

                                Straight theft! They just raped the Texans on this trade.

                                • Jarvis Black
                                  Jarvis Black  3 weeks back

                                  I love watching traditional TV hosts do the "like and subscribe" end cap. It's so awkward, like they were just asked to say a line in Chinese or something.

                                  • 3kidsnwifey
                                    3kidsnwifey  2 weeks back

                                    Yea I believe they think it's beneath them... It's literally an ad read for YouTube lol. They have the look of a person who was forced against their will to say a phrase cheerfully. Nice to see I'm not the only one who finds amusement in that lol

                                • Jonathan Kesee
                                  Jonathan Kesee  3 weeks back

                                  Thank you. Very well put.

                                  • soupkanat
                                    soupkanat  3 weeks back

                                    good move cause this is the one year clowney might actually try so he can get a good contract and then coast through the rest of his career

                                    • Eric
                                      Eric  3 weeks back

                                      man he really loves to wear those brons. I bet he wears them to the pool too.

                                      • Arou Johnson
                                        Arou Johnson  3 weeks back

                                        Chris speaking facts

                                        • GAMEZSTAA
                                          GAMEZSTAA  3 weeks back

                                          Seahawks got the best defense in the league.

                                          • Tyler Manning
                                            Tyler Manning  2 weeks back

                                            Default Name right frank clark wasn’t nearly the run stopper clowney is and is shows are run defense was bad

                                          • Default Name
                                            Default Name  3 weeks back

                                            @Bill 9-11 sacks a season is good enough, but he makes up for that with his elite run stopping 🤷‍♂️

                                          • Tyler Manning
                                            Tyler Manning  3 weeks back

                                            Bill I think you must not remember when Ansah is healthy is a double digit sacks and clowney makes everyone better so Bobby will be better K.J. etc if you listen to the man speak he says the same thing 😭😭

                                          • Bill
                                            Bill  3 weeks back

                                            @Tyler Manning No they don't. Clowney is good but he's not an elite pass rusher. Ansah is declining and constantly injured, Reed is out for the first half of the year. Those are the 3 best players on that line, and only one is truly elite and he wont be around the first half of the season. The back-end is very weak, they're going to have a lot of issues against good QB's this year, especially if Ansah is as bad as I think he will be and Clowney is doing all the heavy lifting. Clowney definitely helps them out though and makes them a lot better going into the year.

                                          • Stephen Kapowski
                                            Stephen Kapowski  3 weeks back

                                            I'm a Seahawks fan and even I think that statement is a stretch mainly because of the secondary-but I will say I am excited to see what JC can do and as far as LJ Collier, the guy hasn't played one snap so the jury is still out on him.

                                        • Scott Peal
                                          Scott Peal  3 weeks back

                                          Mingo and martin fits well with a 3-4 there both fast

                                          • Scott Peal
                                            Scott Peal  3 weeks back

                                            @Arou Johnson I was being sarcastic...F.O. Stupid

                                          • Go Hawks
                                            Go Hawks  3 weeks back

                                            Mingo usually gets man handled even when he played LB Martin is solid tho

                                          • Arou Johnson
                                            Arou Johnson  3 weeks back

                                            So clowney isn't fast? In fact he has Wide receiver speed and is 6'5 260 dummmy boy you can't replace that

                                        • Ivan Delatorre
                                          Ivan Delatorre  3 weeks back

                                          2.0 nascar package??????? WTF

                                          • Hot Rod
                                            Hot Rod  3 weeks back

                                            Their not

                                          • jagsfanrick
                                            jagsfanrick  3 weeks back

                                            Texans got fleeced lol.

                                            • Runescapewithred
                                              Runescapewithred  2 weeks back

                                              @OG77013 because he had all the power as to where he wanted to go. He wanted Seattle. Duane Brown called him over a month ago and convinced him to come to Seattle. Him not signing his franchise tag allowed him to pick and choose yes or no to a trade.

                                            • OG77013
                                              OG77013  2 weeks back

                                              Probably gave him away for a reason

                                          • Jennifer David
                                            Jennifer David  3 weeks back

                                            Really it’s a win for the hawks due to d line this year for the first time was the biggest question for the hawks