No More Drama? Amina Buddafly And Tara Wallace Mend Old Wounds


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  • Ms Lolah
    Ms Lolah  7 days back

    Tara is a good person..

    • Bunny Love
      Bunny Love  2 weeks back

      Sounds stupid

      • Luz Hernandez
        Luz Hernandez  6 months back

        Good for you Amina. So proud of her strength.

        • Nene Nunez
          Nene Nunez  9 months back

          2 dumb bitches who keep fallin for a corny nigga like him and now kids are involved in ya fake grown up situation 🤔 smfh

          • Raytonne Banks
            Raytonne Banks  10 months back

            Amina get your music out there

            • Precooked Bacon
              Precooked Bacon  11 months back

              She ruined her career involved in this petty drama

              • Myrah Jasmine
                Myrah Jasmine  1 years back

                Finally 🙌🙌🙌

                • swan angel
                  swan angel  1 years back

                  I glad they aren't fighting each other anymore

                  • Felisha Lewis
                    Felisha Lewis  1 years back

                    Amina that's great but get you need to get a lawyer. Yall have kids so things change when you have littles ones involved.

                    A Lawyer and guide you in the process so you can better understand your rights and Peter too.

                    I mean let's be real Peter was never ok about you moving to L.A. with the kids in the first place.

                    He may want his kids closer to him anyway so those are things right there yall may need to get a agreement on he may want yall to move back or closer by.

                    • Queen Penz
                      Queen Penz  1 years back

                      This disgusting to me

                      • 1HAND SMOKE
                        1HAND SMOKE  1 years back

                        STAY TUNE!!!!!!!
                        AMINA and TARA will be BACK AT THIS SHIT SOON. Don't fall for to this.

                        • Chanel9345 Mrs.smith
                          Chanel9345 Mrs.smith  1 years back

                          they both still inlove with him so of course they agree to make a mends they still.sharing that BIG DICK AND YES HE DO LOOK GOOD AS HELL SO I GET IT LOL

                          • Latrice B
                            Latrice B  1 years back

                            Omg no you didn’t 😂😂😂☠️

                        • MIA H.
                          MIA H.  1 years back

                          U go amina!!

                          • Jay D
                            Jay D  1 years back

                            You should have done that long time ago, cuz Peter, ass what’s not worth it. Glad to see that both ladies has grown up so much and allowed their children to get close. Peter, you need to get fix all these damn children. ✌🏾😜

                            • Ruth O
                              Ruth O  1 years back

                              Too bad they didn't realize five kids earlier

                            • Elisha Concepcion
                              Elisha Concepcion  1 years back

                              Tara is thrilled she ruined her marriage. She's lowkey laughing her ass off.

                              • Dee Ferman
                                Dee Ferman  1 years back

                                Amina was the other woman. he married her in secret n the same night went home to Tara. how is thay a marriage???

                              • ponycoko
                                ponycoko  1 years back

                                Elisha Concepcion glad someone peeped game

                            • Dessy Berry
                              Dessy Berry  1 years back

                              that lip stock is horrible and she still is a dumb ass

                              • Nichole
                                Nichole  1 years back

                                Why does she have a book?

                                • Chanel Young
                                  Chanel Young  1 years back

                                  Above Rubies she copied Tara who came out with one first

                              • Nikisha Mitchell
                                Nikisha Mitchell  1 years back

                                I'm glad they reconciled due to the fact their kids or brother and sister and may need each other one day in life.

                                • Sherita Davis
                                  Sherita Davis  1 years back

                                  Now that THEY’RE OVER IT SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD AS WELL being that it’s not your life..... what’s wrong with BEING ADULTS AND BEING CIVIL??

                                  • Nosipho Ngeleka
                                    Nosipho Ngeleka  1 years back

                                    If one of them was still with Peter,they would still be rivals

                                    • Petty *Princess*
                                      Petty *Princess*  1 years back

                                      Glad they both realise dirty feet Pete not worth it and now can come together and support each other especially as their children are siblings

                                      • Luz Hernandez
                                        Luz Hernandez  6 months back

                                        Dirty feet 😆 i can't

                                      • Rach C
                                        Rach C  1 years back

                                        Dior diva
                                        Dirty Pete 😂😂😂

                                    • D'Angela Marx
                                      D'Angela Marx  1 years back

                                      If Peter wouldnt have asked her for a divorce and dumped her Amina would still be with Peter. She would have fought to the death. Gtfoh.

                                      • swan angel
                                        swan angel  1 years back

                                        They was also on Marriage boot camp on We tv and at end Peter decided to leave her and Anima box was empty but she kept the rings in her beast just in case I don't she completely let go yet she may be in process of it. They both asked for divorce but have yet to sign the papers Peter or Anima . She has alot of hurt in her especially since she had an abortion with one of his kids then he turned around and got Tara pregnant. I know people pick sides but end of the day Peter going kept doing him cause they allow it make excuses.

                                      • Sun Flower
                                        Sun Flower  1 years back

                                        Well that's understandable because THEY ARE MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, I would fight too.

                                        If Tara would have left after finding out that he married Amina( his wife) they would've had some type of a chance.

                                      • shatara colebrooke
                                        shatara colebrooke  1 years back

                                        D'Angela Marx feel the same way cause nah she get that divorce tara wanna be friends

                                      • G GFleur
                                        G GFleur  1 years back

                                        Andie C 🤣🤣

                                      • Milli
                                        Milli  1 years back

                                        Except Amina asked for the divorce. Shut yo dumb ass up

                                    • wanda mathis
                                      wanda mathis  1 years back

                                      Good for you both!! I have to agree with Cardi on this one they are so talented

                                      • 1HAND SMOKE
                                        1HAND SMOKE  1 years back

                                        wanda mathis
                                        CARDI " BABIES"😂
                                        CARDI is a Fool for that OOOOOOH Peter never felt so put on blast on national TV.

                                    • Trevor Davis
                                      Trevor Davis  1 years back

                                      Good job Amina! Happy for you.

                                      • kleo
                                        kleo  1 years back

                                        That is awesome she recognize Tara good person vice versa both ladies was just in love with the same man. Hope they keep their friendship

                                        • Feliciano BRICE
                                          Feliciano BRICE  1 years back

                                          Nice nice nice finally they both left left him alone good good good I hope they have happiness forever

                                        • Felisha Lewis
                                          Felisha Lewis  1 years back

                                          Amina yes we all knew you didn't have a problem but the part that Peter was going to play both sides of the fence and Tara was going to sit back and let him with know problems. That's werw the problem came in with her.

                                          U couldn't trust Peter and Tara going to act like she not down with the B.S. but really was. Now she just going to keep it on the D.L.

                                          They never going to admit they still fuck around cause Tara says to this day Peter never left.

                                          And she not going to let him leave either.

                                          • Felisha Lewis
                                            Felisha Lewis  1 years back

                                            cosmicj88 Nope he married Amina that's when Tara tell him to fuck off. Pick them boys up and go on with his businesses. He still say to this day slick remarks even in Tara place with Amina there they still married the papers not sign yet. May have to reconsider the divorce but Amina had the papers in her bag and she give him his book.

                                            He was shook he said i thought you were just B.S. that's the low down type of man he is. On his Live chat!

                                          • Precooked Bacon
                                            Precooked Bacon  1 years back

                                            A man leaves on his own, no woman can make a man stay and Tara and Amina are BOTH proof of that. Amina allowed Petter play 'both sides' for over a year, including a year in their marriage when they wren't living together. Stop blaming one woman over another. They both were ok with him cheating.

                                        • Monique Cruickson
                                          Monique Cruickson  1 years back

                                          They making peace and people still clowning them black women just can't win for shit they decided to come together and help each other and stop beefing when they have kids who are siblings to raise it's so stupid I guess ever woman who's decided to get along with their baby's father's other baby mama's are sister wives as well they're not being grown up and mature though lol people are so addicted to drama they'll do and say anything to keep it going #DumbAsses

                                          • Shereena Dickens
                                            Shereena Dickens  1 years back


                                            • Petty *Princess*
                                              Petty *Princess*  1 years back

                                              Monique Cruickson finally yes!

                                            • Monique Cruickson
                                              Monique Cruickson  1 years back

                                              Shereena Dickens They not with Peter anymore they're doing what's right for them and their kid's sister wives is when multiple women are married to the same man and living with him not two women who were constantly lied to by a piece of shit who ain't worth a penny with a hole in it hats off to these women for focussing on their kid's and selves glad they left that clown alone for once and are focussing on what's really important which isn't dirty feet Pete the scrub

                                          • CASSANDRA GRIFFITH
                                            CASSANDRA GRIFFITH  1 years back

                                            I'm so happy for the both of them!!!Two beautiful , gorgeous ,wonderful woman....It's good that they put all of the crazy , stupid nonsense behind them.They are very,very intelligent young women...