Feasting on Tradition: David Chang at the Masters


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  • Bossmoney84
    Bossmoney84  4 months back

    when you put chips on that sandwich I Subbed.. Sticky me !!

    • Ken French
      Ken French  5 months back

      World class service by the people there. I also saw myself and my wife in the vid on the first tee. Pretty cool.

      • Dave Wylie
        Dave Wylie  5 months back

        The Masters.......

        • K9 388
          K9 388  5 months back

          Wow. Great story...

          • moop21
            moop21  5 months back

            Thank you for posting such a simple, yet, amazing glimpse from behind the ropes of The Masters!

            I thoroughly enjoyed it!

            • deep lemmon
              deep lemmon  5 months back

              Looks like you had fun! Congrats! I hope I can to!!

              • J P
                J P  5 months back

                Actual no cell phone policy or no cell signal?

              • David Y
                David Y  5 months back

                I wonder how many people knew that he was a multi millionaire celebrity chef.

                • Paul Cipriani
                  Paul Cipriani  5 months back

                  How do they keep everyone from having a cell phone?

                  • Ken French
                    Ken French  5 months back

                    "Airport like" security to go through and the risk of banishment if caught.

                  • Paul Han
                    Paul Han  5 months back

                    If you get caught with a cell phone, you’re banned. Simple yet effective

                • cqtaylor
                  cqtaylor  5 months back

                  Six sandwiches (larger than slider-size) for less than ten bucks for spectators who on average aren't working class or blue collar, compared to sports stadiums charging ten bucks for a single hotdog for spectators who on average are more working class or blue collar. The executives of sports stadiums should be ashamed of themselves.

                  • Tarik Cecunjanin
                    Tarik Cecunjanin  5 months back

                    cqtaylor plus it’s only once a year so they have 4 days to make money compared to the 41 games in nba or nhl and many more in MLB.

                • Eric Watts
                  Eric Watts  5 months back

                  Such a great video, thank you!

                  • lethal antdog
                    lethal antdog  5 months back

                    1:22 WHY IS THE FOOS SO CHEAP??

                  • Jeff DeVito
                    Jeff DeVito  5 months back

                    Need more videos like this

                    • Amazing Asian
                      Amazing Asian  5 months back

                      Looks like I'm going to the masters next year

                      • Amazing Asian
                        Amazing Asian  5 months back

                        @Cam that sucks...I hope I get lucky in the lottery .

                      • Cam
                        Cam  5 months back

                        If only it were that easy... there is a lottery process for the right to buy tickets. Of course all the scumbags that never intend to go but just want to resell the tickets apply as well. The tickets end up going for thousands of dollars in the secondary market. If you're intent on going and money isn't a big issue, I think it's manageable to get there though.

                    • Scott L.
                      Scott L.  5 months back

                      No way is the menu that cheap! Any other event would charge you $9 for a biscuit and $12 for a beer. Awesome.

                      • RDM
                        RDM  5 months back

                        @GBuster yep... I'm planning on selling a kidney to go next year - at least I won't go hungry 😂

                      • Scott L.
                        Scott L.  5 months back

                        Touche' @GBuster!

                      • GBuster
                        GBuster  5 months back

                        The price to get in however....

                    • Hanamichi Sakuragi
                      Hanamichi Sakuragi  5 months back

                      Nice and sweet video. Even as a non-golfer, I enjoyed it very much

                      • Barking Spider
                        Barking Spider  5 months back

                        I love how the masters is so awesome. Lol. Seeing people with no cell phones and behaving is so refreshing.

                        • Bmacrtr15
                          Bmacrtr15  5 months back

                          Great video bro

                          • Murilo Cruz
                            Murilo Cruz  5 months back

                            Tradition is awesome.

                            • Tyler
                              Tyler  5 months back

                              Is this the David Chang from The Ringer Podcast Network?

                              • C. Cho
                                C. Cho  5 months back

                                Lol I was thinking the same. That's the only way I know him, from the Ringer

                              • stuff
                                stuff  5 months back

                                Odd way to reference him lol. Maybe David Chang of Momofuku or David Chang of Ugly delicious on netflix.

                            • ti inu
                              ti inu  5 months back

                              Awesome thanks for sharing.

                              • coastalBrake
                                coastalBrake  5 months back

                                This may be one of the most beautiful videos about love I've ever seen.

                                • silo
                                  silo  5 months back

                                  it takes a organization like The Masters and Augusta National to show the rest of the sports world how to conduct a world class event. They do it with out gouging it's customer, amazing and truly counter intuitive to todays business model in sport... well done folks and great vid by David Chang

                                  • ala jibril
                                    ala jibril  5 months back

                                    @Chris Hewitt 115 dollar for the main event is not that bad for an event

                                  • Chris Hewitt
                                    Chris Hewitt  5 months back

                                    silo apart from the extortionate cost of the entry ticket.

                                • HKMAN
                                  HKMAN  5 months back

                                  Great camera work!

                                  • Jay
                                    Jay  5 months back

                                    Loved this short video. Gave a new perspective which we would never see. Incredible!

                                    • TDN
                                      TDN  5 months back

                                      America has an eating disorder ....... they eat everything that they order.

                                      • Jason Ross
                                        Jason Ross  5 months back

                                        Rick Diculous You try saying no to egg salad sandwiches.

                                    • MJC919
                                      MJC919  5 months back

                                      Tiger woods you-all.

                                      • jj76938
                                        jj76938  5 months back

                                        Great Video in depth video, to see what goes on behind those trees obstructing the the view from Washington Road. I'm not satisfied until I get tickets of 3 in future for my family & me 😊

                                        • Shen Jan
                                          Shen Jan  5 months back

                                          I love David Chang

                                          • rhijulbec1
                                            rhijulbec1  5 months back

                                            To lovers of the Masters~who are you betting on tomorrow? We can't decide!
                                            Absolutely loved this vid! We got a look at things not seen usually. It was so neat to see the interactions and fun everyone is having.
                                            No cons or libs. Just thousands of people who love the great and ancient game of golf.
                                            David Chang~great Chef!
                                            Masters~great Golf.
                                            David & Masters = sublime.

                                            • Garden Therapy
                                              Garden Therapy  5 months back

                                              Another great video Chef!!!!

                                              • Chris K
                                                Chris K  5 months back

                                                I'm thinking, man, than man looks familiar! But I couldn't figure out who he looked like!
                                                On my phone............David Chang! That's how I know you! I'm not a golfer, but I enjoyed your cooking show!
                                                Small and interesting world!

                                                • DanTuber
                                                  DanTuber  5 months back

                                                  You can't take cell phone in but you can take an SLR camera?

                                                  The food may be cheap but looks cheap.

                                                • thecrystalshipful
                                                  thecrystalshipful  5 months back

                                                  Chef, you're in the front of the house.
                                                  Clean up the look.
                                                  Chop, chop.

                                                  • Takayuki Ishiguro
                                                    Takayuki Ishiguro  5 months back

                                                    I wish Anthony Bourdain were here...