Michael Asks Darryl If He Was in a Gang - The Office (Digital Exclusive)


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    MITØ TOMITO  2 months back

    I love the editing , don’t understand you people

    • Ollyoxenfree
      Ollyoxenfree  2 months back

      The text is soooo distracting

      • Ol Jerz Bastard
        Ol Jerz Bastard  3 months back

        Wow thanks for ruining this

        • lilmil
          lilmil  4 months back

          The other office channel is better

        • Erik Winston
          Erik Winston  5 months back


            BLACKMETALMUZIK  5 months back


            • DavyDave1313
              DavyDave1313  6 months back

              the letters were very distracting. This show is big on improv and focusing on the character body language and improv dont distract with letters.

              • hsmathis
                hsmathis  7 months back

                Darryl is hilarious

                • Jesus Christ Saves
                  Jesus Christ Saves  7 months back

                  *NO TEXT*

                  • abdul malik
                    abdul malik  8 months back

                    wtf is this?

                    • RubberDuck
                      RubberDuck  8 months back

                      Not sure how this channel got a Verified tag when the official channel is "The Office US"

                      • RGkong
                        RGkong  9 months back

                        *Only 32 comments?*

                        • lilmil
                          lilmil  4 months back

                          RGkong this isn’t the official office channel. There’s another with more subs

                      • Orangeflava
                        Orangeflava  9 months back

                        Funny text. Funny show.

                        • Hector Hernandez
                          Hector Hernandez  9 months back

                          Does any1 know what that one commercial song of the office is called? Its where this lady grabs this guys hand and starts danceing to somewhat slow music

                          • Sheldon Gibbs
                            Sheldon Gibbs  4 weeks back

                            The dinner party scene with Jan trying to dance with Jim?

                        • LiLMusicBunny
                          LiLMusicBunny  9 months back

                          Ppl who complain about the edits should just watch the original..you can tell it's this kind bc of the thumbnail n yet you chose to hate comment like if someone forced you to watch this..I enjoy this editing,its for ppl who do,so shut up

                          • 3depphoch
                            3depphoch  9 months back

                            Y'all can just go to church together yes haha

                            • Mahen
                              Mahen  9 months back

                              I love the text. I've seen this show way too many times, so a video where they do something creative with it is welcome.

                              • MrBGS101
                                MrBGS101  9 months back

                                Digital Exclusive?

                                • Cooking Up Laughs
                                  Cooking Up Laughs  9 months back

                                  Love the office!!! 769th view. I feel so special, not even 1k.

                                  • Joey McCrea
                                    Joey McCrea  9 months back

                                    Stop editing this damn SHOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                                    • _olvrr
                                      _olvrr  9 months back

                                      ok im unsubscribing

                                      • Jules Winnfield
                                        Jules Winnfield  9 months back

                                        Stop editing this show or i will find you
                                        God my witness

                                        • Iftikhar Kazi
                                          Iftikhar Kazi  5 months back

                                          @Jules Winnfield I saw ur comment on the faces of Michael Scott that you wrote under my comment

                                        • Jules Winnfield
                                          Jules Winnfield  7 months back

                                          @Explorer exactly? Don't underestimate the power of tickleling

                                        • Explorer
                                          Explorer  7 months back

                                          What you gonna do? Tickle the editor? LMAO

                                      • Lady Love
                                        Lady Love  9 months back

                                        Pull up with the gang we gonna tickle a Opp

                                        • Tom Cushnie
                                          Tom Cushnie  9 months back

                                          The clip would be BETTER without the text, just saying

                                          • MissNayNay
                                            MissNayNay  9 months back

                                            I disagree. I liked the text.

                                          • lobo
                                            lobo  9 months back

                                            nah they add extra content

                                        • Edmar100
                                          Edmar100  9 months back

                                          This channel is starting to die, The Office was a great show, but this channel has clearly run out of content and is just reuploading the same stuff over and over.

                                          • Edmar100
                                            Edmar100  9 months back

                                            @Mahen Weird huh?

                                          • Mahen
                                            Mahen  9 months back

                                            Yeah, its almost as if the show ended or something

                                          • Kristi ALB
                                            Kristi ALB  9 months back

                                            The Office - US is the official channel and more popular than this one

                                        • sakura0055
                                          sakura0055  9 months back

                                          Please stop it with these captions it's not a music lyrics video it's so annoying.

                                          • Don Parmezano
                                            Don Parmezano  9 months back

                                            @sakura0055 no. Its cool.

                                          • Wonderment
                                            Wonderment  9 months back

                                            Make sure you check out The Office US that channel's verified and does compilations.

                                          • sakura0055
                                            sakura0055  9 months back

                                            @; semicolon pronounced semy-kohlun I love the office and I DO want to watch it but I think the captions are distracting and takes the actual fun away.

                                          • s_lx
                                            s_lx  9 months back

                                            ; thank you!

                                          • ; semicolon pronounced semy-kohlun
                                            ; semicolon pronounced semy-kohlun  9 months back

                                            The majority of us watch because we enjoy it.
                                            If you don't like it, don't watch man.

                                        • Yusuf Ghani
                                          Yusuf Ghani  9 months back


                                          I might not

                                          No one knows unless you press

                                          • Bob
                                            Bob  9 months back

                                            I knew it

                                            • batgurrl
                                              batgurrl  9 months back

                                              Fluffy fingers.....,

                                              • caitlin marie
                                                caitlin marie  9 months back

                                                I constantly wonder why this channel is kept up so well... but I'm not complaining.

                                                • caitlin marie
                                                  caitlin marie  8 months back

                                                  oh yeah i was actually thinking of that channel haha

                                                • OH YEAH
                                                  OH YEAH  8 months back

                                                  there is a better channel that uploads more often

                                              • Ella Whitney
                                                Ella Whitney  9 months back

                                                1st like ;)