SHOCKING POKER CHEATING: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About Mike Postle


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  • Hank Morgan
    Hank Morgan  11 minutes back

    After Lance Armstrong
    I don’t believe in anyone anymore

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq  26 minutes back

      Considering the hands where "the graphics are wrong", can we assume that the staff at Stones was getting a cut of the cheating or somehow in on the cheating? Very sad situation for Stones, they have mostly charming staff and a stellar atmosphere.

      • Scott Ross
        Scott Ross  35 minutes back

        Just make him play several sessions with his phone visible. But make it a $250/$500 blinds against some of the best in the world.

        See how well he does then.

        • RLMUD
          RLMUD  56 minutes back

          You have to catch the guy, not think. is he cheating most likely yes, was he caught no. set the trap for him and catch him.

          • Angel Valle
            Angel Valle  3 hours back

            That play with the 5,4 is just two guys playing back at eachother guys put the cart in front of the horse all the time. let the case play out in court hes been banned from the room what more do you want? This is America innocent till proven guilty if guilty he will pay the piper.

            • TheRob
              TheRob  5 hours back

              Remove the phone, done. So easy.

              • jdoggg1119
                jdoggg1119  5 hours back

                Guarantee if they strictly enforced their no-phone policy, his winning streak would come to an end.

                • Malek Haddad
                  Malek Haddad  5 hours back

                  Now that he’s “exposed”, let’s see if he continues his “winning streak”. That’ll give us the truth...

                  • David Self
                    David Self  6 hours back

                    Damn how he cheat ? I wanna do it lol

                    • Mike L
                      Mike L  6 hours back

                      Stone did not enforce the rule of “no phones”. Therefore Stone needs to pay back each player in all of the tournaments (after the rule started) their buy ins and expenses.

                      • Joseph Beers
                        Joseph Beers  6 hours back

                        Solely base on only what I have seen here on this issue I would bet my net worth this guy could not come close to these results in a game with out r.i.f.d. I do not know why anyone would sit at a table he was at.

                        • felicia_josh Hlubb
                          felicia_josh Hlubb  6 hours back

                          this video proves......nothing!!!!! So the guy has a funky way of what!!! I have busted pockets aces with four -seven off suit. on more then one occasion. and just because crazy plays happen or someone sucks out at the river doesn't mean hes cheating.

                          • Storm Trooper
                            Storm Trooper  7 hours back

                            Well I’m sure if everyone knows he will certainly start losing bc everyone will now watch him like a hawk.

                            • Crimson Autumn
                              Crimson Autumn  7 hours back

                              Why not get someone else to send a text 2 for yea 1 for nah

                              • mrsquishyboots
                                mrsquishyboots  8 hours back

                                If Phil ivy played like this he would still be sleeping under the boardwalk. Magic or live streaming to his phone is this dudes skill set.

                                • Little Inkling
                                  Little Inkling  8 hours back

                                  So the commentary are live, parallel with the play? Yeah, that's bad if so.

                                  • MeiYi Qiu
                                    MeiYi Qiu  8 hours back

                                    Can not be more agreed with you. Cheating on Poker (or other cash games) is seriously crime.

                                    • DeCay Grim
                                      DeCay Grim  9 hours back

                                      Someone is hella good at poker and everybody thinks he’s cheating. If it were true then they would not be allegations. Someone should have evidence by now explaining in clear detail how he’s doing it.

                                      • SystemExclusive
                                        SystemExclusive  10 hours back

                                        Beautiful to see all the ÷ in the hand at 16 minutes. This is where the game of poker reveals itself. Imagine being the guy holding K2 of clubs on that flop with all other players inside. Would you ever think you have less then 1 ÷ to win the hand on showdown? I bet almost every player would think he has a GREAT chance to win the hand. Hahahaha NOT

                                        • garrigproductions
                                          garrigproductions  12 hours back

                                          If cards have RFID chips in them, then anyone with a reader can identify the cards and pass that information on in real time. More likely here is that his brother is heavily involved in this scam...

                                          • M L.
                                            M L.  13 hours back

                                            Have you considered calling this segment 'Polker Investigations'?

                                            • Weerayut Buakaew
                                              Weerayut Buakaew  16 hours back

                                              Never play dafabet poker as well, lots of AI bots playing with you and eat your money

                                              • Benoit Crevier
                                                Benoit Crevier  17 hours back

                                                Stop it guys Postle is great, he's not cheating.... Just beating his own meat

                                                • skyroe2
                                                  skyroe2  17 hours back

                                                  This dudes the techmo bowl version of bo Jackson at poker

                                                  • Davned
                                                    Davned  18 hours back

                                                    Why would someone with the ability to see hole cards simply use the knowledge to win so often that it arouses suspicion? Wouldn't it be more prudent for someone with such a large advantage to pick his spots and use the knowledge only when pots reach a certain threshold? You would still make a killing while maintaining a win/loss ratio that can allow for the selective cheating to be seen as "good reads", even if the hands were faced with a great degree of scrutiny after the fact.

                                                    Then again, I find that most cheaters let their greed overtake their inhibitions, so it is not too surprising to see yet another example of this.

                                                    • ricky nunez
                                                      ricky nunez  18 hours back

                                                      The fact that I never heard of him until now and that he is not crushing tournaments or cash games outside of this venue tells me he is cheating. Somebody is telling the holdings on the sly. His odd plays and results only indicate cheating. Plain and simple.

                                                      • DELΤΛ FRΘSΤ
                                                        DELΤΛ FRΘSΤ  18 hours back

                                                        I don’t even know how poker works but if I am sitting next to people on a game I am betting a fortune on, the very least, I would make sure everyone’s hand is visible and absolutely no use of phones. It’s like taking final exam but you get to use your phone and just tell the teacher you’re not cheating.

                                                        • Matthews Enterprises
                                                          Matthews Enterprises  19 hours back

                                                          .. I laughed at the joke....

                                                          • Amsterdam Hooligan
                                                            Amsterdam Hooligan  19 hours back

                                                            This guy is cheating fucking hard but hey respect how de fuck do's he do it? I want to know my opponents hands too

                                                            • Ksan Khan
                                                              Ksan Khan  19 hours back

                                                              At 13:20 the guy standing up also has a phone under the table and when he stands he puts it in his pocket.

                                                              • Ric Hyden
                                                                Ric Hyden  20 hours back

                                                                Well convered and fair reporting.... Thanks

                                                                • markcudi
                                                                  markcudi  20 hours back

                                                                  This video did not need to be almost 29 mins long,

                                                                  • Adrian Stornes
                                                                    Adrian Stornes  23 hours back

                                                                    Yeh. Probably cheating, but I don't have 28 mins to find out.

                                                                    • Clayton Vernon
                                                                      Clayton Vernon  1 days back

                                                                      Folding A-K after a K on the flop is the most damning of them all.

                                                                      • Cosmin Xxx
                                                                        Cosmin Xxx  1 days back

                                                                        and i add, i usualy play 99% of my hands at least up to 4 big blinds value,no matter what i have in my hand . i am that savage:D

                                                                        • Cosmin Xxx
                                                                          Cosmin Xxx  1 days back

                                                                          i can give an example of insane luck. i am the type of player that has bluffed 70% of the hands he won. my tactic is that i ALWAYS show the bluff hand.anyway.. me and some friends at a bar used to close doors at about 12:30-1:00 AM and call some other friends and organize a small tournament between us. 3 tables with 10 players each, 5 rebuys as long as there are all 3 tables playing, 2 rebuys when only two tables are playing, 1 rebuy if is last table with more than 4 players in game and no rebuy after. just to let the cash gather .all the money put in a box and winer takes 70% , second place takes 30% and third place takes a bottle of whatever he wants in the bar.just to keep the money prize high enough. well this tournaments usually lasted 3-4 hours. one night was special. for me:))) . most special regarding playing poker . to cut the story short, i eliminated 5 players at my table in one bluff going all in as first player to call with a 7-2 and getting a full house.3 of them never played with us again after they saw the hand. than i got a straight and got two more out and than i got 2 more out with 2 pairs that were made on river and that point everyone hated me. and there was more to hate, cause after the other two tables lost some people i was able to join the second table.the rule we had that you begin at second table not with all your chips to make it fair ,but with a stack equal to the second player at that table or if you come with less chips than him, with all your chips you previously won. And here the hate gets stronger as i close the table in 12 hands.3 folds and 9 wins and 6 of them were all-in's . Godess of luck wasn't holding my hand that night,she was damn sucking my cock under the table from her metaphisical plane.Outrageous,i was feeling guilty myself. All this happen in less than 1 hour.the girls ,that had no clue about pocker,were cheering, the boys were looking at me like i was some leprous. last table, all things average and boring for 30-40 minutes ,4 players got eliminated by some others, we are 6 now..they hate me like never before and they know i bluff a lot to steal the pot.i am that guy that everyone hates,yea,i know. What happens? i get a fuckin 4 of a kind over a guys 3 of a kind and other 2 pairs AA QQ and both pay my all in. i already had many chips so i covered both, they went hand we call back and forth, big stack, i bluff on two pairs on the turn and river,get big stack.third hand ..god!. 4 of a kind and 3 of them were on the table. i felt my stomach get small and it was most bitter win of my life. everyone pays me and they were talking out loud not caring i hear them (the hate was deep) "ok we all in ,who ever splits the pot we split the prize 50%, i go in,you guys go in?" and they went all to push the chips. I just said "thats not fair guys,its not like i am cheating or smthing..are we strangers?" and showed the cards. was the last time i played that year with them cause after that we had the never ending discussions of "its poker luck or tactics" and i was the black sheep of the group against all of them sustaining that poker is 90% luck and 10% strategy meaning that its all luck when you get a good hand but its strategy when you bluff and know when to bluff.from their point of view was 90% inteligence and 10% luck. yea right.... so i told them " so that means last week i was the most inteligent out of 30 people and you are mad at me now why?cause i am more lucky or cause i am more inteligent as you imply?" and we had some more back and forth on that and thats all. This is a story of what happens when your try to take a sip of the bucket of luck and you raise the bucket so high it all flows on you.the people that waited for their turn now hate you cause there is no more luck for them :). or inteligence *cough*cough*bullshit*cough*.

                                                                          • Dimitri
                                                                            Dimitri  1 days back

                                                                            There is something I don't understand, and I hope someone can answer me that. I don't see any cameras on the poker table or players showing the cards to it. How exactly is the person feeding him information know the cards? Or is it that there is actually cameras and I just can't see them?

                                                                            • Shane Mack
                                                                              Shane Mack  1 days back

                                                                              Doug arent you the pussy who quit poker after losing the main evrnt in 3 hands. Mean while im broke and still play when i can. Stop judging others you fake ass

                                                                              • redicerap
                                                                                redicerap  1 days back

                                                                                i feel like literally everyone missed that epic RAP GOD part of ingram. thats some epic video editing over there!

                                                                                • MitchMitsch
                                                                                  MitchMitsch  1 days back

                                                                                  His phone should be looked at if it is in question.

                                                                                  • mayhem1974
                                                                                    mayhem1974  1 days back

                                                                                    This is why poker is dead

                                                                                    • M F
                                                                                      M F  1 days back

                                                                                      Mike “crystal dick” Postle.

                                                                                      • Brad Lally
                                                                                        Brad Lally  1 days back

                                                                                        Kinda of topic, but am i the only one who doesn't like sunglasses at the table.
                                                                                        I sat down to a table 1 day this one dude was wearing some ugly tinted elton jon glasses. Either he was making some incredibly good folds and bad calls or cheating. It always seemed he knew what i had for high cards, so i switched my game to all 10 or lower and took down a few pots before i left.
                                                                                        I'm convinced somehow he had marked the cards being i asked for a new deck was good for about 20min then madness again. Dude always had a hot coffee and i swear he wasn't drinking them.

                                                                                        • M F
                                                                                          M F  1 days back

                                                                                          Love the finish... “Mike Postle is a GOD!... or he’s NOT!!”

                                                                                          • Brad Lally
                                                                                            Brad Lally  1 days back

                                                                                            With all the jack links pocket cams im starting to agree no electronics at the table. Although i like my music sometimes when playing.
                                                                                            How hard can it be to hack those cameras? The info is being broadcasted somewhere and most poker rooms offer wifi take his phone next time and find out for sure.

                                                                                            • Eric k
                                                                                              Eric k  1 days back

                                                                                              Don’t play live stream then. Fucking simple

                                                                                              • Eric Smyth
                                                                                                Eric Smyth  1 days back

                                                                                                Mike "Every hand has a story" Postle

                                                                                                • SD Allen
                                                                                                  SD Allen  2 days back

                                                                                                  i knocked out the first player in wsop qualifier tourney...he went all in with AA and i Insta called with 5 6 diamonds...flop gave me open ended and flush draw. turn gave me the flush.. knocked out the first player in the tourney. sometimes its easy to know when your opponent has high cards