5 Shiny Pokemon You DON'T Want to Encounter!

  • Published: 28 September 2019
  • Encountering a shiny Pokemon is usually a reason to get excited - but not if you find one of these!

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    ► Usually in Pokemon Games, there is nothing more exciting than finding a shiny Pokemon. Depending on the game that you're playing, you'll have a 1/8192 (Gen5 and Below) or 1/4096 (Gen6 and above) base rate for encountering a shiny Pokemon, making them extremely rare and highly sought after. Some Pokemon you can see on your journey, like the catching tutorial Weedle or Wally's Ralts, can be shiny if the stars align just right - however you WON'T want to encounter these, because you won't be able to catch them! Here are five examples of shiny encounters that would be absolute fails!

    --►Maplestory - Nautilus
    --►Pokemon Black and White - Juinper's Research Lab
    --►Pokemon Black and White - Route 10
    --►Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald - Petalburg City
    --►Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen - Six and Seven Island
    --►Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Eterna Forest
    --►Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - Sinjoh Ruins
    --►Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen - Route 24/Intro
    --►Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee - Wild Pokemon Theme
    --►Maplestory - Beach

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  • PokeTips
    PokeTips   3 weeks back

    Thanks for watching! Have you ever encountered any of these shinies? Which would you hate to run into the most?

    • Z3R0_SP33D
      Z3R0_SP33D  7 hours back

      Back in the day I caught a lvl 120 golbat in red version

    • Sulayman Zaraei
      Sulayman Zaraei  1 days back

      i have a shiny ralts and darkrow

    • Mr Lol
      Mr Lol  2 days back

      When the professors find a Pokémon and it’s the tutorial and they catch

    • Azza297
      Azza297  2 days back

      I've had the shiny starly in diamond

    • LarkManEXE
      LarkManEXE  2 days back

      PokeTips in my first play through of Moon, after I beat the first trial, I found a shiny Diglet. I used all my weakest moves to weaken it, but my Rowlett got a critical hit and fainted it. Fortunately, the first Cubone I found at the volcano was shiny and she stuck with me through the rest.

  • Pixelated_ Smiles
    Pixelated_ Smiles  2 hours back

    Uknown F....

    So, I was playing pokemon emerald and I was being greedy, when I'm about to meet May, I thought that i should train first and the town I just passed through has no pokeballs, and then, I encountered a shiny....


    • just wanderer
      just wanderer  4 hours back

      The only shiny i ever seen and caught was a mudkip. But it was a fanmade game so.. 😅😅

      • Sky Sprice
        Sky Sprice  8 hours back


        • Brettley Williams
          Brettley Williams  9 hours back

          I wanted in my first
          pokemon game pokemon X I ran into a shiny bundleby but I ran out of pokeball

          • DragonSlayer5822
            DragonSlayer5822  9 hours back

            me I've ran into shiny's on my way back from oak at least 3 times

            • RazaFF11
              RazaFF11  11 hours back

              Watched GameboyLuke find the shiny starly while he was doing a nuzlocke vs!

              • Mira55X - Planet Nalzena
                Mira55X - Planet Nalzena  11 hours back

                thats why I get anxious at the beginning of Soul Silver where you have to fetch and deliver the mystery egg... I think SS/HG's worse than FR/LG seeing how you have to go through two routes (which I'd imagine is more grass patch encounters than what you'd have to do in FR/LG)

                • Noah Jones
                  Noah Jones  12 hours back

                  And that.

                  Is why.

                  You always.



                  • Expand Dong
                    Expand Dong  13 hours back

                    Omg the pokemon go thing happened to me too, I ran into a shiny zigzagoon, he was in my house for like 2 hours and I was trying to get pokeballs like craaaazy, but I never got it...

                    • Lily Molina
                      Lily Molina  15 hours back

                      4# I was sooooo lucky because right AFTER I got my pokey balls I ran into a shiny(didn’t catch it sadly but it was fire against grass come on)

                      • Jeopardy
                        Jeopardy  15 hours back

                        The other day my boyfriend was playing Let's Go to try and get a shiny Lapras. So, I decided to jump on my game and try to find one too. I get to the water's edge and start surfing and IMMEDIATELY the first Pokemon I see is none other than a shiny magikarp. And....it ended up running away from me. T.T

                        • Elodie R
                          Elodie R  16 hours back

                          Geodude horde :)

                          • Keith Haymond
                            Keith Haymond  16 hours back

                            I've definitely had the shiny Pidgey encounter happen to me on Leaf Green. I left the game in that battle with a note on my college roommate's desk, asking him to catch it for me. He was ecstatic until he realized I had no pokéballs.

                            • KoopTroop
                              KoopTroop  16 hours back

                              When I was a kid, my sister got ruby and I started it for her and the FIRST time the poochyena came out to attack professor birch, it’s overworld sprite was shiny and I thought something was wrong with the game. Sure enough, it was a Golden poochyena when I fought it with the starter Pokémon :(

                              • TheDarkArtist
                                TheDarkArtist  16 hours back

                                I was doingg the Bug Catcher challenge in Fire Red but then i encountered my first ever shiny.... Which was a Rattata, which meant i couldnt use it

                              • Namelesstucker
                                Namelesstucker  17 hours back

                                I got a shiny geodude that exploded on me.

                                • Andrew Laliberte
                                  Andrew Laliberte  17 hours back

                                  one time in pokemon x i found a shiny tauros but i realized i didnt have any pokeballs... i cried

                                  • Ethan Cobbe-Hoggan
                                    Ethan Cobbe-Hoggan  18 hours back

                                    I remember back in Diamond I only had a lvl 100 torterra going through one of the older routes because I had forgotten a pokemon with fly and a shiny meditite came up. All I could do was run or use earthquake

                                    • Anon 24
                                      Anon 24  18 hours back

                                      The worst shiny to find is when you are in a quest where you have to take someone through a palce like CHerly or the redhaired bastard that literally killed a Shinyweezing i found in pokemon diamond when i was doing his dumb escort mission, i never helped him complete his dumb quest afterwards and this was 10 years ago, he's been waiting to see heatran for 10 years and counting now

                                      • Taylor Gray
                                        Taylor Gray  18 hours back

                                        I was playing and ran into a horde and in that horde was a shiny Zangoose and I accidentally killed it with an attack that hit multiple Pokemon thinking it wouldn't do that much damage to it. It was a sad day.

                                        • X_KD_X KD
                                          X_KD_X KD  19 hours back

                                          The thing is u would want to get eney shiny so... I dont get it

                                          • · Candy ·
                                            · Candy ·  19 hours back

                                            I have shiny sandslash on lvl 100- I think its good 🤔

                                            • Drake Holmes
                                              Drake Holmes  19 hours back

                                              I was playing gen 2 (crystal version) and I was training my team at mt.silver and I encountered a shiny Larvitar. I went to use an ultra ball, but the prompt told me that my PC box was full so I couldn't catch it...

                                              • Shnaga Shnaga
                                                Shnaga Shnaga  19 hours back

                                                If Ralts is in this. No I LOVE Ralts! Ralts was the first Pokémon I worked hard to train!

                                                • Eleonora Pietrobon
                                                  Eleonora Pietrobon  20 hours back

                                                  Fuck. The fourth kinda happend to me. Found a shiny zigzagoon before I got the pokeballs.

                                                  • TheRunawayGirl
                                                    TheRunawayGirl  20 hours back

                                                    Not exactly a Shiny Fail, but I encountered a Shiny Airon in Go not too long ago. Unfortunately... I had a Lairon with WAY better IVs. It's not a bad Airon though, so maybe I'll evolve it.

                                                    • moonshadow steelshard
                                                      moonshadow steelshard  23 hours back

                                                      I was playing pokemon and I ran into a shiny golbat I not a singly pokeboll left

                                                      • ilivetofly X
                                                        ilivetofly X  1 days back

                                                        Oh great mention for the perish song singing shiny

                                                        • ilivetofly X
                                                          ilivetofly X  1 days back

                                                          I got a shiny rattatta in gen 2 with no pokeballs yet... I wanted to strangle someone

                                                          • ThisMarak
                                                            ThisMarak  1 days back

                                                            you choose Squirtle or Bulbasaur because Charmander is U S E L E S S in Kanto. Idiots.

                                                          • Emparin
                                                            Emparin  1 days back

                                                            Play the lottery jajaaj

                                                            • Romeo Maione
                                                              Romeo Maione  1 days back

                                                              ohh man.. i got that moment, that i had not any pokeballs with...

                                                              the encounter was my first shiny all the time..
                                                              it was such an sad moment for me xD

                                                              • -EM-
                                                                -EM-  1 days back

                                                                I once have encountered your shinny mom.

                                                                • Black Cat
                                                                  Black Cat  1 days back

                                                                  the zigzagoon wally sends out can be shiny too

                                                                  • mysterious critic
                                                                    mysterious critic  1 days back

                                                                    Shiny is just glitch kill such Pokemon as soon as possible.

                                                                    • Stephen Stern
                                                                      Stephen Stern  1 days back

                                                                      Me: what y would u not want to

                                                                      • Spencer Mccauley
                                                                        Spencer Mccauley  1 days back


                                                                        • platinumfirefox
                                                                          platinumfirefox  1 days back

                                                                          Pigey made me cry

                                                                          • AlexBale
                                                                            AlexBale  1 days back

                                                                            Thumb down because why would I put a thumb up when you insult Bulbasaur?

                                                                            • Riku Courtier
                                                                              Riku Courtier  1 days back

                                                                              At least 3 of these scenarios have happened to me and I was so mad every time!

                                                                              1. I was playing a randomizer of Platinum and I was in the forest woth the girl and I ran into a shiny. And, before I could knock out the girl's pokemon, her pokemon killed it.

                                                                              2. A randomizer of Firered. I was level grinding my starter before getting pokeballs and ran into a shiny Delcatty.

                                                                              3. Rival got a shiny pokemon

                                                                              • EmperorFace
                                                                                EmperorFace  1 days back

                                                                                no. 4 happened to mean the last patch of grass near pallet town. I got a shiny rattata.

                                                                                • paras timilsina
                                                                                  paras timilsina  1 days back

                                                                                  My first game was Pokemon alpha sapphire,but for some f*ck reason I randomized the game but kept the shiny chance still as usual and the first shiny I have seen in person was shiny ralts caught by Wally
                                                                                  I was playing in Citra emulator, I was so infuriated I literally didn't open my laptop for more than 2 weeks
                                                                                  God! Now I get sick Everytime I hear about f*king Ralts

                                                                                  • TheHiddenSpork
                                                                                    TheHiddenSpork  1 days back

                                                                                    That last one actually happened to a friend of mine. He was almost to Mr. Pokémon in Gen 2 and ran into a shiny HootHoot and had to run due to not having any poke balls... So heartbreaking lol

                                                                                    • Vampyre Bassist
                                                                                      Vampyre Bassist  1 days back

                                                                                      I played the Battle Tower or whatever it was in Sapphire and the opposing trainer had a shiny Espeon... that was the first shiny I had seen in probably 5 years since I played Crystal as a kid...

                                                                                      • DragonRaider7567
                                                                                        DragonRaider7567  1 days back

                                                                                        I recently caught my first 2 shinys in pokemon omega ruby

                                                                                        I was wanting a Milotic on my team for this play through when I find a video that tells me that not only can I go somewhere for a 100% chance of finding a feebas but I can fish there for a shiny and get one in around a hour and thus started the hunt for my very FIRST shiny and when I saw that purple feebas oh it did not look good but I knew what shiny Milotic looked like and I knew it was going to be awesome but it was male but I just kept going after catching it and another appeared and now I can say I played through the game with a shiny

                                                                                        The moment I found the shiny after a hour of work was sooooooooooo rewarding and I can't wait for pokemon sword and shield

                                                                                        • Magic Community
                                                                                          Magic Community  1 days back

                                                                                          this one time I caught a shinny pokemon right before the legendary and I had to catch it so I couldn't catch the legendary pokemon

                                                                                          • Blade Arklight
                                                                                            Blade Arklight  1 days back

                                                                                            I see people talking about shiny Abra. If I were to ever hunt for one, I'd put Wobbuffet in front. Pretty sure Teleport won't work against Shadow tag.