Game Theory: I Lost EVERY Game of Magic... So You Don't Have To! (Magic The Gathering)


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  • Fgbgob
    Fgbgob  3 weeks back

    God I really needed this, I’m trying to get into magic but didn’t know how to play. BIG THANK!

    • The Legend-501st
      The Legend-501st  5 days back

      Fgbgob watch tolarian community college he explains pretty well

    • Willy Wiksaas
      Willy Wiksaas  5 days back


    • Lumi
      Lumi  1 weeks back

      @Kevin Wilson No it doesn't. Any F2P player can build any deck someone else paid for. The rate of acquisition means absolutely nothing. That in-and-of-itself precludes it from being P2W, as you literally do not NEED to pay anything to win. It is pay-to-skip-the-grind.

    • drfunk burger
      drfunk burger  2 weeks back

      I would really really highly recommend trying commander. It is more casual aaaaand the pre constructed decks you can buy from wizards of the coast are legitimately playable decks. :) GLHF

    • Skylop 13
      Skylop 13  2 weeks back

      You are special. Aw.

  • N
    N  19 minutes back

    But can being good at magic the gathering , make me suck less in math ?

    • KylisticGaming
      KylisticGaming  39 minutes back

      I wish Odd1sOut is watching this, just to reclaim his childhood XXD

      • Michael Moreno
        Michael Moreno  2 hours back

        Good game

        • Mikel Hakes
          Mikel Hakes  2 hours back

          3 main decks?

          • Daniel Nichols
            Daniel Nichols  5 hours back

            i want that "strategy" card to be real so bad.

            • Sophia Zimmermann
              Sophia Zimmermann  5 hours back

              Next card video, "I lost every Yu-Gi-Oh game so you don't have to"

              • Jesse Smith
                Jesse Smith  6 hours back

                Magic is easy, just draw what you want.

                • Firestar1992
                  Firestar1992  6 hours back

                  My favorite deck type is black/white life gain.

                  • Toby Rainey
                    Toby Rainey  6 hours back

                    Oh boy it's wizard card time

                    • Randomesque
                      Randomesque  10 hours back

                      52! Is equal to... drum roll please... over 800 unvigintillion possibilities. If you multiplied that by 12.4 billion then you would get the amount of atoms in the universe.
                      Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

                      • Declan Griffin
                        Declan Griffin  12 hours back

                        Why the heck would I want to play Magic for free when I'm already playing the greatest free game in history?? Fortnite is infinitely cooler than Magic (I'm more of a Yu-Gi-Oh player anyway when it comes to card games), so why bother? Fortnite Chapter 2 just dropped today, and I haven't seen a better game ever. It's literally the greatest thing that's ever happened!!

                        • Jesse Smith
                          Jesse Smith  5 hours back

                          Possibly because paying fortnite and magic aren't exclusive?

                      • CrazyBeat Carnival
                        CrazyBeat Carnival  19 hours back

                        I find it interesting how little this applies to commander AKA the best format.

                        • Patrick Irwin
                          Patrick Irwin  20 hours back

                          You forgot the 4th group of the metagame... combo decks. That takes chance to a whole new level.

                          • ツMidget
                            ツMidget  20 hours back

                            How do I win in Pokemon Trading Cards

                            • Jeffrey Li
                              Jeffrey Li  21 hours back

                              can you please do a yugioh one thank you!

                              • Holy Wasser
                                Holy Wasser  23 hours back

                                I never knew you played magic, I've played magic for years with my friends. We play usually with the standard, commander, or brawl format.

                                • Scott Spurlock
                                  Scott Spurlock  23 hours back

                                  If you ever want someone to help you get better i know a guy!

                                  • Andres Jaimes
                                    Andres Jaimes  1 days back

                                    If you actually make me a better player I will subscribe to your channel

                                    • Jose Wolmart
                                      Jose Wolmart  1 days back

                                      Hmmmm that's not Magic, that's Yu-Gi-Oh

                                      • CallMeh Kate
                                        CallMeh Kate  1 days back

                                        Time to scan the vid, he has the arg merch on

                                        • Robert R
                                          Robert R  1 days back

                                          so me running to the bathroom makes me an ultimate strategist

                                          • line heart
                                            line heart  1 days back

                                            This man should play tron, he sounds like a tron type of guy

                                            • Evan W.
                                              Evan W.  1 days back

                                              playing cantrips and other deck thinning tools with significantly help your odds of drawing when it comes to standard you have the most clear example Opt. But when it comes to modern and other eternal formats you can make that 60 card deck more like 30... 8 fetches 16 cantrips already down 24 cards

                                              • Lots of Dads
                                                Lots of Dads  1 days back

                                                Man WotC is really sponsoring every video out there right now... their game isnt great though.

                                                I'd suggest heading over to a channel called DesolatorMagic to see the dark side of Magic Arena. Or my channel for a review on the game as well.

                                                It's not as good as they're paying people to say it is.

                                                • Jesse Smith
                                                  Jesse Smith  5 hours back

                                                  DesolatorMagic is literally the dumbest magic youtuber in existence.

                                              • Chance Carlson
                                                Chance Carlson  1 days back

                                                Matt making this video: "I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess"

                                                • DR.Bright
                                                  DR.Bright  2 days back

                                                  wanna beat Jason? play mono red burn, it's basically unbeatable in the current meta

                                                  • Top Silver
                                                    Top Silver  2 days back

                                                    Based on experience, the only way you'll learn to play magic is to play the game. No strategy guide/video can prepare you.

                                                    • Leopold Espinoza
                                                      Leopold Espinoza  2 days back

                                                      Here’s a game theory question... what is GrandBoo Bear’s name origin!?!?

                                                      • Cake Gaming
                                                        Cake Gaming  2 days back

                                                        If you’d mix it with 10 different deck of cards including uno, Pokémon, and normal playing cards then it would be more believable cuz it’s a chance that has the same amount as in getting a mew from under that abandoned truck

                                                        • Michael Pacella
                                                          Michael Pacella  2 days back

                                                          Hate to be that guy but at 9:17 3.0x10^23 atoms in the universe is way off. That’s only the number of atoms in a couple of grams (or 1 mole) of most elements.

                                                          • bobatron sloshy
                                                            bobatron sloshy  2 days back

                                                            I'd love to see matpat play against a unhinged deck

                                                            • Random Girl On YT
                                                              Random Girl On YT  2 days back

                                                              I learned how to play magic the gathering when i was 10.(3 years ago.) I would usually win :)! My family are like masters!

                                                              • Ashton Moore
                                                                Ashton Moore  2 days back

                                                                Ew he mills

                                                                • Turtle
                                                                  Turtle  2 days back

                                                                  Love the new intro <3

                                                                  • SunTube
                                                                    SunTube  2 days back

                                                                    who got a "magic the gathering arena" ad in the middle of video

                                                                    • deadbolt Yates
                                                                      deadbolt Yates  2 days back

                                                                      Do you mean flying car

                                                                      • Autumn Fox
                                                                        Autumn Fox  2 days back

                                                                        Jason's laugh though. XD

                                                                        • Lord Lantern
                                                                          Lord Lantern  2 days back

                                                                          I'd like to see him play the joke cards or the un- sets

                                                                          • Lily Hanson
                                                                            Lily Hanson  2 days back

                                                                            Amy, you NEED to beat Jason at Magic The Gathering!!!!

                                                                            • johny cash
                                                                              johny cash  2 days back

                                                                              Teache rulles...

                                                                              • Arne Steenbrugge
                                                                                Arne Steenbrugge  3 days back

                                                                                what game is he playing at 4:15 ?

                                                                                • Lee The Caesar
                                                                                  Lee The Caesar  3 days back

                                                                                  what's the yellow bit of the symbol in the intro?

                                                                                  • brighty2007
                                                                                    brighty2007  3 days back

                                                                                    I don’t have playing cards but I do have tarot cards

                                                                                    • Simon de Zeeuw
                                                                                      Simon de Zeeuw  3 days back


                                                                                      Did that dude just tap Smothering Tithe?

                                                                                      • VJTheHandsome
                                                                                        VJTheHandsome  3 days back

                                                                                        this is moneyball but with MAGIC THE GATHERING

                                                                                        • Zanar Naryon
                                                                                          Zanar Naryon  3 days back

                                                                                          My favorite matches are when you and the opponent have almost the same cards. While it means that the victory is based almost solely on luck, it's a lot of fun playing for round after round, each player countering the other using their own moves

                                                                                          • Laza Veselinovic
                                                                                            Laza Veselinovic  4 days back

                                                                                            Have you pley pockemon it for Wizasde me have looooot of dane XD.And can you plye it on PC?