Justin Thomas Hole-In-One


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  • Porsche911luv
    Porsche911luv  3 months back

    Michael Phelps in the pink shirt in the gallery.

    • Juan Nuñez
      Juan Nuñez  5 months back

      jajaja lo logro que capo

      • John Lewis
        John Lewis  5 months back

        Love how the other golfers are giving him high fives. Love the sportsmanship.

        • Blake X
          Blake X  7 months back

          St. X in the house

          • Abdullah Chil
            Abdullah Chil  7 months back

            Been playing for a while. Best result for me was getting an eagle on my hardest hole of the course. Would love to get a hole in one, ideally in competition but even if no one else was there to witness it.

            • Liam Nash
              Liam Nash  5 months back

              Abdullah Chil yeah man! You too mate!!

            • Abdullah Chil
              Abdullah Chil  5 months back

              @Liam Nash Mate!!! Keep plugging away man, nearly there!!.

            • Liam Nash
              Liam Nash  5 months back

              Abdullah Chil would be pretty cool just to get one. I was a foot short last Saturday on the first hole.

          • Dude Man
            Dude Man  7 months back

            So cool. I’m glad Jessie Pinkman got a fresh start in golf. 👍🏻

            • Dude Man
              Dude Man  6 months back

              Look harder and closer and better

            • Eric Forsyth
              Eric Forsyth  6 months back

              They look nothing alike?

          • Conor Dunne
            Conor Dunne  7 months back

            Mickelson drives to within inches of the cup...

            JT: ‘Phil, hold my beer’

            • Craig Olson
              Craig Olson  7 months back

              The hole in one that almost everyone has forgotten about with Tiger overshadowing.

              • Rob
                Rob  7 months back

                I love how Rahm and Mickelson are both happy for the guy even thought they're technically competing.

                • /弥勒ちゃん:as:M6K/
                  /弥勒ちゃん:as:M6K/  7 months back

                  why views count(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

                  • soumia sineesh
                    soumia sineesh  7 months back


                    • Steven Goden
                      Steven Goden  7 months back

                      Roll Tide!

                      • Y S
                        Y S  7 months back

                        No homosexuals please

                        • Nedmac05
                          Nedmac05  7 months back

                          Tiger woods has won!!!

                          • Darryl Maddox
                            Darryl Maddox  7 months back

                            Wins a rarrir