Career Mode is BROKEN | Master FIFA skill moves: GameTime Episode 3


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  • Garry Lewis
    Garry Lewis  1 months back

    9:20 wow after all that screaming he gets the worst spin lmao

    • Vusi Nyembe
      Vusi Nyembe  1 months back

      Ochochino doesnt know Fifa humbles you😂😂

      • Judy Chen
        Judy Chen  2 months back


        • Otenus
          Otenus  2 months back

          In player career mode I now cant dribble at all, since I got more stars than 5 star dribbling and went to 0...

          • Zed
            Zed  1 months back

            Same man shit sucks

          • ANGEL X
            ANGEL X  1 months back

            Bro also me hot to fix it

        • Thando Mntungwa
          Thando Mntungwa  2 months back

          WTF what happened to the cartoon

          • Jacob Tran
            Jacob Tran  2 months back

            Am I the only one who can’t do skill moves in career mode?

            • emeraldDJ603
              emeraldDJ603  3 weeks back

              Yes same it’s son annoying

            • CEWIIH
              CEWIIH  4 weeks back

              Skill moves are useless against AI. The ONLY one that works is the back then forward on the right stick move (whatever it's called, kinda like a running chop lol), and that's only cos it tends to glitch the AI into not tackling you!

            • Mr3Nice1Guy9
              Mr3Nice1Guy9  4 weeks back

              Its a bug when you have 5 stars and unlock the +1 star accomplishment you get 0 stars for some reason, EA dont give a shit ofc, busy collecting FUT money

            • Cheseya Tlhaka
              Cheseya Tlhaka  1 months back

              This game is shit

            • Docaneata
              Docaneata  1 months back

              @LemonB Yes, I just got it

          • RP GAMING
            RP GAMING  2 months back

            Damn i guess i got lucky my shit working fine

            • RP GAMING
              RP GAMING  3 weeks back

              @Kid_Dreamz 1 im on year 2021 and it's still working fine lol

            • Kid_Dreamz 1
              Kid_Dreamz 1  3 weeks back

              Whats season are you on in career mode ? Mine stopped working at the start of the second season. Seems like a lot of poeple are having this problem including myself .

          • WorldChampInfinity
            WorldChampInfinity  2 months back

            I only play career mode. It's stagnant. I've been playing FIFA for over ten years. Not buying it this year. Don't care about FUT.

            • CEWIIH
              CEWIIH  4 weeks back

              Enjoying career mode now..? lol

          • the GOAT
            the GOAT  2 months back

            Who is ocho Cinco?

            • Yeetus Deletus
              Yeetus Deletus  2 months back

              I thought it was BR football gay time

              • FCU Gaming
                FCU Gaming  2 months back

                Always a good video from ChuBoi

                • SyN PaNdA
                  SyN PaNdA  2 months back

                  I can’t believe u mastered that crap In a few hrs

                  • SyN PaNdA
                    SyN PaNdA  2 months back

                    I luv BS and u just gave me my BR of the day...

                    • generation y
                      generation y  2 months back


                      • SyN PaNdA
                        SyN PaNdA  2 months back

                        First Jk

                        • James Leivers
                          James Leivers  2 months back

                          Wow, views

                          • Jozek Grzywna
                            Jozek Grzywna  2 months back