Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look


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  • David Barnes
    David Barnes  4 hours back


    • Jaramillo Lugo
      Jaramillo Lugo  7 hours back

      The "orange master baker", who does it day and night stroking his ego to make himself feel better, will finally turn blind! At 5:30 on A Closer Look! Impeach!

      • Imakemovies Actor
        Imakemovies Actor  7 hours back

        Hahhahahah! Idiots!! No impeachment inquiry after all!! ! Hahahhahahhahahhahahah!!!!

        • Cynth Wise
          Cynth Wise  8 hours back

          This is wht happens when you hire a used car salesman to do brain surgery....never be able to fake it enough.

          • Hoodoo Man
            Hoodoo Man  8 hours back

            We have a joke as President and a joke of the morons that voted for him. I suggest we round them up for extermination. And reduce the surplus population of the brain washed. We desperately need a population of reason.

            • Hoodoo Man
              Hoodoo Man  8 hours back

              We have a joke as President and a joke of the morons that voted for him. I suggest we round them up for extermination. And reduce the surplus population of the brain washed. We desperately need a population of reason.

              • Cyber Ghost
                Cyber Ghost  9 hours back

                Man his Jerry Seinfeld is teeeeerrible.

                • Nelo Angelo
                  Nelo Angelo  11 hours back

                  complete crap this video, Trump is the best president in the world

                  • The world is yours
                    The world is yours  11 hours back

                    If Obama had did any of the nonsense that Trump has done. Obama would have been kicked out long time ago out of office.
                    They wanted to Pitchfork him because he wasn't wearing a jacket in the Oval Office

                    • firewflame
                      firewflame  12 hours back

                      Congress didn't vote and Nancy Pelosi can't speak for congress without one.

                      • Amanda Bell
                        Amanda Bell  15 hours back

                        So the rule changing will do what, save the Constitution from itself?

                        • Wyatt Derp
                          Wyatt Derp  16 hours back

                          I don't understand how someone who snorts adderall all the time can have such a terrible attention span. 60mg is enough for me to be able to read through the entire US Constitution plus the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Magna Carta - and then after lunch I can spend a few hours playing video games. Trump's brain must be made out of spaghetti sauce or something.

                          • David Renton
                            David Renton  17 hours back

                            Trump isn't the problem. The only difference between Trump and the rest of the criminals in DC is that he says out loud, in front of crowds, what the rest of them only say to each other in private.

                            • Ameri Color
                              Ameri Color  18 hours back

                              Video is 100% bullshit. The process Adam Schiff is concocting is NOT what the Constitution requires!! The TRUTH is, The Democrats:
                              1) Refuse to hold an OPEN inquiry - because they don't want us to see the corruption they're committing behind closed doors.
                              2) They refuse to allow President Trump to DEFEND HIMSELF - or even have Legal Representation.
                              3) No Republicans are permitted in the room - INCLUDING members of INTEL (whom Adam Shiff EJECTED).
                              4) They won't allow cross-examination of their so-called Whistle-Blower. NOW they say he doesn't even need to show up to testify.
                              5) They refuse to hold the required Floor Vote which opens the door to Trump being able to subpoena EVIDENCE and witnesses.

                              The DEMS operating this outrageous sham are the ones who think they're above the Law, and the suckup in the video is one of their Useful Idiots.
                              This Kangaroo Court is the greatest abuse of power in U. S. history. I don't blame Trump one bit for telling them to go to Hell. There is absolutely NO PRECEDENT for their circumventing the Rules of Impeachment! The Democrats are at war with America. What these anti-American, anti-Constitution Little Hitlers are doing to President Trump - they will gladly do to Private Citizens.

                              • Sandra S
                                Sandra S  19 hours back

                                Remember the Republicans enablers are responsible for Trump! Vote blue to save Democracy!

                                • Michael Murphy
                                  Michael Murphy  19 hours back

                                  Trump's nonexistent attention span. God help us all.

                                  • Terrance Fields
                                    Terrance Fields  21 hours back

                                    This so-called talk show host is not above the toilet bowl.

                                    • David Renton
                                      David Renton  17 hours back

                                      Terrance Fields - We Americans are all above the toilet bowl, and watching as this turd called president goes down.

                                  • richardvilseck
                                    richardvilseck  23 hours back

                                    But he hasn’t banned assault rifles. Isn’t that what the constitution is about? The right of misanthropic young white men to have the possibility of taking out their sexual frustrations on others with military grade weapons?

                                    • sargonsrobot2
                                      sargonsrobot2  23 hours back

                                      A big fat bottom rating a top...

                                      • Daisy
                                        Daisy  24 hours back

                                        "...Master Baker..." 😂

                                        • elbillaf
                                          elbillaf  1 days back

                                          Fun fact: Donald Trump has read the US Constitution the exact same number of times as Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan.

                                          • 65wiseman
                                            65wiseman  1 days back

                                            Donald needs a new hair and makeup person. Anyway, he sounds like a fifth grade bully with a learning disorder.

                                            • Ryan Quintana
                                              Ryan Quintana  1 days back

                                              The 2nd amendment is infringed upon and leftists are trying to undermine the 1st amendment because people are offended that they want their preferred method of genital rubbing (sexual orientation) protected over religion and also pass redflag laws that undermine due process and property seizures clauses

                                              • weadone
                                                weadone  1 days back

                                                Ha ha ha , dumb fucks. You have no understanding of your constitution.

                                                • michael davis
                                                  michael davis  1 days back

                                                  so what you dont like trump ... no one that matters cares what you think about him ... you actually dont matter ... and if you think you do , well that is a problem ... your problem ... and do you think trump cares what you think? .... he is playing a game with you ... and he has already and always will win ... when you think he is bothered , thats cause he wants you to ... if he is silent , he is going to put together a plan to beat you ... either way , you will only make him stronger .... a concept pea brains dont understand and never will .... you operate on emotions . wild out of control hysterical emotions , the downfall of gays and lesbians is their uncontrollable emotions ...... as with haters and racists .... so there are only a certain group that is in control of everything you do ... and they know how to make you dance like a puppet til you self destruct .... you really dont matter even if you think you do .... ya dont!

                                                  • freedom1234573
                                                    freedom1234573  1 days back

                                                    A big time master baker! #besuretothankaconservative

                                                    • Glenn Welsh
                                                      Glenn Welsh  1 days back

                                                      Trump talks about "bringing back the Constitution" and Article 2 because he hasn't actually read the Constitution and is hedging his bet that most average Americans haven't read the Constitution either. And he's right in that regard, because most people haven't read the Constitution and only likely know the 1st and 2nd Amendments because those are the two that come up the most in the news. Good luck getting a correct answer if you stop anyone on the street and ask them to even tell you what the 13th Amendment is. And knowing this, Trump just blurts out abbreviated elements of the Constitution that seem to benefit him or downright falsehoods about it, knowing that most people will just assume he's right and not bother to actually check the Constitution.

                                                      • EquestAnton
                                                        EquestAnton  1 days back

                                                        Catalina would have to out of her mind to get involved with an American in the first place.

                                                        • Purple Flame Tarot
                                                          Purple Flame Tarot  1 days back

                                                          It was reported that during a security briefing, he got up and walked down the hall, just sat down to watch fox, as if they weren't talking to him and it didn't concern him. Scary like dementia.

                                                          • T Davis
                                                            T Davis  1 days back

                                                            No, I'm a democrat and see just the opposite. I've have seen them ride
                                                            this guy until I was like "Yo this is on purpose? Every chance they get they
                                                            want to blame this dude for this or that, I saw it for myself and was really shocked!
                                                            They want the guns out of the hands of its law abiding citizens. Trump doesn't believe that as
                                                            far as I know does he? He wants to make sure that not just any and everyone can get into the country
                                                            illegally. What's so wrong with that? I mean I feel for them I really do, but let's be reasonable here, we can't just
                                                            let everybody in. I know innocent men women and children are stuck in the middle and that's what so sad, but we gotta
                                                            have enough for our own. There are many other things that sound right to me coming from him and people are
                                                            just ...blind to it? I'm gona have to rethink the Party I belong too lol! Or just not vote at all how about that. They're all liars
                                                            anyway. I bet they all have lunch together when the camera's are off, so why should I even care? The whole thing is confusing!

                                                            • Mark S
                                                              Mark S  1 days back

                                                              I suggest you fucking read it!!

                                                              • Brian Woolery
                                                                Brian Woolery  1 days back

                                                                Here is the big secret. Even the most avid Trump supporter knows how he is a complete idiot. They know it like they know their name. His kids, his wife , his friends, his supporters, they all know. They would never say it to his face but this is why he is such a huge narcissist. It’s because every day he looks in the mirror and hates what he sees. His narcissism is his way of suppressing his greatest fear. The fear that he is a complete loser. No matter what he accomplishes he will always be a loser in his own mind. To ever show any bit of what he actually feels would be letting someone into his fragile world full of self loathing and his failures as a father, a husband, a son, and as a man.

                                                                • Davication
                                                                  Davication  1 days back

                                                                  But good try though with making a reasonable argument. Next time sticking with the Trump impressions would be the best for you.

                                                                  • Davication
                                                                    Davication  1 days back

                                                                    That's a pretty good Trump impression, you made me laugh with that golf joke.

                                                                    • Davication
                                                                      Davication  1 days back

                                                                      These quotes are taken out of context, when he says that the impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional he means the reasons for the impeachment Inquiry, not that it is unconstitutional to impeach a president.

                                                                      • Thecanadiancatlady
                                                                        Thecanadiancatlady  1 days back

                                                                        Oh I thought this was a new one, why does Seth seem to have so many reruns, I find him and Colbert both are off alot..and I need my dose of both every night. lol

                                                                        • tipperary links
                                                                          tipperary links  1 days back

                                                                          America fighting upstream to regain its integry, battling not only GOP swampthings but Mother Russia and Chinese hacking of media. That hacking with false info fed hook, line and sinker to Trump's followers, is another battle.

                                                                          • Heather Bryan
                                                                            Heather Bryan  1 days back

                                                                            give it up your TV show sucks .anyway Politics isn't funny I guess your show isn't either. I wish comedians would learn that it would be nice to hear funny light things and no more politics. People know that you guys in Hollywood live a very sheltered idiotic no morals scummy lifestyle you're the last one that I would be listening to for my political advice.

                                                                            • Rosemarie Wright
                                                                              Rosemarie Wright  1 days back

                                                                              All this fishing around the constitution means he's a master baiter.

                                                                              • Turkey Bowlwinkle
                                                                                Turkey Bowlwinkle  1 days back

                                                                                I heard you can go blind masterbaking.

                                                                                • bowlburners
                                                                                  bowlburners  2 days back

                                                                                  Article 2 says the Pres cannot recruit commies to dig up dirt on american citizens.

                                                                                  • Jason McAdams
                                                                                    Jason McAdams  2 days back

                                                                                    You know what? Forget impeachment. How about this: if Trump can pass a high school US government class final exam, he can stay as president.

                                                                                    • Bruce Smith
                                                                                      Bruce Smith  2 days back

                                                                                      Ironic because don't believe in the constitution. They don't believe in 1) due process 2) gun rights 3) electoral college 4) state rights 5) freedom of speech for conservatives 6) right privacy with legal warrants for search and listening in

                                                                                      • Bruce Smith
                                                                                        Bruce Smith  2 days back

                                                                                        Trump is following Constitution exactly. House dems have completely rewritten their powers. If they win the presidency in 2020 they will put in another dictator like Obama and he will rule for his lifetime

                                                                                        • A. Lerner
                                                                                          A. Lerner  2 days back

                                                                                          forget impeachment... lynch the whole corrupt bunch and save ten's if not hundred's of millions....
                                                                                          BTW this crook is planning to put another TRILLION bucks on the country's credit card giving tax breaks to the needy and poor bilionaires that supprt him with contributions... that is the MOST CORRUPT THING ABOUT MODERN AMERICA... THE DELUSION OF DEMOCRACY... BY THE RICH,FOR THE RICH, BY THE RICH... AND THE POOR GET POORER... AND ARE GIVEN A DREAM... TURNING INTO A NIGHTMARE SOON !!!

                                                                                          • Nina Azule
                                                                                            Nina Azule  2 days back

                                                                                            Maybe we should make the Consitution into a pop-up book, so Chump can understand it!

                                                                                            • KCs Funhouse
                                                                                              KCs Funhouse  2 days back

                                                                                              I want to know how he got a lawyer to write a letter stating that impeachment was unconstitutional.

                                                                                              • Tim Evans
                                                                                                Tim Evans  2 days back

                                                                                                Where is the Lone Ranger when America needs him?