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  • Josh Galvan
    Josh Galvan  3 weeks back

    I like Mason Rudolph

    • James Hartman
      James Hartman  3 weeks back

      *Chase Daniel

      • immasoxfanbaby
        immasoxfanbaby  3 weeks back

        This why the bears need a 3 back up that's good.

        • Damian joseph
          Damian joseph  3 weeks back

          As a bears fan Chase Daniel scares me. I wish we could offer Kaepernick his contract.

          • Ian Jones
            Ian Jones  4 weeks back

            Giants have a good back up and I'm not even talking about Jones.

            • SauceBae
              SauceBae  4 weeks back

              My team. The fucking Packers! Kizer is the worst of all time!

              • Bakari Finley
                Bakari Finley  4 weeks back

                Chase Daniels to slow and he like a kid back there.

                • Sadiq Hough
                  Sadiq Hough  4 weeks back

                  You ever notice the ONLY time Chicago teams get press coverage, is when there is negative news to report?!?

                • Dillavedder X
                  Dillavedder X  4 weeks back

                  Chase "The Mannequin" Daniel is a Trash Bag ! He may know Nagy's system... BUT HE CAN'T EXECUTE IT! he's lost looking for corners in a round room! Please take him to the curb! 👊🐻👇

                  • Cortez
                    Cortez  4 weeks back

                    You know it. Chase Daniel SUCKS.

                    • Syko
                      Syko  4 weeks back

                      Cortez Wright at this point, I’d say give the job to Bray.

                  • Bo Joe74
                    Bo Joe74  4 weeks back

                    Chase Daniels is 🗑️🗑️🗑️ man frfr he's showing them he's not good preseason or not he's bad. The highest paid Backup in the NFL please

                    • TubeFire
                      TubeFire  4 weeks back

                      More Phil and Chris. Awesome.

                      • Andrew Rygiec
                        Andrew Rygiec  4 weeks back

                        Colts don't need a backup quarterback they need a quarterback sorry luck

                        • James Hollister
                          James Hollister  4 weeks back


                          • n!x theobserver
                            n!x theobserver  4 weeks back

                            @Ian Jones He isn't one of the worst Backups in the nfl lol what are u smoking

                          • Ian Jones
                            Ian Jones  4 weeks back

                            @n!x theobserver that isn't goid

                          • n!x theobserver
                            n!x theobserver  4 weeks back

                            The eagles Backup is Josh McCown wtf are u talking about

                          • Antonio Caballero
                            Antonio Caballero  4 weeks back

                            RG3 is the ravens best QB. Wtf are you talking about

                        • D.J. ENCORE !
                          D.J. ENCORE !  4 weeks back

                          ( THE SOUND THAT'S MADE ON FAMILY FEUD WHEN YOU GET AN X ! ).
                          HE SAID, chase daniels is going to be great in the preseason.
                          BOY WAS HE WRONG !
                          chase daniels IS THE WORST BACK-UP EVER ! THIS GUY IS HORRIBLE ! AND I'M
                          A BEARS FAN. TRUBISKY GOES DOWN..... SO GOES THE BEARS !
                          Well, let me take that back.
                          The 3rd string q.b. just snapped out last nite. We may have hope.
                          But daniels.... RID THIS GUY
                          IMMEDIATELY !

                          • Travis
                            Travis  4 weeks back

                            Oakland has the best defensive quarterback in the country as their #3.

                            • Joe Anderson
                              Joe Anderson  4 weeks back

                              Bears??? Bears doesn't have a starter QB.....😂

                              • Bakari Finley
                                Bakari Finley  4 weeks back

                                No the bears have a Superbowl QB man.

                              • Will Alvarez
                                Will Alvarez  4 weeks back

                                When someone mentions "0"...i think of how many wins the Vikings had against the Bears last year.... ;)

                              • big clinton
                                big clinton  4 weeks back

                                Smoking jay

                              • ImNova
                                ImNova  4 weeks back

                                @Joe Anderson ok?

                              • Joe Anderson
                                Joe Anderson  4 weeks back

                                @ImNova when someone mention BEARS... I smirk... 😂

                            • Cornelius Squalls
                              Cornelius Squalls  4 weeks back

                              Are there anymore Josh McCown's out there because we could sure use one? Go bears!

                              • drummer craze
                                drummer craze  4 weeks back

                                I wish we still had Matt Barkley as a backup

                            • Cory Hough
                              Cory Hough  4 weeks back

                              Carolina panthers!!!!!

                              • Fish N Chips
                                Fish N Chips  4 weeks back

                                Da bears. And yeah chase Daniel is terrible. Not sure how he’s lasted this long in NFL.

                                • troy smith
                                  troy smith  4 weeks back

                                  I don't even know he was still in the league if your starter goes down game over if hes your back up qb

                                • Fish N Chips
                                  Fish N Chips  4 weeks back

                                  Yes very true. They don’t have to cut him but atleast give Tyler bray the backup QB position.

                                • Michael Oesterle
                                  Michael Oesterle  4 weeks back

                                  Agree. I think Iwould rather see the the 3rd string qb, Bray, than Daniel should Trubisky go down. Daniel can't move at all, can't feel the rush, and has terrible accuracy, at least what he's shown this pre-season. The Bears are the real deal, though they don't get a lot of respect nationally. But backup qb is a real probem and maybe that's part of the reason.

                              • kill em with KINDNESS
                                kill em with KINDNESS  4 weeks back

                                Chase has been terrible in preseason. Smh

                                • Monica M
                                  Monica M  4 weeks back

                                  Man I pray to God Mitch stays healthy 🙏 ! Because Chase Daniels is Hot 🔥 Garbage !!

                                  • Jonathan Hill
                                    Jonathan Hill  2 weeks back

                                    He's got a ring as a third stringer and lead Missouri to back to back big 12 championship games but never got a real chance

                                  • A F
                                    A F  4 weeks back

                                    @uptownla5o4 Seriously? It's a football convo and you jump in with "you're pretty"? My god! Get out of the house more.

                                  • zooie z
                                    zooie z  4 weeks back

                                    what we need is a solid #2. keep Chase around so he can teach the incoming QB the Nagy system. after that you don't need him..

                                  • Mac Beavers
                                    Mac Beavers  4 weeks back

                                    Green Bay's Offensive Line coach did a great job the last few years????!!

                                  • Soul Thompson
                                    Soul Thompson  4 weeks back


                                • GoldenSnorlax
                                  GoldenSnorlax  4 weeks back

                                  The Steelers have Mason Rudolph and the UDFA Devlin Hodges both looking better then Dobbs. They’re both young, but really underrated!!

                                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                                    Jeff Cavanaugh  3 weeks back

                                    K W oh I know this dude was blind, just tried helping him out lol. His original argument has absolutely no weight to it, was just trying to sound smart I guess.

                                  • K W
                                    K W  3 weeks back

                                    Jeff Cavanaugh Mason Rudolph is a good player he doesn’t know what he saying bro. I am a bit biased because I really like Rudolph but don’t listen to this dude he hasn’t seen Rudolph play so far obviously I mean he was going to be the Bills first rounder if not for Josh Allen.

                                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                                    Jeff Cavanaugh  4 weeks back

                                    OG James right.... people that have seen Rudolph play, specifically Steelers fans, will deem him underrated. People like you, who clearly have no idea of his talents or value to the Steelers RIGHT NOW, will come up with this, that, and the third to try and cover up the fact that you don’t know anything about him, his value, or what he can do lmfao. I don’t mean a general political answer. What NFL player, playing right now, is considered, by you, a quality back up? Most, if not all, good back ups are going to prove they can interject themselves into a “starting” role. So the original question being asked “what are some of the best back ups right now” is based off QB play precisely in the training camps, pre season, and regular season (when they aren’t thrusted into a non winning situation) so who fits that mold for you? In my opinion Nick Mullens is the best back up in the league, but I’m biased, who’s your guy?

                                  • OG James
                                    OG James  4 weeks back

                                    Jeff Cavanaugh okay so his abilities is known but what he is capable of doing vs what he had done at the nfl level doesn’t make him underrated if any it means he can’t be rated bc he has nothing to show for, yes when scouts are looking at college qbs coming to the nfl they’re projecting what they can do but ultimately they are looking at the talent and how it is comparable to an nfl offense and tho he maybe talented but what can he do is unknown and im pretty sure his talents isn’t enough to over look his inexperience bc if that was so he would have been drafted higher and to me a good backup is where a team can run their offense to its highest degree without much change and still able to execute at a high degree

                                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                                    Jeff Cavanaugh  4 weeks back

                                    OG James so what determines a good back up vs a bad one for you? I’d love to know what makes a “good” or even “underrated” back up QB in the NFL for someone like you lmfao.