UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.25.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Bah Humbug
    Bah Humbug  5 months back

    How come they dont talk about Lamelo Ball at Drew Leauge lol??? He was not "balling" lol

    • Jovani Cruz
      Jovani Cruz  5 months back

      I’m sick of the Wanna be baller fam. Too much drama too much baggage. All teams should pass. There not championship material

      • Bah Humbug
        Bah Humbug  5 months back

        Lamelo looked pretty bad at Drew Leauge private runs. Wasnt any Australians in there lol

    • diggi juri
      diggi juri  5 months back

      Patrick Mahomes is the ultimate eye test QB...

      • Man Child
        Man Child  5 months back

        I love Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the reason why I young Zambian boy started watching the NFL. And yes he might win the Superbowl again. But no Im not buying this bs. Patrick MAHOMES is the best quarterback playing right now. He's been the best through 3 games so far... Tom Brady is the goat but he's been 2nd to MAHOMES since MAHOMES started playing.

        • die4u2
          die4u2  5 months back

          Best duo yet👏🏽👏🏽 Unc Sharpe HOF, brings facts everyday.. Skip “Drip” Bayless loool says some stuff that has you doing a “Are you for real” at times lmao 😂

          • die4u2
            die4u2  5 months back

            They debate good & that why this show is so great to watch 💯!!

        • Michael Barton
          Michael Barton  5 months back

          Shannon " Skip 69" 🤣😂😭💀☠⚰

          • Frankie P
            Frankie P  5 months back

            I like Undisputed better then First take. I like that they take turns and Jenny Taft doesn’t interrupt. Skip and Shannon are hilarious with their nick names. Lol Only thing good on first take is Steven A. Lol

            • Bah Humbug
              Bah Humbug  5 months back

              Lol they don't bring up the bad moments. Lamelo looked pretty bad playing on the floor with trey young and other potential NBA competition at Drew Leauge private runs

            • T Wells
              T Wells  5 months back

              Frankie P idk man Jenny is not that good. Jen Hale is better than she is.

            • Kamou flage
              Kamou flage  5 months back

              And Stephen A is only good when it gets to basketball season. Any other time he's just a LOUDMOUTH who utters trash opinions

          • Jason Reddock
            Jason Reddock  5 months back

            Skip says the SAME THING EVERYDAY.

            • Daniel Walton
              Daniel Walton  5 months back

              yup, and the sheep keep watching him.

              He hasn't needed new material since Tebow

          • breez dibiase
            breez dibiase  5 months back

            They even bad in Madden. Smh

            • breez dibiase
              breez dibiase  5 months back

              Skip is hilarious I swear. The stuff he says is off the charts.

              • Ali Mansour
                Ali Mansour  5 months back

                skip 69

                • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                  DANIEL ALEXANDER  5 months back

                  *AB is ALL BROKE🤷‍♂️*

                  • Fe Washington
                    Fe Washington  5 months back

                    It's really sad that this young talented man is self destruct.

                    • Josh Kay
                      Josh Kay  5 months back

                      It’s starting to annoy me that they’re talking about AB every single day

                    • Lance Bolton
                      Lance Bolton  5 months back

                      Unc Sharpe always speaking facts! Drip Bayless got to LOVE that duo!

                      • D1nonly1
                        D1nonly1  5 months back

                        He just mentioned being called drip bayless this episode too lol