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  • Tim Tenney
    Tim Tenney  3 weeks back

    Its called cap space u both are dumb af

    • Daniel Ishmael
      Daniel Ishmael  4 weeks back

      Yep but you didn't play for the Cowboys and you do have a future after the Cowboys business

      • AARON B
        AARON B  4 weeks back

        I’m tired of agents taking over and making these players get overpaid!
        If you really wanna win Super Bowls take a small pay cut

        • Glorious Pandemonium
          Glorious Pandemonium  4 weeks back

          Why cant these people argue about something real. Since when was there a salary cap in the OIL Industry???????? Both of these rejects need to go sit down on they're couches! Imagine an argument about player salaries in the NFL without the Salary Cap???? Someone slap these two knuckleheads back in to present day????

          • gqtaste
            gqtaste  4 weeks back

            Crosses the line? How about the player who has another two years on his deal? He’s not doing anything wrong correct?

            • glenn w
              glenn w  3 weeks back

              When the teams honor all of the contracts they sign then we can complain because a player doesn't. Every year teams cut players that have years left on their contracts.

          • Blue Knight
            Blue Knight  4 weeks back

            Get a life look at the patriots Brady always takes less soo the team can put more on the team, you guys are the reason football will die

            • Chris Smoove
              Chris Smoove  4 weeks back

              I love these two....the smartest people talking football on tv

              • neetrab
                neetrab  4 weeks back

                Perfectly said.

                • Eddie Rosa
                  Eddie Rosa  4 weeks back

                  Cooper’s agent isn’t going to take a team friendly deal, calling it now.

                  • MadMikeandhisHat
                    MadMikeandhisHat  4 weeks back

                    first again!