• Published: 09 August 2019

    Eggs are super ingredients that are used everywhere from breakfast to desserts! Yes, eggs are super popular over the world and you can prepare a lot of dishes from them in just minutes. Besides, eggs could be called a superfood as they contain a lot of nutrients that make eggs a super healthy product. They are full of protein and vitamins that are an essential part of a healthy diet. Check out coll recipes made from eggs we share with you: -You can make delicious dumplings with eggs -Use empty orange to bake eggs. This recipe might look crazy but it’s delicious and you should try it and amaze your family! -Have you ever tries noodles made from eggs? Check out how to cook perfect noodles -We share a perfect recipe of egg sandwich filled with bacon and vegetables. It’s a perfect decision for dinner -If you are tired of an omelet you prepare every day, try to cook various omelet recipes we share. You will love the idea of airy omelet we share -Cook egg sandwich using a plastic bag. Take a plastic bag and mix eggs, mustard, and spices in it -If you are a healthy eater and avoid fat, cook an omelet in a plastic bag. Mix all the ingredients in a bag and boil it. This omelet has fewer calories than fried one -Baked avocados with eggs are the best choice for those who prefer healthy food. Cut avocados and arrange halves in a baking tray. Carefully separate yolks using a plastic bottle and gently put 1 egg yolk into every avocado half. Season each filled avocado with paprika, dried bacon, ham, parsley or cheese and bake for 30 minutes

    00:31 Egg noodles
    03:08 Baked avocados with eggs
    04:58 How to store eggs
    07:40 Low-fat breakfast idea
    10:28 Egg sandwich

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  • lolman 10899
    lolman 10899  11 hours back

    Its not safe for people whos wondering its not even good to drink the water thats been in the sun in a bottle because when the bottle heats it releases chemicals that can harm you. So when their cooking it heats the bottle up and releases chemicals.

      POOJA BANWARI  2 days back

      Pkate nh full kaccha rhta h

      • CatloverML Ruby
        CatloverML Ruby  2 days back

        I got an oat and egg ad

        • Caleb Faulkner
          Caleb Faulkner  2 days back

          mom: i made dinner!!
          me: what did you make today?


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            • Salma Ghznfr
              Salma Ghznfr  3 days back

              Put your boil egg in tab water just for few seconds....it will be peeled off perfectly.

              • Yhell Hernandez
                Yhell Hernandez  5 days back

                Kala ko mapipisa na yung itlog. Bwisit na kalbong yan!!!

                • Tiana xD
                  Tiana xD  5 days back

                  9:04 You just copied tasty right there.

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                      Who will see this and not done till now like me

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                        Who else is doing the classic”watching 5 minute crafts on the toilet”

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                          Wow !!

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                            sasha pangs  1 weeks back

                            All of it is tasteless

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                              Wow gud watch the video👍

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                                Food Rewind  1 weeks back

                                Just awesome

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                                  Anisha Khanduri  2 weeks back

                                  Egg hacks is nice but plastic bottle hack is very harmful for our health who satisfied hit like 🤔🤔

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                                    Teenerh Ambaby  2 weeks back

                                    Yummy 😋

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                                      Teenerh Ambaby  2 weeks back

                                      Yummy 😋

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                                        Yummy 😋

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                                          Yummy 😋

                                          • Mister Blue
                                            Mister Blue  2 weeks back

                                            No eggs were harmed in this video

                                            • Rafie Ambor
                                              Rafie Ambor  2 weeks back

                                              Can u make a vid of how to make eggs?

                                              • Dirty Dan
                                                Dirty Dan  2 weeks back

                                                The one at 2:40 is literally a recipe stolen from a restaurant in japan

                                                • Dragonfenity
                                                  Dragonfenity  1 days back

                                                  Dirty Dan it’s not stolen people do it all the time but they just let it sit for too long

                                              • Deepa karkal
                                                Deepa karkal  2 weeks back

                                                The egg fry and the fried is copied

                                                • SmarTrixs
                                                  SmarTrixs  2 weeks back

                                                  *Is All the video are made by one person only Or It has A team Works **#Brilliant** ! but*

                                                  • Unknown Legend
                                                    Unknown Legend  2 weeks back

                                                    For the thumbnail, I'm gonna scramble my eggs before doing the bread thing.

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                                                      Nice video

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                                                          I thing u better call how to basic :v

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                                                            The yolk of an egg is a baby chick

                                                            🌟the more you know🌟🌈🌈

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                                                              Mr. Jake Plays  2 weeks back

                                                              Didn't y'all already use the thumbnail but change what was inside

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                                                                  Any September viewers

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                                                                    • キャンディーてう


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                                                                                          HowToBasic has more egg hacks.

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                                                                                            Nice video

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                                                                                              Try some new egg recipes

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                                                                                                I always eat fried eggs
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