Borderlands 3: 10 Things The Game Doesn't Tell You


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  • gameranx
    gameranx   5 months back

    Just some beginner tips.
    ALSO, if you've come across any weird glitches in the game, submit them here for a chance to have them featured in a video!

    • aftmost gaming
      aftmost gaming  7 hours back

      There's a glitch where my gun will empty at random I need ammo

    • Dairbarely
      Dairbarely  1 months back

      I have a lot of glitches but it’s been 4 months already

    • Larry Cotter
      Larry Cotter  2 months back

      Lately, the first varkid of the Legendary Hunt disappears and the rest of the family doesn't appear. The first time I played it on PS4, the varkid disappeared and I got credit for the hunt anyway. More recently, it took off flying very quickly all over, then disappeared. That never happened on Xbox. Anyone else?

    • JappyChan
      JappyChan  3 months back

      You mean people with no common sense.

    • Slightly Beneficial
      Slightly Beneficial  4 months back

      The outrunner lazor wings let you glide

  • CodeCCLG
    CodeCCLG  1 days back

    thats the consoles load times are 20x longer then PC. gearbox treats us fans

    • Cody Sykes
      Cody Sykes  2 days back

      Keep in mind, the only side quests I've seen that will scale with you are ones that have been started but not finished. If you activate the side quests AFTER beating the game, then they'll still be below your level. At least that's what I've seen as of recent patch.

      • Raging Raving
        Raging Raving  3 days back

        I've got one, if your inventory is full and you don't really wanna pick up a bosses loot for whatever reason, you can leave it (provided it's not stolen by other players in competitive mode) and gain them from the Loot Dispenser on the Sanctuary, it saves a record of Loot provided it's Blue or higher and the machine itself's not full and gives them to you there, just saves some time with selling other guns etc

        • J C
          J C  4 days back

          Good gosh this video makes the game seem like 1 big chore.

          • Dennis Cordovez
            Dennis Cordovez  5 days back

            I miss Zero. That character is OP. You can combine a sniper and melee build. And wreck havoc wherever there are enemies.

            • Dave Mancini
              Dave Mancini  5 days back

              You may fast travel to a "fast travel console" or to your vehicle on the map screen from anywhere in that area. Staying within the named location of course.

              • TW1N _6RZ
                TW1N _6RZ  6 days back

                Also like in the Presequel with Claptrap, FL4K is more resistant to Bullet and Fire Damage but is vulnerable to Corrosive Damage due to him being a Robot which is not a Flesh but an Armored Target although not being displayed for you on your HUD to notice that.

                • Leo Renegade
                  Leo Renegade  2 weeks back

                  @Gameranx you shouldn't say "obviously" so much or act like some of the tips are something we should already know, it's arrogant and condescending... If they were obvious, no one would need them in a beginner tips videos, nor should you be putting then into a video and wasting your and our time.

                  • Cole Hintermeister
                    Cole Hintermeister  2 weeks back

                    Me: yeah having four of the same ammo type is dumb, spread things out a bit.

                    Also me: *uses elemental Cutsmans and Recursions exclusively*

                    • Titanium Taxi
                      Titanium Taxi  2 weeks back

                      I would suggest not opening Typhon Logs until your level 50. They will not reopen even after finishing the game.

                      • James W
                        James W  2 weeks back

                        Farm the Crowly family ASAP. It's in the area after Shiv. So do it over and over to get OP loot so early on. I got Legendary weapons at Lv5.

                        • RedwoodTheElf
                          RedwoodTheElf  3 weeks back

                          Actually, the laser wings DO increase your jump airtime. Combine them with the Hover Wheels and you can jump RIDICULOUS distances.

                          • Remy Frymire
                            Remy Frymire  3 weeks back

                            Me who has no friends

                            Him “pinging is useful”

                            Sad gamer noises

                            • Raging Raving
                              Raging Raving  3 days back

                              I mean, it's still useful for highlighting an enemy in a dark area tbh (and yes I am lonely also...sniff)

                          • No One
                            No One  3 weeks back

                            Pick up high tier guns to sell later at the vending machines. It can get a little overwhelming with inventory space, but just try not to worry too much and just drop stuff if you want to pick things up.

                            • Charlotte Paterson
                              Charlotte Paterson  3 weeks back

                              I cannot wait until this game releases on next gen and i hope they include all dlc's and fix all the problems.

                              • DreShaud Browley
                                DreShaud Browley  3 weeks back

                                Believe everyone knows this

                                • rb0 burns
                                  rb0 burns  4 weeks back

                                  See this is why borderlands 2 is better at least it tells you stuff

                                  • Flying Walrus42
                                    Flying Walrus42  4 weeks back

                                    Bro so helpful

                                    • Michael Hohlfeld
                                      Michael Hohlfeld  4 weeks back

                                      Ive found that 7 times out of 10 my shields have come from vendors. My tip would be don't sweat spending money early either, money is not rare and the amount from foraging will scale with your level. You should have no problem earning 200k in a session near mid game.

                                      • Tayguins
                                        Tayguins  4 weeks back

                                        I love grinding out the side missions before the end of the game. In BL3, This actually lead me to be a way higher level than the final boss, which made it stupid easy to battle. So doing all of the side missions (I think I also completed 1 proving grounds) will make the final boss way easier to beat. That said, the loot I got was scaled to the boss and not me.

                                        • Terry Tewell
                                          Terry Tewell  4 weeks back

                                          F#$K Borderlands 3

                                          • James
                                            James  4 weeks back

                                            Some of these things the game definitely tells 😂

                                            • Brian Bumstead
                                              Brian Bumstead  1 months back

                                              Driving is definitely different in the game

                                              • iSuckAtGames GG
                                                iSuckAtGames GG  1 months back

                                                when u cant ping because u have the d pad to switch guns

                                                • Christopher Scott
                                                  Christopher Scott  1 months back

                                                  The game tells you half of this. Clickbait bullshit as usual.

                                                  • Gwen Leger
                                                    Gwen Leger  1 months back

                                                    I didn't realize how good I am till I watched this video.

                                                    • Bass Record
                                                      Bass Record  1 months back

                                                      You forgot about Lost Loot
                                                      It's that one "useless machine" when you fast travel to sanctuary and it's to your right

                                                      It's useles when you're in Coopetition, but it works in Cooperation.
                                                      It collects purple and above guns/grenade mods/shields etc.
                                                      I've lost 2 legendaries not knowing about that

                                                      • chris graf
                                                        chris graf  1 months back

                                                        Note: the level scale only happens is you keep mayhem mode on. Or go to true vault hunter mode. Also a thing I wish that was mentioned: weapon manufacturers have different things that make them special. For example maliwan has a charge up before firing. Tourge has slow fire speed. Hypirion has slow reload. So not only should you space out your weapon types but also your manufacturers. Because those seconds of reloading can make all the difference

                                                        • mikey nicholas
                                                          mikey nicholas  1 months back

                                                          If you want money, matchmatch on cistern of slaughter, easy 100k

                                                          • a savage duck
                                                            a savage duck  1 months back

                                                            I just wanna know how to put gun skins on

                                                            • Chloe 24601
                                                              Chloe 24601  1 months back

                                                              I’m a long time borderlands fan and didn’t know the car thing.

                                                              • Cryonic Blue
                                                                Cryonic Blue  1 months back

                                                                Doesn't tell you about the worst bug: the "Sacked - Search for Clue" being bugged and no way to complete it

                                                                • Dalton Brennan
                                                                  Dalton Brennan  1 months back

                                                                  Also if you go spend all your money except a few bucks then it will always let you do it for a percentage of what you currently have, meaning get that SDU or whatever first then.

                                                                  • Ethan Robinson
                                                                    Ethan Robinson  1 months back

                                                                    The first one should just be common knowledge to anyone who has played borderlands games and it should be just common sense that if you run out of all the ammo for that gun type even if it's a different gun in that type

                                                                    • Martin Mcbride
                                                                      Martin Mcbride  1 months back

                                                                      The Typhon chests are hot garbage.

                                                                      • Jinuous Lopez
                                                                        Jinuous Lopez  1 months back

                                                                        Respecing goes up in price each time.

                                                                        • Tamotta '
                                                                          Tamotta '  1 months back

                                                                          Thought this video was gunna teach me something

                                                                          • Lichen Mosswillow
                                                                            Lichen Mosswillow  1 months back

                                                                            My first time playing the game I was like e.e claptraps new voice isn't as good (it's cool though) and then progressively found all of this stuff out in like an hour though, number 1 was a surprise but makes sense because when you play two player on one system both players have separate lute that is leveled which is what I mostly used the point thing for since after you pick up a gun they will still have one there, then again I played the previous games but these are mostly new features so I guess it breaks even poor newbs

                                                                            • James Temple
                                                                              James Temple  2 months back

                                                                              Quick tip when your gear is getting under leveled put your favourite guns in your wepon vault in sanctuary and sell whatever else you have rather then just swapping it for new gear

                                                                              • Dan Saucedo
                                                                                Dan Saucedo  2 months back

                                                                                Typhon cashes suck
                                                                                Find better weapons off enemies

                                                                                • MrLuckless
                                                                                  MrLuckless  2 months back

                                                                                  The biggest thing the game doesn't tell you? It's story is gonna be complete ass and you're gonna be in for a bumpy ride.

                                                                                  • Granny Blue
                                                                                    Granny Blue  2 months back

                                                                                    I'm gonna give you a seat, but you're only gonna need the edge of it - Ellie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                                                    • Granny Blue
                                                                                      Granny Blue  2 months back

                                                                                      When farming Lavender Crawly every so many go arounds he got bumped into the atmosphere and I watch him disappear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

                                                                                      • BigBoyBanana
                                                                                        BigBoyBanana  2 months back

                                                                                        I got my FL4K All the way to level 50 with verry few side quest but with Moze I had to do a lot

                                                                                        • Bearfred956
                                                                                          Bearfred956  2 months back

                                                                                          BUT WHY CANT I ACCESS THE SOCIAL THINGS PLEASETWLL ME HOW TO FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                          • DORA owo
                                                                                            DORA owo  2 months back


                                                                                            • Christian Wagoner
                                                                                              Christian Wagoner  2 months back

                                                                                              So I’m stuck on the boss after you meet zer0 and I would like some tips or if someone would like to help me dm me on instagram username is confused_screaming please help