Monday Morning Podcast 7-15-19

  • Published: 15 July 2019
  • Bill rambles about unruly comedy club guests, the blackout, and levels of British-ness.

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    I was born a freckled child in a land far away during a much simpler time. I did well in school until it counted. As a freshman in high school I had dreams of going to Notre Dame and becoming a lawyer. By the time I was sophomore I was taking shop class and was considering getting into construction. I ended up working in warehousing and unloading trucks. Other than stand up, that job was the most fun I ever had.

    I am now a stand up comedian. I do a couple hundred shows a year. And I enjoy the travel. I’ve done four hour-long stand-up specials: “Why Do I Do This”, “Let It Go”, “You People Are All The Same” and “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way.” I host a podcast each week called The Monday Morning Podcast. And I have an animated series on Netflix called: ‘F’ Is For Family.’ Occasionally I act in movies but only when they let me.
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  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder  2 months back

    Bill, reads e-mail subject: "Girlfriend's Pet"

    Also Bill: "Oh boy..."

    • K. Gordon Raphael
      K. Gordon Raphael  2 months back


      • Prophet_ 2059
        Prophet_ 2059  2 months back

        2002 Bucs were the shit that defense was ridiculous

        • Dan Edick
          Dan Edick  2 months back

          Bud whiser lime

          • Clayton Ferguson
            Clayton Ferguson  2 months back

            You sir, are my inspiration and my spirit animal

            • jsm806
              jsm806  2 months back

              How many days in summer??? How many days til F is For Family ? Hurry up already

              • Gaston Neal
                Gaston Neal  2 months back

                Why do all the known racist seem to be ugly on the outside too?

                • Christopher Pabsst
                  Christopher Pabsst  2 months back

                  And you make fun of 'red necks'...but a red neck would know the difference between a badger and a beaver...fucknuts. And look in the mirror, genius. Everytime your Irish ass gets exposed to the big shiny thing in the're a red neck. I can't fucking believe I ever thought that you were funny. I guess sobriety actually works.

                  • Christopher Pabsst
                    Christopher Pabsst  2 months back

                    Billy Douchebag...what happened to your dog, Bill? Like the Native Americans? You have a fucking helicopter, you asshole. How much fuel does that burn. Fucking Boston asshole hypocrite.

                    • Devastated Studios
                      Devastated Studios  2 months back

                      Speaking of teams strength of schedule, Your Patriots have had the privilege of playing in the NFL's weakest division for the past 20 years.

                      • Guitarzan
                        Guitarzan  2 months back

                        Hey Billy Drumtits you evah listen to Sleaford Mods?

                        • Dan Edick
                          Dan Edick  2 months back

                          Hahahaha oh sleaford mods

                      • Жорж Бубликофф

                        Bill is cool because he's pissed

                        • Chris Frey
                          Chris Frey  2 months back

                          Gay or alies. Fuck lesbians they just want to be men. It's fuckin silly

                          • IGPX Satomi
                            IGPX Satomi  2 months back

                            What sam tripoli episode was that?

                            • Adeel M
                              Adeel M  2 months back

                              You Bill check out the New World Order book, don't know what it's called, from about 50 years ago predicting what's happening right now as if it's a statement and its 'predicted' some crazy shit

                              • Mason TheKid
                                Mason TheKid  2 months back

                                Wtf billy post the thursday pod

                                • mark1952able
                                  mark1952able  2 months back

                                  Hey what's going on? The same thing Bill that's been going on since the last podcast. i.e. Global warming, oligarchy, greed, partisanism, and anything you can blab about. Sports? Whatever...........Like you say, Shut the Fuck up........................

                                  • Bobby jo
                                    Bobby jo  2 months back

                                    bill make it like jre...where we can see you do your podcast

                                    • SteakGames1
                                      SteakGames1  2 months back

                                      33:22 american greed theme he does always make me crack

                                      • Eamon Quinn
                                        Eamon Quinn  2 months back

                                        Hey Bill, what’s your take on Kick Vic?

                                        • Nediler
                                          Nediler  2 months back

                                          Man Bill is getting that SJW brainwash... What happened?

                                          • max and.
                                            max and.  2 months back

                                            cough cough NIA cough cough

                                        • slow mofo
                                          slow mofo  2 months back

                                          U forgot the No name defense and the Orange crush

                                          • David Radzynski
                                            David Radzynski  2 months back

                                            Hey Bill. Big fan of your work! Would love to hear your take on recent developments on the new 007...

                                            • Halsey85
                                              Halsey85  2 months back

                                              Billy Red Top

                                              • Aldaroth
                                                Aldaroth  2 months back

                                                Just want to say please never have any more fucking guests on like the podcasts a couple vids ago "a man crying robs a woman of her sense of security with her husband" Yeah so both of you are combat vets with experience dealing with child soldiers and the hard ships of both WW2 vietnam, the korean war and iraq and afghanistan. I wont even grace this comment with that sad sack of beer sucking meatball eating sack of shits name. The worst part is you went along with it. I love your comedy but having been in the situation, on a PODCAST no less jesus christ. I agree with your intervie with coco, "maybe the flight traffic controller isnt as heroic as the pilot" Yeah hes exposed to less of a threat each day, but.. Hey, guess what, no matter where you are in afghanistan you still get fucked mortared on a daily basis. So even the "faggot soft cushy job bros" have to run to the bunker because hagis are running to the base in a toyota hilux and trying to launch mortars at 3am. I get being a comedian jades you to shit and I agree with 90% of your podcasts and I love F is for family but for fucks sake that fat fuck can rot in hell for his comments and i dont even know the guy but I can guess throughout his entire live hes never been more than 20 minutes away from a meatball sub lol TL:DR Being in the military sucks ass, and being deployed sucks even worse. Do an overseas tour, tons of us love your comedy. Hell even louie did. You cooked the shit out of that joke..jeeesus. Love you bill, next season when??

                                                • Sean Leggio
                                                  Sean Leggio  2 months back

                                                  PLEASE GO ON THE CHIP CHIPPERSON PODACAST!

                                                  • Jared Konior
                                                    Jared Konior  2 months back

                                                    Bill, I hate you as Pats fan, I'm Chicago fan but can you make a podcast about dumb assess in humidity? I seriously want to bang my head on a kitchen island. Bill, I'm an amateur but I'd love to make a movie if ok, 630-452-6946

                                                    • Atomatic Games
                                                      Atomatic Games  2 months back

                                                      Let's never forget the time old Billy Burr wanted a Samuel Jackson without getting yelled at.

                                                      • Brian Conaty
                                                        Brian Conaty  2 months back

                                                        Never stop being you freckles.

                                                        • mhks68
                                                          mhks68  2 months back

                                                          33:29 Alec Baldwin. I swore that was him.

                                                          • mhks68
                                                            mhks68  2 months back

                                                            Dave is good. But he does not transcend stand up. Billy you’re just as funny as Dave. Don’t sell yourself short.

                                                            • Anthony Peppers
                                                              Anthony Peppers  2 months back

                                                              O Billiam scared-of-his-bike Burrstein.

                                                              • ALL CAPS
                                                                ALL CAPS  2 months back

                                                                Bill, I wish your podcast included a video. Your facial expressions and hand gestures add a lot to your material! :) Maybe give it a thought? also, do you have any comments after H3H3's podcast?

                                                                • Pitch Black Pirate
                                                                  Pitch Black Pirate  2 months back

                                                                  Hey Billy prickly balls, have a look at this,

                                                                  • Scott F
                                                                    Scott F  2 months back

                                                                    Your killing it they should stay HOME ???

                                                                    • Scott F
                                                                      Scott F  2 months back

                                                                      Billy Be Trew TY Fuck the illusion I love it ;- |

                                                                      • Scott F
                                                                        Scott F  2 months back

                                                                        TY Bill It was A HEAVY REIGN <<

                                                                        • Kelley McBride
                                                                          Kelley McBride  2 months back

                                                                          I love you Bill, and this isn't personal.....but hearing you do commercials makes me think of Bill Hicks wonderful bit about artists doing commercials.......its just somehow sad......

                                                                          • Felipe Hernandez
                                                                            Felipe Hernandez  2 months back

                                                                            “Idk about that draft pick either” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
                                                                            Minute: 51:38

                                                                            • mrdylanjoseph
                                                                              mrdylanjoseph  2 months back

                                                                              A gay man will tell you that's bullshit. Get over the PC shit. Bill if it's funny say it! If people get offended by words they're weak! It's not like you are personally going after people. Jeez.

                                                                              • Luke  Brennan
                                                                                Luke Brennan  2 months back

                                                                                I love ya Billy 👍

                                                                                • Ryan Kirk
                                                                                  Ryan Kirk  2 months back

                                                                                  Hey ginger fuck! Your country accent is getting better. “People get the fuck out my way when I come in!” Oh Jesus 🤣

                                                                                  • ekurisona
                                                                                    ekurisona  2 months back

                                                                                    what's in the water

                                                                                    • Ernestas Shield
                                                                                      Ernestas Shield  2 months back

                                                                                      Hey Bill can you make a rant about new James Bond 007 they are casting as BLACK WOMAN.... I don't care color but A WOMAN... ffs it is a Mans role do not care what those delusional Hollywood liberals say but they are proper c...s

                                                                                      • Patrick Kehrer
                                                                                        Patrick Kehrer  2 months back

                                                                                        Awesome stand up. Hella obnoxious podcast... Unsubscribe

                                                                                        • mr Rein
                                                                                          mr Rein  2 months back

                                                                                          Going out of your way to be offended in 2019 . What's fuckn next .....

                                                                                          • Jacob Harrington
                                                                                            Jacob Harrington  2 months back

                                                                                            Imagine banging your LADY! And getting a cockatoo to the back of the head 😂🤣 jessssssssh

                                                                                            • Subodh Prasain
                                                                                              Subodh Prasain  2 months back

                                                                                              I hadn't enjoyed ads like I am doing now...