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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Will Jim Harbaugh finally beat Ohio State this year?

    • Rapid Parjil
      Rapid Parjil  1 days back


    • Anthony G
      Anthony G  2 days back

      Quit being a lame Colin! Talk Buckeyes!

    • Im Getting Too Old for This
      Im Getting Too Old for This  2 days back

      Bailey Alexander True. I think Michigan is a prime example of one of the failings of college football fans and analysts in that they assume the more talented roster = the better team. College sports in general has to take into account coaching, experience, team leadership, strength and conditioning, motivation, offensive/defensive efficiency, and matchups. So take this game for example Michigan is the more talented team but at least so far Wisconsin looks to be the better team.

    • Bailey Alexander
      Bailey Alexander  2 days back

      @Im Getting Too Old for This And to be honest, there's also a chance they lose to Wisc, Penn, ND, AND OSU

    • Bailey Alexander
      Bailey Alexander  2 days back

      There's always a chance - but no, there's no chance

  • Dion Sanchez
    Dion Sanchez  2 days back

    The defenses in the Big 12 were not as good, now what? They just went 19-4 OOC...What up Brady?

    • ah-in-nist sipes
      ah-in-nist sipes  2 days back

      I love listening Brady just analyze sports

      • Canine University 101
        Canine University 101  6 days back

        I hate brady quinn

        • philosopherhobbs
          philosopherhobbs  7 days back

          Brady Quinn just doesn't know much about today's game. With the Big 12 offenses taking over everywhere, it is not because of bad defense that Big 12 offenses score so much. Whether it's TCU scoring a lot against ole miss, OU scoring a lot against Bama, or Texas scoring a lot against LSU, good offenses just have an advantage right now over even good defenses. This is happening in the NFL now too. It takes a genius like Belichick to really shut down a good offense, and that doesn't happen every time he tries.

          • Hector Rodriguez
            Hector Rodriguez  1 weeks back

            Great Player at Notre Dame BUST in the Cleveland Browns

            • brianjirish
              brianjirish  4 days back

              I totally agree with but when was the last QB not to be a bust as a Cleveland Browns QB? Lets leave Mayfield out since it's still early for him LOL

          • Samuel Blackwell
            Samuel Blackwell  1 weeks back

            Brady Quinn looks like Tommy the Green Ranger from Power Rangers 😭🤣😂😅

            • Chris Kennedy
              Chris Kennedy  1 weeks back

              Harbaugh is a dinosaur. His offensive style is an old pro style type that the college game has moved away from. He’s 10 years behind Nick Saban and Dabo Sweeney. That’s why when he played against Meyer he couldn’t beat him. His teams would be thoroughly beat against any team with an accurate QB that runs an uptempo offense who’s defense is above average. The media is just a fan because he does things that are not typical of a coach, however his so called “genius” has not resulted in spectacular results. Good coach yes; great coach...🙄nope

              • The Buddha of Knowledge Michaels

                Jim Harbaugh will coach the Chicago Bears

                • xpto41
                  xpto41  1 weeks back

                  notre dame need a new coach

                  • Elijah
                    Elijah  1 weeks back

                    Lincoln Riley is great, but to be honest, Art Briles was doing the same thing with 2-3 star Quarterbacks..

                    • Elijah
                      Elijah  2 days back

                      @MrWalkwaySc2 rarely, and it was in Briles last 2 years...I mean just a quick fact check, they recruited three 4 star WR and two 5 stars...he only started one 4 star QB (RG3) To show how great he was as a QB coach, his final year he lost 3 quarterbacks and started a Sophomore WR mid game who hadn't played QB since middle school and he posted good numbers...regardless, the level his offense was playing doesn't match the little talent he recruited..I heard he recruited a lot of kids just based off athletic ability and never had a concern about them being coached to play at the college level..

                    • MrWalkwaySc2
                      MrWalkwaySc2  2 days back

                      Mayfield was a 3 star too but its not like Baylor wasn't recruiting great athletes either. They had 5 star WR's as well as a lot of 4 star guys.

                  • 33moneyball
                    33moneyball  1 weeks back

                    Harbaugh’s performance is fine if he’s making 5-6M per’s not worth the 9-10 he gets...he makes Dabo/Saban money and gets significantly more than Lincoln Riley, Jimbo, Kirby Smart, Chris Peterson etc. If he can’t beat Ohio St. and get to playoffs he’s objectively overpaid.

                    • Jared Jewell
                      Jared Jewell  1 weeks back

                      The problem with Jim is he’s paid like a Saban or Meyer yet has produced nothing close. For 5-6 mil he did great for 9-10mil he has under achieved.

                      • Kenny Moore
                        Kenny Moore  1 weeks back

                        Notre Dame is the hardest place to win in the entire country.

                        • RMK JB9
                          RMK JB9  2 weeks back

                          No saying you guys have no idea, but apparently you Don't about the big ten...... Michigan is always overated, middle of the pack, always one team that will surprise you, and Ohio State

                          • Thomas Greene
                            Thomas Greene  2 weeks back

                            Jim Harbaugh is overrated

                            • Kyle Corbitt
                              Kyle Corbitt  2 weeks back

                              I’ll say this. Michigan will never be good until they hire a nobody coach. Harbaugh is over payed and they need someone who will wake up a sleeping giant. To me they never got rid of that Michigan man mantra. Bo is gone. Stop living in the past and start living the future

                              • KyleGoon94
                                KyleGoon94  6 days back

                                Kyle Corbitt The Juwan Howard hire reassures the Michigan man mentally is still alive and well.

                            • Ron Shanklin
                              Ron Shanklin  2 weeks back

                              As a Buckeye fan, I totally appreciate Harbaugh and hope he stays there forever.

                              • Ron Shanklin
                                Ron Shanklin  1 weeks back

                                @Leland Joseph well then. Continue to do the same as always.

                              • Leland Joseph
                                Leland Joseph  1 weeks back

                                @Ron Shanklin obviously!

                              • Ron Shanklin
                                Ron Shanklin  1 weeks back

                                @Leland Joseph you must be a highly educated Michigan fan who has learned to lose on a yearly basis.

                              • Leland Joseph
                                Leland Joseph  1 weeks back

                                Typical Ohio education.

                            • ARIEL GOLD
                              ARIEL GOLD  2 weeks back

                              Brady Quinn can be Patrick Bateman 2019-2020

                              • ARIEL GOLD
                                ARIEL GOLD  2 weeks back

                                Finished 2nd or 3rd in the heisman to Troy Smith I can’t BELIVE im a 30 year old man time flies

                                • Yumi Tokushige
                                  Yumi Tokushige  2 weeks back

                                  I listen to Brady Quinn on Jonas Knocks with BQ show on podcast.

                                  • Dylan Davis
                                    Dylan Davis  2 weeks back

                                    Ohio state fan, completely disagree that harbaugh is underappreciated JUST because he can't beat Ohio State. In that rivalry, that is the mark of how long your tenure at the respected school will last. Neither one of these guys are OSU or Michigan guys so they do not understand.

                                    • Jeremy Krause
                                      Jeremy Krause  2 weeks back

                                      One of my least favorite players ever. Very overrated in college and never beat any good teams. In the pros he never was very good either.

                                      • Jeremy Krause
                                        Jeremy Krause  21 hours back

                                        John Massingale not elite at all against elite teams. Only was good against the armed services teams and in 2006 he lost to Michigan, USC, and LSU. I don’t think he ever beat USC actually.

                                      • John Massingale
                                        John Massingale  21 hours back

                                        Jeremy Krause elite in college against elite teams. Went to QB graveyard in Cleveland, different system and he’s a legend

                                    • 206PokeDoke
                                      206PokeDoke  2 weeks back

                                      Hold up Hold tf up.... you have the nerve to ask Brady Quinn how to be a winner in the NFL 😂😂😂😂😂 Boy was hot garbage in KC and everywhere else lol

                                      • Niners 21
                                        Niners 21  2 weeks back

                                        Boy this is boring

                                        • Grant Bilse
                                          Grant Bilse  2 weeks back

                                          QBs need to be verbal, just not Baker huh

                                          • Matt Bazilius
                                            Matt Bazilius  2 weeks back

                                            Harbaugh should not get an excuse for taking over a “mess”. He’s been there for 4 years, this is his team, his staff, and his culture he’s built. It’s his fault they’re losing and he should be blamed, no excuses

                                            • PEKINGDUCK
                                              PEKINGDUCK  2 weeks back

                                              Get Brady on more often. He’s up there with Klatt in terms of insight and delivery

                                              • Aidan Kearns
                                                Aidan Kearns  2 weeks back

                                                As a michigan fan, if harbaugh doesn't beat Ohio state by 2020, he needs to go. Simple as that

                                              • scott provence
                                                scott provence  2 weeks back

                                                Harbaugh is OVERRATED!!!! $7.5 million salary means you are supposed to contend for NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS not big10 champs not 9.5 wins.

                                                • Whet Wash
                                                  Whet Wash  2 weeks back

                                                  To all the dumb uneducated Michigan fans that want harbaugh to be fired please look at who was before him and look at the records they had. they won’t beat osu this year or the next 5-10 years and that’s facts.

                                                  • john Quillan
                                                    john Quillan  2 weeks back

                                                    Harbaugh has had to work harder at getting Michigan back to where they were after Carr left..urban jumped in at the right time after j.t. its all smoke and mirrors. Harbaugh is building a team that will be a threat year in year out, his brand is already proving it..He will beat them when he beats them..If he loses ths year, his job will be intact until he decides he wants to call it a day at Michigan..But I seriously doubt he will ever be clowns need to find something else fresh to discuss instead of the same old stale subject...

                                                    • john Quillan
                                                      john Quillan  2 weeks back

                                                      Ok...And Baker Mayfield will be right where you are Qunn..another armchair

                                                      • Brendan Yates
                                                        Brendan Yates  2 weeks back

                                                        Mark Dantonio is the most underrated coach in cfb not Brian Kelly

                                                        • Yojimbo413
                                                          Yojimbo413  2 weeks back

                                                          Bust qb

                                                          • Charles Surber
                                                            Charles Surber  2 weeks back

                                                            Lets be honest Oklahoma would put up points in any conference.

                                                            • MrWalkwaySc2
                                                              MrWalkwaySc2  2 days back

                                                              @Christopher Laughlin Because that wasn't an incredibly defensive game on both parts. Didn't help that we go the ball to the endzone and turned it over several times.

                                                            • Burt Reynolds
                                                              Burt Reynolds  5 days back

                                                              Christopher Laughlin we can thank the absolute garbage play calling of Kevin Wilson for that one. Three separate goal line situations, with zero success. Why? Because Wilson wouldn’t run a simple play-action to a TE post route. Instead, he ran counter draws and offset handoffs.

                                                            • Eli Dik
                                                              Eli Dik  6 days back

                                                              @caveloc Believe me I am

                                                            • Christopher Laughlin
                                                              Christopher Laughlin  1 weeks back

                                                              As I recall that record breaking offense Sam Bradford led only scored 14 against the Gators and Tebow.

                                                            • caveloc
                                                              caveloc  1 weeks back

                                                              @Eli Dik You should be more concerned with the Buckeyes.

                                                          • William Dillard
                                                            William Dillard  2 weeks back

                                                            I believe Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. As Brady Quinn, who is getting better at his broadcasting job every time I see him, puts it he has brought Michigan Football back to the forefront WHERE it belongs.

                                                            • r1c3b0w7 Twitch
                                                              r1c3b0w7 Twitch  2 weeks back

                                                              Thumbs up for Brady Quinn being spot-on about Harbaugh's time at Michigan.

                                                              • Sutairn
                                                                Sutairn  2 weeks back

                                                                who the heck is brady quinn, he should of wore a glass helmet, lol

                                                                • Riley Kerrigan
                                                                  Riley Kerrigan  2 weeks back

                                                                  MORE BRADY

                                                                  • Marvel Antonio
                                                                    Marvel Antonio  2 weeks back

                                                                    Of course Colin has to drop UCLA and his favorite never-was coach Chip Kelly at the end. Hope they lose by 40

                                                                    • Sinjin Baust
                                                                      Sinjin Baust  2 weeks back

                                                                      Washed up boy

                                                                      • Sinjin Baust
                                                                        Sinjin Baust  2 weeks back

                                                                        Ooooh you’re big mad! Go on what else you got Donald trump

                                                                      • Donald Brady
                                                                        Donald Brady  2 weeks back

                                                                        Sinjin Baust and what have you accomplished? What a joke.

                                                                    • Western Man
                                                                      Western Man  2 weeks back

                                                                      Brady Quinn..Talented guy. Charismatic.

                                                                      Not so much in the history books.

                                                                      Baker Mayfield should be taking notes.

                                                                      • Bear 7453
                                                                        Bear 7453  2 weeks back

                                                                        As a Notre dame fan, I was NOT impressed with how they played against louisville. Yes I understand they are extremely young but Ian book played very poorly in the first half and so did the defense. They need to get better every week so they can (maybe) beat Georgia or Michigan. Those are the only 2 losses that they might have this season.

                                                                        • Donald Brady
                                                                          Donald Brady  2 weeks back

                                                                          Chuck McMahon no they play them on September 21st. 3 Saturday’s from now.

                                                                        • Chuck McMahon
                                                                          Chuck McMahon  2 weeks back

                                                                          They play UGA next week. ND is my blood, but we can’t play UGA like that. It looked almost as bad as Florida vs Miami

                                                                      • robert sanchez
                                                                        robert sanchez  2 weeks back

                                                                        All I know is, I’m waiting for Texas vs Lsu. 🤘🏽

                                                                        • Gabriel Niculescu
                                                                          Gabriel Niculescu  2 weeks back

                                                                          Right? Does Brady Quinn, right?, only get paid, right?, when he says the word "Right"? Right?

                                                                          • SunFlower
                                                                            SunFlower  2 weeks back

                                                                            Colin and liberals in media afraid to talk about the racist comments a black man made towards a white man.

                                                                            • WolfLarsen85
                                                                              WolfLarsen85  2 weeks back

                                                                              I cant wait for Jimmy and the big blue machine to make all the doubters look like a gaggle of Forrest Gumps.

                                                                              • Patrick Brewer
                                                                                Patrick Brewer  4 days back

                                                                                5 years latet and we are still waiting

                                                                              • HAMEAL ARTESTO
                                                                                HAMEAL ARTESTO  2 weeks back

                                                                                @WolfLarsen85 Your Michigan Walmarts were a 23.5 point favorite!!!! LOL you are pathetic to be flexing after that $hit show. LOL.