I used this for a MONTH ☹ - Blackberry Key2

  • Published: 15 August 2018
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    The Key2 is the sequel to the KeyOne. Eagerly awaited by literally dozens of people, this last-generation typing experience is sure to please even business executives who refuse to learn or experience anything new.

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Comments • 3 922

  • j_c_enterprises
    j_c_enterprises  1 hours back

    On screen keyboards are still fucking trash compared to physical keyboards.

    • Vaibhav Biradar
      Vaibhav Biradar  5 hours back

      They are not learning from the past!

      • Kenneth Young
        Kenneth Young  19 hours back

        Your comparing a fricken 220 dollar phone to a septillion dollar phone.

        Plz dont judge

        • ZoEy 101 channel
          ZoEy 101 channel  3 days back

          Blackberry are a nasty phone I don’t no why they made an updated phone I’ll watch the video :) because I support you and your awesome sponsor

          • straight forward
            straight forward  6 days back

            Well ..fuck off

            • Jesse Ling
              Jesse Ling  6 days back

              Still kinda prefer the NEC Terrain

              • R Virgo
                R Virgo  1 weeks back



                let's talk

                Class Action Against BlackBerry

                Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP has commenced a class action against BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”) on behalf of a group of BlackBerry’s employees working in Ontario and across Canada.

                Update. October 7th, 2019

                The Divisional Court heard and dismissed BlackBerry’s motion for leave to appeal the certification decision on September 17, 2019.

                • Albrecht Proud
                  Albrecht Proud  1 weeks back

                  Thank you Linus, very cool

                  • alt ll4lO5lO3lO4ll6
                    alt ll4lO5lO3lO4ll6  1 weeks back

                    so its good if you use adguard and giant font?
                    good for me
                    most i use is forums and discord and texting
                    edit: and i strap a amp to it for music. pepeJAM

                    • bkingk8
                      bkingk8  1 weeks back

                      Had a priv. Had a slide.

                      I could type a three page email with the slide.

                      The priv sucked because when you slide the keyboard down the phone is super top heavy.

                      Blackberry needs to have the keyboard slide from the side in landscape mode.

                      It would have been fantastic.

                      I love my physical keyboards but BB needs to reclaim its heritage and stop trying to be an iphone with a physical keyboard.

                      • Campbell Johnson
                        Campbell Johnson  1 weeks back

                        Linus was saying "ok boomer" before it was a thing

                      • freaker126
                        freaker126  2 weeks back

                        I just bought a blackberry classic the other day. I bought it as a 2nd phone to my note 10+. For a nostalgic reason but am loving it. Especially, love the keyboard and bb10! Blackberry should just concentrate on their core customers. The rests are just iPhone and android gens. That's why they're not so into it. Why force someone to like you? hehe :p

                        • Alexander Szeremeta
                          Alexander Szeremeta  2 weeks back

                          7:35 ok BOOMER

                          • pedro menendez
                            pedro menendez  2 weeks back

                            Trying to push old technology because you loved it, is like trying to push people to buy horses instead of cars. Dumb product design.

                            • E Dogg36
                              E Dogg36  2 weeks back

                              this guy looks like a 40 year old 12 year old

                              • Rogelio Araujo Gómez
                                Rogelio Araujo Gómez  2 weeks back

                                Linus: “it ended up like making love to a stranger”

                                Linus’s wife: what fuckery did you just articulate?

                                • Juice10 Sl8r
                                  Juice10 Sl8r  3 weeks back

                                  Once a pioneer, now an industry laughing stock. Ah, how the mighty have fallen.

                                  • Nickolas Strudwick
                                    Nickolas Strudwick  1 weeks back

                                    I wouldn't say laughing stock. RIM is the reason smartphones of today exist. What boggles my mind is how they seemed to try and fail in the end of their phone manufacturing days. Thorsten Heins basically ran the place into the ground and walked away with $55 million in severance just laughing and never to be heard of again.

                                • R Virgo
                                  R Virgo  3 weeks back

                                  Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP has commenced a class action against BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”) on behalf of a group of BlackBerry’s employees working in Ontario and across Canada.
                                  Update. October 7th, 2019

                                  The Divisional Court heard and dismissed BlackBerry’s motion for leave to appeal the certification decision on September 17, 2019.

                                  • John Ventrillo
                                    John Ventrillo  3 weeks back

                                    Since you suffered two weeks I'm sure we can suffer ten minutes.

                                    • T-Bone Productions
                                      T-Bone Productions  3 weeks back

                                      Cloaking suit

                                      • Paul Gray
                                        Paul Gray  3 weeks back

                                        2006 A company phone to show achievement.
                                        2016+ A company phone to show that you need to update your CV.

                                        • nationofmillions
                                          nationofmillions  3 weeks back

                                          The last real Blackberry was the Passport

                                          • James Johnson
                                            James Johnson  1 months back

                                            I learned how to time travel!

                                          • Aryan Blood
                                            Aryan Blood  1 months back

                                            Today I spent 3 hours finding out how to download BlackBerry keyboard on my non BlackBerry android phone and finally I got it with cobalts BlackBerry manager package and after one initial crash I was able to install it successfully. I dont regret it.
                                            Even BlackBerry's virtual keyboard is best virtual keyboard on any os let alone their hard keyboard. And you are saying flaws about keyboard. Come on now. Learn to use it first.

                                            • Mc007Queen
                                              Mc007Queen  1 months back

                                              did I hear him correctly he didn't like it as his daily driver lol ... he sounds like a insufferable little baby ... acting like a little sissy baby when I was growing up we didn't have cell phones and went to a payphone to make fucking calls ... Ibotta Blackberry leap cell phone from Amazon. CA or $50 and yeah it's not like the Android but it still makes calls and it still goes on the internet

                                              • Veature_iTech Guy
                                                Veature_iTech Guy  1 months back

                                                Here's a phone for Linus, long and slender, smooth shaft feeling. It's an Xperia 5, https://www.sonymobile.com/us/products/phones/xperia-5/

                                                • Veature_iTech Guy
                                                  Veature_iTech Guy  1 months back

                                                  Ok you convinced me, I'm ordering a Fire Phone!! in 2019, or should i wait for Ice Phone? Wait, i'm a guy, i don't need periods:,.'][{} ' . ' (. ) ( . )

                                                  • Veature_iTech Guy
                                                    Veature_iTech Guy  1 months back

                                                    Thermaltake left after first comment about BLK Berry lol.

                                                    • Dan Mulligan
                                                      Dan Mulligan  1 months back

                                                      No dedicated period key? Fail.

                                                      • Veikra
                                                        Veikra  1 months back

                                                        Id prefer a smaller screen. q10 was perfect

                                                        • Japanese Mickey Mouse
                                                          Japanese Mickey Mouse  1 months back

                                                          i wish to make love to a stranger :)

                                                          • David Lee
                                                            David Lee  1 months back

                                                            Thank you for the awesome review. Sorry that you had to suffer for it!

                                                            • Rohan Naik
                                                              Rohan Naik  1 months back

                                                              I still love blackberry passport .

                                                              • Nino Soco
                                                                Nino Soco  1 months back

                                                                *because people’s nowadays like new technologies*

                                                                • MaxPandaYT
                                                                  MaxPandaYT  1 months back

                                                                  im watching this on the blackberry keyone

                                                                  • osp80
                                                                    osp80  1 months back

                                                                    every phone from the last like 7 years as been fine...

                                                                    • Alexander Van Nevel
                                                                      Alexander Van Nevel  1 months back

                                                                      I appreciate Linus (since 2010)

                                                                      • rets mej
                                                                        rets mej  1 months back

                                                                        i miss typing without re-checking the words everytime, so i think i'm gonna get this one as i use sms a lot. i hate watching videos in a smartphone anyway, it's just too small for appreciation. i used bb q5 before then switch to full touchscreen, then soon this baby key2.

                                                                        • Jesse Lee
                                                                          Jesse Lee  1 months back

                                                                          if there's a BGM,your film would be great

                                                                          • Kekimus
                                                                            Kekimus  1 months back

                                                                            Lmao unbox therapy thumbnail

                                                                            • OBOY
                                                                              OBOY  1 months back

                                                                              Linus: I like the color black. Yo he loves niggas

                                                                              • davepvp
                                                                                davepvp  1 months back

                                                                                I can't help but laugh at the kids commenting on here. Just bought a keytwo today after my keyone crapped out. I personally don't care if its BB, Samsung, motorola, huawei or anything else, but I NEED a physical keyboard. Unless someone can explain to me how to get a touchscreen to work with either cold or dirty hands.
                                                                                Some of us blue collar guys need phones too!

                                                                                • Kyle Klassen
                                                                                  Kyle Klassen  1 months back

                                                                                  What kind of pen is that? I love the way the writing looks.

                                                                                  • kamen ninov
                                                                                    kamen ninov  2 months back

                                                                                    That was the nicest way to ask to watch your video: I will watch it two times :)

                                                                                    • David Lewis
                                                                                      David Lewis  2 months back

                                                                                      Chatsnap eh?

                                                                                      • le Art
                                                                                        le Art  2 months back

                                                                                        idiotic video about a phone LOL

                                                                                        • ChangeOrBeCrushed
                                                                                          ChangeOrBeCrushed  2 months back

                                                                                          you are not only annoyingly effeminate, but also ignorant. congrats.

                                                                                          • Sterling Archer
                                                                                            Sterling Archer  2 months back

                                                                                            If you spent as much time being an adult as you did putting all that crap in your hair...