Can You Guess That Pokéfusion? | Pokémon Fusion Challenge


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    REACT   3 months back

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  • ScrambledTortilla12
    ScrambledTortilla12  3 months back

    As a Pokémon nerd....I think I just fell in love with Emily 😍 lol 😂

    • Luis Rosas
      Luis Rosas  3 months back


      • Duncan Riutta
        Duncan Riutta  3 months back

        Is that Emily from the Overwatch League?

      • Mox
        Mox  3 months back

        You need to stop having only the first 151 Pokémon.

        • Iesha Bush
          Iesha Bush  3 months back

          I think for the way they displayed the rules, it made sense to narrow down the pool. But i think they can do a lot more with the other gens as well

      • Thomas Yang
        Thomas Yang  3 months back

        What the heck is a "tordile?"

      • Kousei Hiraki
        Kousei Hiraki  3 months back

        Was I the only one to think I’ve Victini and not Dritini

      • Darqua Bunny
        Darqua Bunny  3 months back

        “150 generation” what about gen 5 9:21

        • TheSavageKreations11
          TheSavageKreations11  3 months back

          I mean I understood her that she meant 150 Pokémon gen same way some people refer to it as red generation for Kanto and silver for jhoto I’ve even heard emerald generation

        • Mox
          Mox  3 months back

          lol it's not "150 generation", it's "generation 1"

      • Chris Wu
        Chris Wu  3 months back

        This turned into a quick-buzzer game in the middle

        • Daman Karthik
          Daman Karthik  3 months back

          Is it only me or does anyone think Carson looks like Shawn mendes

          • Kick Ass
            Kick Ass  3 months back

            Erm I think Emily won...

            • BorkingHorse
              BorkingHorse  3 months back

              Overall she did but they meant between her and Kenneth.

          • K
            K  3 months back

            "I'm gonna win"

            • Job Martinez
              Job Martinez  3 months back

              I am the number 1 fan of pokemon

            • hello, how are you doing?

              *my discord profile pic is literally "Tangwhirl", a combo of Tangela and Poliwhirl*

              • Roberto Robert
                Roberto Robert  3 months back

                Have them use all 800+ pokemon.

                • Roberto Robert
                  Roberto Robert  3 months back

                  They should have a guess the pokemon tournament.

                  • Toxicloak
                    Toxicloak  3 months back

                    Ali A?

                    • UGN Mazzive
                      UGN Mazzive  3 months back

                      React should play Pokémon sun and moon

                      • Eissa Al-kuwari
                        Eissa Al-kuwari  3 months back

                        Geneva: I'm gonna win
                        Geneva: 4
                        Emily: 10
                        To be continue meme song plays in the background.

                        • Mox
                          Mox  3 months back

                          That's not what the meme's used as.

                        • Stephon Duncan
                          Stephon Duncan  3 months back

                          She told an Asian person she's gonna win lolol

                      • v9lts gaming
                        v9lts gaming  3 months back

                        How did rna win she had 9p but Emily 10p tf

                      • Calvin Zheng
                        Calvin Zheng  3 months back

                        I thought "Weetini" was Weedle + Victini. Like, DUDE.

                      • HoPe
                        HoPe  3 months back

                        Geneva at 0:24

                        Geneva at 11:11


                        • Lpmitviva GHG
                          Lpmitviva GHG  3 months back

                          First Gen Challenges are not even hard , do it on the First 3 than it is one

                          • Linus Grieg
                            Linus Grieg  3 months back

                            Then they should only show the fusion picture or something. It'll be too much to guess from if they only see the name

                        • Drake_Ice7
                          Drake_Ice7  3 months back

                          Rna always rules on Pokemon challenges, love her.

                          • Henrry Torres
                            Henrry Torres  3 months back

                            emily let me marry you

                          • Jaime Drost
                            Jaime Drost  3 months back

                            Emily should do voice-over work. Damn what a voice.

                            • נועם בן ישי בן ישי

                              You know what i hate...

                              All of these pokemon are from gen 1 i have nothing worng with gen 1 but like the one with dratini i was thinking that one of these pokemon was going to be victini

                              • Purdy1337
                                Purdy1337  3 months back

                                You hate that you thought of a gen 5 Pokémon when it was limited to gen 1?

                                That sounds like a you problem.... not an us problem.

                            • Deadly Boltage
                              Deadly Boltage  3 months back

                              Too easy with just gen 1 lol. Everyone knows thouse

                              • נועם בן ישי בן ישי
                                נועם בן ישי בן ישי  3 months back

                                Yes all of these are from gen one but i was thinking of other gen pokemon so i didnt know most of them (i did know all the pokemon there but i didnt have time to think of what pokemon it could be)

                            • matin Banihashemrad
                              matin Banihashemrad  3 months back

                              I’m persian, this one hurt my feelings

                              • Memes Voiceovers
                                Memes Voiceovers  3 months back

                                Weetini shouldnt be there cause technically you cant say if Dratini+Weedle or Weezing+Dratini is correct from just the name

                                • Tracer Overwatch
                                  Tracer Overwatch  3 months back

                                  It's not supposed to be a quiz in the first place, it's just a site with a fun function

                              • Aiman Hakeem
                                Aiman Hakeem  3 months back

                                poor geneva :-) i h8 that stuck up attitude

                                • Mels van Tol
                                  Mels van Tol  3 months back

                                  Weetini = Weezing and VICtini to me...

                                • Josh Howard
                                  Josh Howard  3 months back

                                  How did Rina win with 9 and Emily had 10?

                                  • Lunala Rider!
                                    Lunala Rider!  3 months back

                                    Only gen 1
                                    Where all the other gens at (gen 8 not included)

                                    • Zach0408
                                      Zach0408  3 months back

                                      Because on the website only gen 1 is a thing

                                  • Levi Stokes
                                    Levi Stokes  3 months back

                                    I have one from gen 2. Floricate. Sunflora with raticates face 😂😂

                                    • oof man
                                      oof man  3 months back


                                      • xXMoannaoXx
                                        xXMoannaoXx  3 months back

                                        I thought they would use Brett Ultimus fusions ☹️

                                        • Christian Rivera
                                          Christian Rivera  3 months back

                                          Carson: Easy buckets
                                          Also Carson: *gets almost all of them wrong*

                                          • Fabricio Leon
                                            Fabricio Leon  3 months back

                                            Seeing Emily win was so satisfying lol

                                            • Bella Idk
                                              Bella Idk  3 months back

                                              There’s so many wee Pokémon

                                              • Derek Aleksandar
                                                Derek Aleksandar  3 months back

                                                7:25 PERDISES AND CALAMBER

                                              • Swasome58
                                                Swasome58  3 months back

                                                I didn't hear the part about it being only the first 151 pokemon. I was so off in other generations.

                                                • Swasome58
                                                  Swasome58  3 months back

                                                  My heart stopped when I saw the mr.mime and slowbro fusion.

                                                  • Mr Gamer
                                                    Mr Gamer  3 months back

                                                    Dylan gave me anxiety 😣

                                                    • KenInJA
                                                      KenInJA  3 months back

                                                      Do more of this challenege. Its really good

                                                      • Tristen Jacob
                                                        Tristen Jacob  3 months back

                                                        Only gen 2 next

                                                        • Snuggle nugget
                                                          Snuggle nugget  3 months back


                                                          • calliou is cool
                                                            calliou is cool  3 months back

                                                            Please make more of these, I enjoyed playing along 😆