The Official Push-Up Checklist (AVOID MISTAKES!)

  • Published: 25 March 2019
  • The Push-Up is one of the most commonly performed exercises in the gym, unfortunately it is also one of the most often misperformed exercises. In this video, I’m going to give you a step by step checklist to make sure that you are nailing every piece of the pushup correctly so that you get nothing but gains and avoid the pains that come from doing this wrong.

    The first thing that is helpful to do however is to see the similarities between the pushup and the bench press. If you visualize the movements, they are essentially the same in terms of the mechanics of the press except one is done with a barbell as the resistance and the other utilizes your own bodyweight.

    If you work your way from the top down, you will want to be sure that you’re fixing each area of the chain that could present a weakness. It starts at the head and neck. When you bench press you want to avoid pushing the back of your head into the bench as you press the bar up. This often occurs as people try and generate a counter force to the bar being pressed away from them. On the pushup the head is often driven downwards. The reason here however has more to do with visually trying to cheat the rep. Making your eyes think they are closer to the ground than your body actually is. In either case you want to keep the head in neutral throughout the exercise.

    Next is the shoulders. It is important on both the bench press and the pushup that you unshrug your shoulders prior to starting the repetition. This puts your shoulders in a better position and with less likelihood for impingement. It also naturally helps to correct the position of the elbows during the descent which is something that we will cover later.

    The next place to focus on is the upper back and scapulae. You need to realize just how important this area is if you want to perform a bench press or pushup with maximum force generation and stability. Just as you would not attempt to perform a max vertical jump off of an unstable base like sand, you would not want to try and press from one either. The stability of tightening the shoulder blades and squeezing them together is something that can improve the force with which you can push off of them. Be sure to tighten yours and keep the bar over this area at the beginning and end of every rep.

    Finally, the last set up checklist item is the activation of your glutes. On the push-up in particular, this will create a rigidity in your entire body that will make the transfer of force much more efficient and less likely to be lost at any point in the press. Really squeeze your glutes tight or drive your feet into the floor if you are pressing and you will find that you instantly increase the strength you have on the lift.

    When you begin the press the most important thing you can do is focus on the position of the elbows as they relate to your body. Instead of letting the elbows flare out to the sides be sure to drop them from the horizontal about 30 degrees. This will once again protect your shoulders and actually put you into a more biomechanically strong position to push from.

    Finally, the bar path is critical. Most have heard that the path of a bench press is straight. That is true but that doesn’t mean that it is straight up and down. To perform a bench press properly you want to press on an angle, from low on your chest to back up directly over the position of power and stability that we talked about already. Pausing at the bottom of each rep here will reinforce that you got here with control and not momentum.

    The details like this matter no matter what exercise you’re doing. If you’re looking for a complete program where we put the science back in strength on every exercise to create the best results you are capable of, head to the link below and check out the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems.

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      Hey wesleybvirgin made a video of this workout that equals to 1000 situps

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      I love you jeff! Your the best gym vlogger for me! Very precise! Detailed and everything!

      Question: can an ectomorph at young age turn into mesomorhp when his at 30's?

      Do you know any cheap suplement/powder which can gain muscles and burn fat at the same time?

      Tnx!! More power!
      -rodge frm phil.

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        Ok, do be frank, I was doing the push up wrong, and felt pain in my inner shoulder. When I talked to the instructor at the gym he said me that it's normal and it'll go as you get stronger. After seeing this video, I adjusted my push ups and no pain at all. Although push ups got a hell harder for me, at least no pain. Thanks Jeff, you're a great man.

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          The science in bodybuilding is real. My strength has increased following his techniques. Right On Jeff.

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                      Are you supposed to lock elbows during pressups / diamond pressups??

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                      I have the ability to complete a modified push-up and applying these specific adjustments made the push-up feel fluid. When completing modified push-ups before, it felt uncoordinated. Coordination has always been a struggle for me. So, I appreciate the fluidity of these adjustments!🙂

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                        Man, thanks a lot jeff. Things like the details you tell about every kind of exercise is what i was looking for, for a loooong time. And you know, even the professional gym instructors havn't told what i was doing wrong, so i quit gym and moved to DIY body-weight exercises & yoga. Thanks to you, i know now what i have been doing wrong, still. I'm really hooked up on your videos now. Thanks bro. Wish you all the best.

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                          All of that knowledge and yet you still managed to over complicate a simple exercise.
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                                    A big difference between the two is pushups require a lot more core engagement. I recommend pushups if you can do them along with the bench press.

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                                          Paul Smith the stance and picture are the same, but the arrows show the pathing you should be taking. So your in the stance with your hands in front of you on the floor. When you go down to the floor your hands should be located at chest line. Opposed to having your hands be in the same position when your in up stance and down stance. All this while not adjusting your hands and having your chest and hip in sync.

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                                        How pushup checklists are killing your gains...

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                                                Quick question to anyone. I have just under a year worth of experience lifting and I recently started a 4 day upper lower routine. For push movements I focus on chest shoulders triceps. Would an effective way to train be for example:
                                                Week 1 - chest/strength, shoulders/power, triceps/size
                                                Week 2 - triceps/strength, chest/power, shoulders/size
                                                Week 3 - shoulders/strength, triceps/power, chest/size
                                                Or should I do say chest would be strength for the 1st workout and power for 2nd, then the next week have chest for size the 1st workout than strength. or just go heavy for all 3 on 1st workout, and then do volume? Sorry for long ass comment, I don't feel I've made my point unless you know all the details. Any input would be appreciated.

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                                                  Great video, have been watching your videos recently, and have been employing many of your tips, and I’ve already noticed more definition in both my arms and chest.

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                                                    How might a beginner/out of shape individual be able to adapt this to modified push-ups? I've noted it's difficult to maintain form given certain lines of motion when modifying these pushups to be able to do them at all to build up to a good and proper formed pushup.

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