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What $2,500/month gets you in Manhattan - Apartment Tour (East Village, NYC) JDiculous
3 years back
I spent 3 years in this apartment. $2500/month 1BR in East Village, Manhattan, NYC. We put up a fake wall to turn the living room into another bedroom. 5th floor ...
Living Cheap - Tiny NYC Apartment Tour ($600/month)! LivingBobby
2 years back
This is a tour of a $600 NYC minimalist apartment in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible!
Inside London's smallest apartment CNN
7 years back
CNN's Richard Quest takes you inside London's smallest apartment. It can be yours for a few hundred thousand dollars.
What's The Worst Apartment You've Ever Lived In? OperationMaple
5 years back
This is what it's like living at Jane & Finch, Toronto. SUBSCRIBE and check out our other videos! http://www.operationmaple.com ...
Apartment Hunting in NYC is the Worst CollegeHumor
6 years back
You'll lose your mind. And your security deposit. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: ...
Worst College Apartment Ever! (We Need Help) JrucVlogs
3 years back
1:50 for pictures and video footage of apartment. Please share this with all your friends and help spread the word, especially if you're tired of being taken ...
The WORST Apartment Ever... We'll Take It! (Derpy Bacon and mEGGz Episode 4) FUNnel Boy & Friends
1 months back
SUBSCRIBE ➡️ http://bit.ly/2V5FqD5 If you didnt watch it yet, check out Episode 3 ➡️ https://youtu.be/tlJDfCt7Bu4 Derpy hasn't slept in days, he's got nowhere ...
Step Inside The Most Densely Populated Place on Earth... Thoughty2
3 years back
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The Worst Things about My New Apartment PPPeter
2 years back
My new apartment and the troubles with it. A sarcastic satire video. My Classic Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg8fT_pBD30 ...
The Worst Apartment Design of 2010 slowhome
9 years back
John and Matthew critique the worst apartment / loft design of 2010. For more residential design videos visit: www.slowhomestudio.com.
2 years back
LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIA ○ Thanks for watching my video on NYC apartment quirks and oddities! NYC NEW EMPTY APARTMENT TOUR: ...
My Worst Apartment Experiences Holly Mike
10 months back
I've moved a lot so I have had a lot of neighbours and quite a few strange experiences. I've lived in 8 different "apartments." In today's video, I go through some of ...
My Hong Kong Apartment SO SMALL Exploring With Josh
2 years back
GET OUR MERCH HERE !!!!! http://exploringwithjosh.fanfiber.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO Illsight / james ...
Living At The Worst Reviewed Apartment In My City (LESS THAN 1 STAR) *HEALTH INSPECTOR CALLED* Wearebt4e
4 months back
Living At The Worst Reviewed Apartment In My City (LESS THAN 1 STAR) *HEALTH INSPECTOR CALLED* Subscribe Also Like Instagram ⤵️ -Brandon ...
Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment cobblewagen
3 years back
Read the full description below. This is a lesson in why you should never hire cheap labor. Full description: All hiring and decisions were exclusively between ...
My TINY NYC Apartment tour! - Tiny Brooklyn Apartment in Williamsburg TheTravelingClatt
11 months back
My TINY NYC Apartment tour! - Tiny Brooklyn Apartment in Williamsburg. Today I'll tour you guys through my tiny Brooklyn Apartment! it's tiny and it's an ...
Filthy Section 8 Bad Tenants Caused $13,000 Damage to Rental Apartment jeffostroff
8 years back
This video shows damage at our rental condos by filthy Section 8 tenants from hell who destroyed and trashed our rental apartments. We added a video DIY ...
WORST Apartment EVER!!! / Mommy Vlogger / Daily Mom Life / Family Vlogger SimplyBeingSabrina
1 years back
WORST Apartment EVER!!! / Mom Vlogger / Daily Mom Life / My CrAzY Mommy Life I live in the worst apartment. I went apartment hunting. trying to get my crazy ...
This has to be the worst apartment complex You could ever move into! Angry Rant! DKN1GHT
2 years back
Guys please don't move into Pebble Creek apartment because it's the worst! I'll be making a update video to this problem because the lights went out on one ...
AirBnB - The Best & Worst of AirBnB & Apartment Stays Abroad Wolters World
5 years back
What you will love & hate about staying in apartments abroad. Some of the best & worst of renting from airBnB or Vacation Rental By Owner when you travel ...
Insane Apartment Renovation Mastcom
3 years back
http://www.sasapartments.com/ Paul Ryan talks us through this insane renovation project by Soderberg Apartment Specialists. We see the entire process from ...
4 years back
LAST WEEK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7GL-B8lTYU&list=PLFr3c472Vsty6Sqv8UwzgXx7tOpPhjpfH&index=1 ▽ Follow Me on Social! (Show More) ...
my apartment caught on fire & i'm moving. (not clickbait) Fancy Vlogs By Gab
1 years back
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STUDIO APARTMENT SECRETS | The Worst Things About Living in a Studio Caira Button
2 years back
ALL OF THE THINGS NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT LIVING IN A STUDIO. Don't get me wrong, I love my studio. But there are some things you need to know!
APARTMENT HUNTING (in Boston). The Best and the Worst! Sarah Neylan
2 years back
We've been apartment hunting in Boston and today i'm going to show you all the places that we've looked at (all the good, the bad, and the ugly). Wish me luck ...
How your typical apartment maintenance guy spends his day. Jimmie Jackson
2 years back
I joined Brian on a repair job for a few minutes to see what goes into fixing a door knob for a resident.
Moving From (The Worst Apartment In The City) EliseHaskell
10 years back
Finally started doing some real packing, and to make me a little more motivated I turned it into a music video for Jeff Stone's song 'Worst Apartment In The City", ...
The worst apartment in Tallahassee, Florida Frenizzle
10 years back
Villa Del Lago 1024. The worst roommate leaves the biggest mess. Complete with rotten food, dirty dishes, and beer cans/cases.
Apartment Atrocities shgurr
2 years back
This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back ...
5 years back
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RoiWassabi Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/RoiWassabi Snapchat: WhereIsRoi Snapchat Stories Channel: ...
I Moved Into An OLD APARTMENT.. And The Owner Had An EVIL Plan.. (Roblox) Hyper - Roblox
7 months back
I Moved Into An OLD APARTMENT.. And The Owner Had An EVIL Plan.. (Roblox) ❤️ SUBSCRIBE for more ROBLOX: http://bit.ly/2oAhX8I FOLLOW ME HERE!
Worst Apartment Flip Ever Maintenance MechTech
3 years back
Just a few minutes in my life today. Sorry about the shakey Cam and the lip smacking cotton mouths a bitch sometimes. Thanks for watching and like share and ...
My Aunty's one room Mumbai apartment where she has lived for 55 years in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Travels in India, London & the UK
1 years back
When I was younger and before I had even been to India, my Mother used to tell me that her sister (my Aunty) lived in a one bedroom flat in Bombay. To be ...
APARTMENT MAKEOVER *FAIL* (there’s paint everywhere).. | Kera Ariyel Kera Ariyel
3 months back
THIS WAS A HOT MESS! Today I did a total makeover in my living room and I think I liked how it turned out. What do you guys think? Connect with me on social ...
The best and worst months to rent an apartment in major US cities Business Insider
3 years back
Renthop.com put together a study, compiling data from 5 years, to find out when is the best time to rent an apartment.
Exposing THE WORST Renters...we had to call the police! Apartment Horror Story PART TWO kyeluh
9 months back
PART ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr6Ans9Bb_U Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/kyrebek/ Let's talk on Twitter!
the worst APARTMENT TOUR BreAja Morgan
4 months back
MAKE SURE TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! THANK YOU FOR 1.5k LOVES!!❤️ 1.6 soon?! Other videos: BECOMING A E-GIRL: https://youtu.be/Pge-XhRhDh8 ...
Worst Apartment In The City Jeff Stone - Topic
4 years back
Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Worst Apartment In The City · Jeff Stone Life, Death, Love, Hate, Hope, And Bad Apartments ℗ 2005 Jeff Stone Released on: ...
The worst apartment ever. The brown family. Travis Nighbert
1 months back
Dwain brown and his wife and 2 baby's lived here and tore it up.
4 years back
Like the video and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Checkout my other channel! http://youtube.com/NadeshotPlays Twitter @Nadeshot Facebook @Nadeshot ...
I MOVED - NYC Apartment Tour! *OLD & NEW PLACE* Sara Dietschy
3 years back
Last day in Dallas with the fam and the absolute worst New York City apartment tours ever!! lol My favorite video i've made in awhile! "WHY I NEVER VLOG ...
Living in an Apartment Infested with Rats and Roaches // Horror Story (part 1) Immajeanyus
2 months back
This was the first, and worst apartment I've ever lived in. Sorry I look so rough in this I just woke up. When I started to edit this, I realized these apartments were ...
Worst Apartment Tour of all time Raine B
12 months back
The Title says it all. Music by Mr. Hot Pizza, Check him out on sound cloud. Thank you to Kyra for the best nickname ever.
Worst Apartment Tour!!! Max Denner
4 years back
Sorry if I didn't give you a full tour… Im not good at tours. This video was supposed to be uploaded on Tuesday but the reception was terrible so now Im ...
The Sims 4 Build | BAD APARTMENT Deligracy
3 years back
The Sims 4 run down/bad apartmemt build. Thanks to those who requested this, I had fun! Check out my INSTAGRAM @deligracy, SNAPCHAT: deligracy and ...
Living in the worst rated apartment in our city 👎🏽 | were we scammed? 🤔 Meet the Grants
10 months back
We're back with a story time-ish video hope you guys enjoy. As always, remember to like, comment, and subscribe. To stay in the loop with us ...
Super Mario Party CO OP 3 | The Worst Apartment Complex Sprites and Bytes
4 months back
In this episode we talk about the civil rights struggle of chain chomps and the logistics of making a bib into a tank top. ______ IG: ...