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Spec Ops: The Line - Full Original Soundtrack inter230407
5 years back
All rights belongs to their respective owners. Music composed by Elia Cmiral. Tracklist: 01. Behind The Stormwall [00:00] 02. The Looters [02:16] 03. Downed ...
Wearing Spec Ops gear in the Metro (Sweden) w/ subtitles iSE9
7 years back
New version: http://youtu.be/CP3fgNO9-L8 (Please enable English captions)
The SPEC OPS FALCON with Glory & Thermite Mk2 MAXED - War Robots WR Manni-Gaming
9 months back
War Robots Gameplay of the SPEC OPS FALCON with Glory & Thermite Mk2 Maxed & Boosted. The Most Fun Falcon in WR. My 2nd Gaming Channel: ...
Plugin Alliance - unfiltered audio - SpecOps - Mixing With Mike Plugin of the Week Michael White
2 years back
This video is from the "Mixing With Mike" live online classes every Wednesday evening @ 7PM US Eastern time. All live classes may be attended for FREE!
Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Menu Theme HD Oxynium
8 years back
Composed by Brian Tyler.
Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack - 04 Spec Ops Menu The Noob Captain
10 years back
Name: 04 Spec Ops Menu Artists/Composers: Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe Album: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Complete Score Genre: Soundtrack - Game ...
Spec Ops: The Line Intel pickup recordings part 1 Apocastasis
7 years back
All the intel pickups from the amazing game Spec Ops: The Line. Part two: http://youtu.be/-xOPqTzeU8E.
Halo 2 - Mystery Of The Spec Ops Ultra Grunt (REVISITED & SOLVED) Generalkidd
5 months back
In Halo 2 Anniversary graphics, on the mission Oracle, there's a single mysterious grunt that's both a spec ops and ultra rank. Let's see why it exists! Great Deals ...
Spec Ops: The Line OST - The Atrium gronndar
10 months back
"Looks like we dropped into to that hotel we were heading."
Spec-Ops: Covert Assault (Menu Music) Constable Doge
12 years back
The menu music from the game SO:CA.
Spec-Ops: The Line - The Life of Joe the Main Menu Sniper theMatherson
7 years back
Joe takes on Dubai atop his sky scraper with his distorted music.
Spec Ops: The Line - I: How to Restart a Franchise - Extra Credits Extra Credits
7 years back
Spec Ops: The Line questions the very nature of modern military shooters. It completely exceeded our expectations, so let's take a spoiler free look at how - and ...
Unfiltered Audio SpecOps Review Production Expert
2 years back
In this review Pro Tools Expert Team Member Julian Rodgers looks at SpecOps from Unfiltered audio. This plug in is a spectral processor which uses FFT ...
Spec Ops: The Line OST - Mogwai - Glasgow Mega Snake HD guilmonjy
7 years back
BLINDING LIGHTS!!! AQUARIUM!!!! SONG BLARES!!!!!! Please view this on 480p. After surfing youtube, I could not find a HD audio version of this song--they ...
Spec Ops The Line Extended OST - The Battle lolipopex
7 years back
Taken from here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3QnsH0Gvqo&feature=player_detailpage#t=715s.
Spec Ops: The Line - Battle cobaltfirewarrior
6 years back
"Battle" as heard in the video game Spec Ops: The Line. This actually comprises of multiple songs labeled "battle" in the game's files. I guess the idea was to ...
Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack - Review of the Spec Ops Backpack SlyGuy
4 years back
My review of T.H.E. Pack made by Spec-Ops.
Elia Cmiral - Spec Ops The Line soundtrack-mix phsx
7 years back
Elia Cmiral - Spec Ops The Line soundtrack-mix gamerip/unreleased 2012 ambient, industrial, hard rock, rock ripped by RadeonX1950, put together in audacity ...
Road From Unranked To Spec Ops on C-Ops Football edition One Shot Ma
2 years back
Road From Silver To spec Ops enjoy That Fast Édit. 20 Like #2 Of Trampoline Subscribe Like Comment what kind of vidéo u want watch :) ops, critical ops ...
Spec Ops: The Line OST - "Do I Look Okay To You?" gronndar
11 months back
Code Red! Delta is in the area! Marina has fallen! The whole fucking city has fallen!
Confidential Tip on LA MIL SPEC OPS RedPill78
8 months back
Deep dive on the LA/Long Beach MIL SPEC OPS mission, was this ordered by The President himself?
All Spec Ops: The Line Title Screens AJmon
6 years back
Spec Ops: The Line actually has different title screens depending on which chapter of the game you are currently in. The day and night cycles seen reflect the ...
Dango M1 Maverick Bifold SPEC OPS Review! 1 Month Later! Chrispy Things
6 months back
Here is my review on the Dango M1 Maverick Bifold Spec Ops Tactical Wallet, after using it for about a month! This isn't a wallet if you're looking for a slim, ...
Browning Spec Ops 2018 vs Strike Force HD 2015 Cohort227
1 years back
My review of the Browning Spec Ops Advantage. I compared it to a Browning Strike Force HD 2015 model. The new Spec Ops Advantage camera features an ...
nonoc -「KODO」´Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka´ [Opening/Apertura] Full FR4NK Music
8 months back
BestAnimeMusic Artist▷ nonoc Song▷ Kodo Anime▷ Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARNING!
2018 Browning Spec Ops Advantage - Full Review Part 1 Outdoor'd
1 years back
besttrailcamera2018 #besttrailcamera #besttrailcam #trailcamerareviews #trailcam #trailcamera In this video I review the 2018 browning spec ops advantage ...
Spec Ops: The Line Music - H2O EpicBlargman
7 years back
Music composed by Elia Cmiral Track plays when you fight the 33rd in the Aquarium. Labeled as "H2O" in the games files.
Spec Ops: The Line Music - No Values EpicBlargman
7 years back
Music By Elia Cmiral. One of the most memorable themes of the game. It plays in the final battle and the coop menu. It is labeled as "No Values" in the games ...
Spec Ops: The Line Music - Truth Revealed (High Quality) EpicBlargman
7 years back
Download it here, enjoy! https://mega.co.nz/#!I8lVjAYL!P3wJjUNovvv2hBfPZLaCOS5kxxgevYzo6BIc5m2lCzs.
Opening x13 Prestige & x 17 Spec Ops Crates with new loot items Tippy
1 years back
Open some prestige and spec ops crates with new loot items added to the loot table.
Spec Ops pack frame for THE Pack antman29able
7 years back
A video showing the T.H.E. pack frame used in the T.H.E Pack by Spec Ops gear.
2 years back
Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops Missions On Veteran! If you remember the Special Ops missions from Modern Warfare 2 you'll know that they are very fun but ...
Spec-Ops T.H.E. EDC Pack Review Living Survival
4 years back
Spec-Ops Website: http://www.specopsbrand.com/ Living Survival: http://goo.gl/qH40Hc Second Channel: https://goo.gl/wQE3R2 Facebook: ...
SPEC OPS BATTLE & FIGHTER JET BATTLE! - Tiny Town VR War Gameplay - Oculus VR Game Camodo Gaming
1 years back
SPECIAL OPS BATTLE & FIGHTER JET BATTLE! - Tiny Town VR War Gameplay - Oculus VR Game Welcome to Camodo Gaming's Let's Play of Tiny Town VR!
Spec Ops: The line - Radioman song Ansuz Jeran
5 years back
Ripped by me Edited by me Cover made by me Cover source: http://wallpaperpanda.com/wallpapers/diM/yK9/diMyK94ia.jpg Disclaimer: I only post this for ...