University Challenge S44E16 Manchester vs Sussex psimanjuntak
5 years back
The last of the two highest scoring teams, we have University of Manchester (who lost in the first episode) and University of Sussex. Original air date 3.11.2014.
University Challenge S42E30 - Imperial vs Bangor thespeckledowl
7 years back
11 March 2013 Quarter Finals 6/10.
University Challenge S46E08 psimanjuntak
3 years back
Original air date 29.8.2016.
University Challenge S44E18 Durham vs York psimanjuntak
5 years back
The next second round match for place in Quarterfinal, we have Durham University against York University. Original air date 17.11.2014. This one makes me ...
University Challenge S44E20 Gonville & Caius, Cambridge vs Manchester psimanjuntak
5 years back
Fourth in second round, we have Gonville & Caius College - Cambridge vs University of Manchester. Original air date 1.12.2014. Oh well, looks like an Oxbridge ...
University Challenge S44E13 Corpus Christi - Cambridge vs York psimanjuntak
5 years back
This time, Corpus Christi College of Cambridge meets University of York. First aired 13.10.2014 (I know, my mistake for mulling over for way too long. I'm doing ...
University Challenge S44E15 LSE vs Open psimanjuntak
5 years back
Aired just yesterday (27.10.2014), this is the first of the highest scoring losers in the first round. We've got London School of Economics vs Open University.
University Challenge S46E22 Robinson - Cambridge vs Balliol - Oxford psimanjuntak
3 years back
Another Oxbridge fixture, we have here Robinson College, Cambridge playing against Balliol College, Oxford. If you recall the earlier matches, they're not the ...
University Challenge S47E22 Newcastle vs Southampton psimanjuntak
2 years back
First match of the year: Southampton University against Newcastle University. Original air date 8.1.2018.
University Challenge S44E21 LSHTM vs Bristol psimanjuntak
5 years back
Next second round match, we have London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine against Bristol University. Original air date 8.12.2014. For you who likes ...
University Challenge S44E19 Magdalen-Cambridge vs Open University psimanjuntak
5 years back
Third of the (so far) convincing second rounds, we have Magadalen College of Cambridge against Open University. Original air date 24.11.2014.
University Challenge S44E14 Pembroke-Cambrdige vs Magdalen-Oxford psimanjuntak
5 years back
Pembroke College of Cambridge going against Magdalen College of Oxford. Original air date 20.10.2014.
University Challenge S44E17 Leicester vs Trinity -Cambridge psimanjuntak
5 years back
First of the quarterfinals (or whatever next stage of constest is called), we have Leicester University vs Trinity College - Cambridge. Now the game starts to get ...
University Challenge S44E06 LSHTM vs LSE psimanjuntak
5 years back
So, we have London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine going against London School of Economics. Second most fun episode of the year so far, I think.
University Challenge S44E02 Oxford Brookes vs Jesus-Oxford psimanjuntak
5 years back
Second match, Oxford Brooks meets Jesus College.
University Challenge S44E01 Manchester vs Selwyn-Cambridge psimanjuntak
5 years back
After waiting somebody kind enough to upload the episodes for years, I decided to do it myself this year. The first of the 2014-2015 season, we have Manchester ...
University Challenge S44E34 Liverpool vs Durham psimanjuntak
4 years back
The last of the quarter final rounds, we have the only two non-Oxbridge teams (i.e. the rest of the country) fight for a place in the semi-final: Liverpool University ...
What's Left in Us What's Left in Us Multimedia Project
3 years back
This short documentary follows a campaign at the University of Sussex that seeks to improve student accommodation. The University has a rich tradition of ...
University Challenge S44E11 Exeter vs UCL psimanjuntak
5 years back
Here is University of Exeter vs University College London, 29.5.2014. Sorry for the missing last two weeks. I was busy/lazy/forgetful of things I have to do, this ...
University Challenge S44E08 Glasgow vs Bath psimanjuntak
5 years back
Bath University vs Glasgow University. As usual, things need some time before it gets going.
University Challenge S44E36 Gonville & Caius - Cambridge vs Durham psimanjuntak
4 years back
The penultimate round of the season, we have Gonville & Caius College - Cambridge playing against the only non-Oxbridge representative who can make it this ...
University Challenge S44E26 Oxford Brookes vs St Peter's Oxford psimanjuntak
5 years back
Second of the third round, we have the heavyweight St Peter's College - Oxford against Oxford Brookes University. Original air date 26.1.2015.
Only Connect - Series 10 - Episode 10 wheelsongenius
5 years back
The BBC quiz show "Only Connect", hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell. In this tenth episode of the series, the Wandering Minstrels and the Chessmen show ...
University Challenge S44E05 St Peter's - Oxford vs Sussex psimanjuntak
5 years back
St Peter's College - Oxford against University of Sussex. Another first round match.
University Challenge S44E04 St Anne's - Oxford vs Gonville & Caius - Cambridge psimanjuntak
5 years back
St Anne's College vs Gonville & Caius. Sorry for the delay, but BBC decided not to put new episode last week.
Formula Student 2015 - The University of Sussex - Silverstone - Extended Version Idyllica
4 years back
My Second year covering events at Formula Student the annual mechanical engineering event where Universities from across Europe design and build a race ...
University Challenge S44E03 Bristol vs Courtauld psimanjuntak
5 years back
Third (and better) match, Bristol University vs Courtauld Institute of Arts. Sorry for being tardy.
First day at Sussex University Tobias K
7 years back
Project for uni we filmed about Joe's first day at Sussex.
Liam Hackett's emotional acceptance speech at the University of Sussex DitchtheLabel
2 years back
Watch as Ditch the Label's founder and CEO is honoured by the University of Sussex as the youngest person to receive an honorary doctorate. Skip to 4:00 for ...
University Challenge 2018/19 E5: Clare - Cambridge v Hertford - Oxford. 20 Aug 2018. Jeremy Paxman Ovid
1 years back
University Challenge 2018/19 E5: Clare - Cambridge v Hertford - Oxford. 20 August 2018. Jeremy Paxman.
University Challenge S44E07 Sheffield vs Liverpool psimanjuntak
5 years back
From 2.9.2014, we have Sheffield University vs Liverpool University. Starts out well, though withering later.
University Challenge S44E12 Durham vs Brasenose-Oxford psimanjuntak
5 years back
University of Durham vs Brasenose College - Oxford. Aired 6.10.2014. The worst so far.
LSE Thinks | What role will the US have in international action on climate change? London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
3 months back
Dr. Tristen Naylor answers: What role will the US have in international action on climate change?
University Challenge 2018/19 E21. Goldsmiths v Glasgow. 17 Dec 2018 ViVaHD
9 months back
University Challenge 2018/19 E21. Goldsmiths v Glasgow. 17 Dec 2018. Jeremy Paxman.
University Challenge S44E24 Oxford Brookes vs UCL psimanjuntak
5 years back
This is the last of the second round, so by next week, we'll see the remaining eight teams. This week, we have Oxford Brookes University against University ...
University Challenge - Christmas 2016 E02 Kent v Sussex scum
3 years back
FIXTURES: 19 Dec Manchester vs. St. Anne's, Oxford 20 Kent vs. Sussex 21 City vs. Newcastle 22 ...
University Challenge S44E31 Gonville&Caius - Cambridge vs Magdalen - Oxford psimanjuntak
4 years back
The n-th Quarter Final, we have two interesting teams: Gonville & Caius - Cambridge (which members' looks have elicited interest from some people) against ...
Sussex Off Campus RAs 2016 hints and tips for Freshers Campus & Residential Support
3 years back
Your Residential Advisors are here to help. Hope you enjoy the Off Campus team's welcome and hints and tips! http://www.sussex.ac.uk/campus-support/
University of Sussex Graduation Film - Summer 2016 University of Sussex
3 years back
Shown at Summer Graduation 2016 at the Brighton Dome. Congratulations to the newest members of our global network of over 150000 alumni!
Rattrays Number 7 YABAO NWPipeSmoker
5 years back
That's 'Yet Another Box Already Open' because I was too excited to wait to open it for the video. Some great vintage tobacco, in a great vintage pipe (Redman's ...
Institute of Kindness at Sussex University Latest TV
10 months back
Professor Robin Banerjee, an expert in Developmental Psychology at the University of Sussex, plans to open an Institute of Kindness. His current work looks at ...
Manchester University Inauguration of Dr. David McFadden as 15th President Manchester University
5 years back
Cordier Auditorium was full Friday November 7, 2014 — an abundant response to a man who has “poured his heart and soul into Manchester University for ...