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Continuing our back anatomy theme, let's dive down through the layers of muscles of the back to the erector spinae group. Music by Ryan Little ...
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Hey friends! I get asked how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time a lot, so I thought I'd make a video on my approach. Being ready to build muscle and ...
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Short video of the shoulder muscles of the upper extremity Identifies: - Deltoid - Supraspinatus - Infraspinatus - Teres minor - Teres major - Subscapularis.
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Ninja nerds, In this video we discuss the muscles of the head & neck. Correction at 10:03 [#56]: It is the THYROHYOID, apologies for the mistake. ***PLEASE ...
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Beyond erector spinal we find the transversospinalis muscles of the back. These are small, deep, deep, muscles of the back running between vertebrae.
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