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Kim Kardashian West Opens Up about Kanye, Tristan, and Travis Scott TheEllenShow
10 months back
Kim Kardashian West chatted with Ellen about her husband Kanye West enjoying life as “Dad-ye” to their three kids, what it's like reliving the personal drama ...
Kim on How the Paris Incident Changed Her Life TheEllenShow
2 years back
Kim Kardashian West opened up to Ellen about her experience in Paris, and shared how it's made her a different person.
Kim Kardashian Speaks Out on Khloe's 'Messed Up' Situation TheEllenShow
1 years back
Kim Kardashian opened up about the difficult time her sister Khloe is going through as she juggles being a first-time mom, and the cheating accusations against ...
Kim Kardashian Plays 'Is Kanye Happy Here?” TheEllenShow
1 years back
Kanye West has been known to not smile in photos, so Ellen asked Kim Kardashian to play a new game called "Is Kanye Happy or Not Happy?"
Kim Kardashian Lets Gender of Third Child Slip TheEllenShow
2 years back
Kim Kardashian accidentally revealed the gender of her third child with husband Kanye West, and Ellen helped her choose a name for the baby.
Kim Kardashian and Ellen Meet California Firefighter Who Lost Home TheEllenShow
10 months back
Ellen and her friend Kim Kardashian West met firefighter Michael Williams and his wife Lisa, who lost their home in Southern California's Woolsey fire.
Family Talk with Kim Kardashian West TheEllenShow
2 years back
One of the world's most well-known women caught up with Ellen about her kids, North and Saint, husband Kanye, and everything in between!
Kim Kardashian West on Baby North and Kanye TheEllenShow
5 years back
It sounds like baby and daddy have developed a very special relationship. Hear what Kim had to say about her husband Kanye West and their daughter!
Kanye West Played 'Connect 4' During His Daughter's Delivery TheEllenShow
1 years back
Kim Kardashian chatted with Ellen about the birth of her new daughter, how Kanye played "Connect 4" next to the delivery room, and why they chose Chicago as ...
Kim Kardashian West Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions TheEllenShow
2 years back
Watch Kim Kardashian West break the internet all over again after answering some of the most sizzling questions Ellen could think of.
Kim on Caitlyn Jenner TheEllenShow
4 years back
Kim Kardashian West sat down with Ellen to talk about one of her family's newest additions.
Are Kim and Kanye Going to Have More Kids? TheEllenShow
6 years back
Kim Kardashian gave Ellen an update on baby North, with photos to boot, and told her their plans for more children.
Never Have I Ever: Famous Moms Edition TheEllenShow
4 years back
Kim Kardashian West and Tracee Ellis Ross played a maternal round of one of Ellen's favorite games!
Kris Jenner Plays Who'd You Rather? TheEllenShow
4 years back
The mother of all reality stars played Ellen's new matchmaking game!
Kim Kardashian on Kanye West's Return to Twitter TheEllenShow
1 years back
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian talked to Ellen about what she thinks about Kanye being back on Twitter.
Kim Kardashian West Stops by Reuben’s Makeup Tutorial TheEllenShow
2 years back
Twelve-year-old Reuben de Maid gets the surprise of his life during a KKW Beauty makeup tutorial.
Kim Kardashian West Is a Neat Freak TheEllenShow
1 years back
Kim Kardashian West told Ellen about her unique house habits, which include living in an all-white, label-free house.
Kim Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge TheEllenShow
5 years back
The one and only Kim Kardashian West took Ellen's Ice Bucket Challenge on the show! Check out all the splashy details!
Kourtney Kardashian Plays 'Who’d You Rather?' TheEllenShow
5 months back
Ellen tried to help Kourtney Kardashian find love in a game of "Who'd You Rather?" – and her final answer might surprise you! #KourtneyKardashian #KUWTK ...
Ellen FaceTimes with Kim Kardashian TheEllenShow
3 years back
The two selfie queens caught up before the Webby Awards!
Khloé and Kim's Different Approaches to Fitness TheEllenShow
3 years back
The reality TV star gave Ellen some insight on the drastic differences between the Kardashian sisters' workout routines, and shared details on her Valentine's ...
Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West Jimmy Kimmel Live
2 years back
Guest Host and Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner ...
Watch Concierge Demonstrate Exactly How Kim Kardashian Was Robbed in Paris Inside Edition
3 years back
More from Inside Edition: The concierge at the exclusive Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry is ...
Ellen Unveils Identity of Kim Kardashian's Surrogate TheEllenShow
2 years back
If you've been keeping up with "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" you'll want to see who was really Kim Kardashian's surrogate.
Kim Kardashian West Reveals Donation for California Firefighters TheEllenShow
10 months back
Kim Kardashian West and her family were evacuated from their Southern California home due to the massive wildfires, and she talked to Ellen about how she ...
5 Second Rule with Kanye West TheEllenShow
3 years back
Ellen took on Kanye in a game of quick wit. Someone's "bound 2" win, but who?!
The Kardashians Talk Back to Tweets TheEllenShow
8 years back
Ellen's Twitter followers tweeted some questions for Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. They gave their honest answers on the show.
The Best of Kardashian Family on The Ellen Show TheEllenShow
1 years back
There is no better way to kick off Kardashian Week than by revisiting some of the best Kardashian and Jenner family moments! Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kylie, ...
Ellen Keeps Up with Kourtney Kardashian TheEllenShow
4 years back
The Kardashian sister chatted about everything from Kendall and Harry to her bond with Bieber. Her sister Khloé even joined in on the fun!
Kourtney Kardashian Weighs in on Khloé's Status with Tristan, and Co-Parenting with Scott TheEllenShow
5 months back
"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Kourtney Kardashian talked with Ellen about how it's going with her ex-partner Scott, and how they're co-parenting their ...
Another Baby for Kim and Kanye? TheEllenShow
5 years back
Ellen asked Kim Kardashian West about her and Kanye's plans to grow their family!
Kendall Jenner Plays 'Hot Hands: Kardashian Jenner Edition' TheEllenShow
3 years back
Ellen created a special version of her hot new game just for Kendall! Can the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star keep up with the "Hot Hands"?
Kim Kardashian West on Kylie Becoming a Billionaire Jimmy Kimmel Live
1 years back
Kim talks about her sister Kylie becoming a billionaire, the family's response to it, learning a lot from each other as siblings and reveals if Kylie is good at giving ...
Kim on Kanye Running for President TheEllenShow
4 years back
Kim Kardashian West talked to Ellen about her husband Kanye West's big announcement. See what the potential future First Lady had to say!
Ellen Is Thankful for the Kardashians TheEllenShow
2 years back
Kim reveals the gender of her new baby, Kris Jenner's eventful trip to the 99 Cents Only store, and Karla Kardashian spreads rumors about Kendall and ...
Kim Kardashian West’s Revealing Spray Tan Experience TheEllenShow
5 years back
She got caught in the buff in her own home! Listen to what Kim had to tell Ellen about this embarrassing run-in.
Kris Jenner Answers 'Ellen’s Burning Questions' TheEllenShow
11 months back
Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner answered "Ellen's Burning Questions," including which daughter she thinks is the smartest, whether Kylie is planning for ...
Kim and Kanye on Naming a Sibling for North TheEllenShow
4 years back
Before Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West had chosen a name for baby number two, Ellen had some suggestions to get them started in the right direction!
Kim Kardashian & Jenna Spills on ellen 2017 Just Ellen
2 years back
Kim Kardashian on Paris incident & how it changed her life on ellen Kim Kardashian talks about Caitlyn Jenner on ellen.
Khloe Kardashian Talks 'Surreal' First Pregnancy and Possible Marriage TheEllenShow
2 years back
Mom-to-be Khloe Kardashian chatted with Ellen about her first pregnancy, including being out of breath, her boyfriend's sympathy cravings, and if she and ...
Kendall Jenner Plays High Fashion 'Heads Up!' ElleN Fun CluB
2 years back
Supermodel Kendall Jenner is used to being on the runway, but when she played "Act It Out: High Fashion Edition" with Ellen, it was a whole different ball game.
Sneak Peek of the Kardashians' Newest TV Show TheEllenShow
5 months back
Kim Kardashian recently revealed she's studying to become a lawyer, and Ellen got her hands on a preview of the TV show in the works about her new venture.
3 years back
Are These Kim Kardashian's Real Tweets? TheEllenShow
9 years back
Just like Ellen, Kim Kardashian is a big fan of her Twitter account. Today Ellen had a bunch of tweets and tried to figure out if they were Kim's or not. Can you ...
Kim Kardashian Has Grocery Store Birthday Dreams TheEllenShow
2 years back
The reality TV star is one of the most famous people in the world, and yet she has just one important birthday wish – to go grocery shopping with her kids.
Kim Kardashian explains why she's becoming a lawyer CNN
5 months back
Kim Kardashian shares details about her relationship with President Trump and why she decided to meet him to discuss criminal justice reform. #CNN #News.
Ellen Can Tell by Khloe's Eyes That Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant TheEllenShow
2 years back
While Khloe Kardashian just confirmed her pregnancy, her half-sister Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm her own baby rumors. Luckily, Ellen has the special ability ...
Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep for Baby #4 and Criminal Justice Reform The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
7 months back
Kim Kardashian West talks to Jimmy about preparing for her fourth child, her road to becoming a criminal justice reform advocate and her attempts to erase the ...