The Engineering Behind The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is a huge deal. It's the first high-volume Ford built on a dedicated electric vehicle platform, marking what could be a major ...
Why The Yugo ISN'T The Worst Car Ever | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky and Erik Schilling put an ultimatum to every hack out there who wants to put the Yugo on their worst car lists. Subscribe to Jalopnik: ...
The Tatra 603 Was Designed in Secret | 5 Things To Know Jalopnik
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The Tatra 603 is a gleefully strange car, unlike pretty much anything else before or since. That's probably why Jason Torchinsky is so gaga over it, and why these ...
Supra Vs RX-7: 1990s Dream Car Showdown! ✨ Jalopnik
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When you have a chance to drive a stock Toyota Supra Turbo and FD Mazda RX-7, the high points of Bubble Era over-engineering, you don't say no. But do ...
The 48-Year-Old BMW We Drove Across The U.S. | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Take a closer look at this 1970 BMW 2500 that travelled with two Jalops from Washington to NYC. Subscribe to Jalopnik: http://bit.ly/2Nvw7Ew Visit us at: ...
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Why go to a car show, if you know you're going to get impounded? Read more: ...
Nothing Says Determination Like A Caged Miata Parked In Manhattan | Carspotting | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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If your dream is of driving to the limit on a twisting road course, there is no car closer to that ideal than an original Mazda Miata, caged on sticky tires. And if your ...
Driving a Volvo Big-Rig w/ Jason Torchinsky | Time for Trucks Pt 2 Jalopnik
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No one seems to care about trucks but they should because civilization would collapse without them. In this two-part series Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik shows ...
A Look Inside The Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and BMW i3 Jalopnik
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Are you curious how EVs work? We sure as hell are, so we found a Tesla Model 3 and two other EVs all taken totally apart, so we could take a really, really deep ...
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The automotive industry has tirelessly worked away at cheapening horsepower over the last couple of decades, and now we find ourselves in a era of gross ...
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Our own David Tracy cracked open his Jeep's 250000-mile engine to see what was inside. Read more: ...
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Check out this video featuring Scott Parker's illustrations of 50 Famous Cars (Corrected). We know there are more, but there's just way too many to list!
Inside The Awesome New VW Camper "California" Jalopnik
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We love the new VW Camper! Oddly enough, it's called the "California," even though it won't be sold in America. Come on, VW! What gives? Sell that beauty ...
5 Things You Should Know About the VW Microbus Jalopnik
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The Volkswagen Type 2, better known as the Microbus, VW Van, Hippie Bus, Kombi, or whatever else, maybe one of Jason Torchinsky's favorite vehicles of all ...
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Jalopnik takes a look at what it's like to sleep inside a truck. Check out more from our 'Time For Trucks' series: ...
Clarkson and May’s Thoughts On Life, Speed, The Grand Tour, and the US Election | BLIP! Jalopnik
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We sat down with Jeremy Clarkson and James May to ask them stuff. Subscribe to Jalopnik: https://goo.gl/u7sDEk Visit us at: http://jalopnik.com/ Like us at: ...
How Much Fits in the Trunk of a Mini Cooper? | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Just how much autumnal goodness can Erica cram in the back of a mini cooper. Subscribe to Jalopnik: http://bit.ly/2Nvw7Ew Visit us at: http://jalopnik.com/ Like ...
Driving A Car With a Transmission Half Made Out of Paper Jalopnik
9 months back
Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a car from the early 1900s with a transmission half made out of paper? Of course you have--you're human.
The Most Amazing Secret Car Collection In America Jalopnik
1 years back
Christiansburg, VA is a town of about 20000 people, and even if you spent all day walking around the town, I don't think your take-away from the town would be ...
Learn How To Drive Stick In Five Minutes | Neat Stuff in Cool Cars Jalopnik
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It's a given that every human has a soul-demanding right to know how to drive a manual transmission, and it's one of the greatest problems facing mankind today ...
They Don't Make Cars Like The Mazda RX-7 Anymore | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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We took a spin in the original, first-generation 1980 Mazda RX-7. Its lightweight, analog and fun-at-all-costs attitude changed our lives. We need to bring back ...
Is This Three-Wheeled EV The Future of Commuting? | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Arcimoto shared their "FUV", Fun Utility Vehicle with us for a spin around the city to talk about why this three-wheeled electric vehicle could be the future of ...
The 1970 Triumph GT6+ Is A Bloody Brilliant Sports Car | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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The Mazda Miata that everyone loves is supposed to be based on old British sports cars like the Triumph GT6+. The thing is every time you see one on the road, ...
What It's Like To Drive The Two Weirdest Luxury Cars In America Right Now | Jason Drives Jalopnik
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For as long as anyone can remember, there has always been a fierce rivalry between the Fisker Karma and the Citroen C6. Find out which car Jason likes the ...
The Citroën 2CV Was So Basic It Was Brilliant | Jason Drives Jalopnik
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Turning a century old is always something to celebrate, especially a company as weird as Citroën, one of the most consistently weird carmakers ever. For this ...
You Can't Beat a Crown Victoria | Car vs America Jalopnik
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Mike and Raph take a look at America's last great sedan, the Ford Crown Victoria. Subscribe to Jalopnik: https://goo.gl/u7sDEk Visit us at: http://jalopnik.com/ ...
The Volkswagen Space Vizzion Brings The Wagon Into The Future | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Volkswagen's main concept car at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show wasn't the most outlandish or flashy concept it has ever had, but was in many ways as much ...
What Is the Best Used Bus for Under $5000 Jalopnik
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Today's episode Justin asks a bunch of strangers what BMW stands for, and then we buy a bus for under $5000, not really. Read more: Follow Jalopnik on: ...
What's The Best Under $30,000 Performance Car? Jalopnik
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What's the best bang for your performance buck? Host Doug DeMuro asks Jalopnik's Travis Okulski, Aaron Brown and Tavarish why you should take a WRX ...
Ford's Amazing Mach-E Coupe Is The Biggest Surprise At The LA Auto Show | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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Wow. I have to really hand it to Ford; I've never seen an automaker keep a secret this big, this well. Ford has accomplished something very few others have—a ...
Why The Subaru WRX Is The Only Family Car For Enthusiasts Jalopnik
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The decision is unanimous: The Subaru Impreza WRX is the best car for an enthusiast with a family. Our experts give every reason why. Read more here: ...
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Can you offroad a lifted Subaru Outback? Yes, you can. And you abso-freakin-lutely should. Read more: ...
The Ultimate Air-Cooled Volkswagen Gathering | Jalopnik Jalopnik
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The “Treffen Cruise" is filled with intrepid air-cooled Volkswagen owners. Watch Jason Torchinsky geek out as he shows us all the air-cooled VWs at this ...
Jalopnik Is Rebuilding An Old Jeep J10 Pickup Jalopnik
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There's no new Jeep pickup truck, so we're just gonna rebuild an old one. A couple months ago, I was visiting my friend in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Since I ...
Which Is Better: The 2017 Ford Raptor Or A 1991 Yugo? | Neat Stuff in Cool Cars Jalopnik
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We finally tackle the age-old question. Does a 1991 Yugo compare to a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor? Our money is on the Yugo. Subscribe to Jalopnik: ...
Park a Toyota Camper To Avoid Paying Rent in NYC | Carspotting Jalopnik
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The East Village has some lovely, lovely cars, and we're bringing them directly to you. This week on Carspotting, Raph finds a '97 Porsche Boxster and a Toyota ...
A Close Look At The 2019 Rivian EV Pickup Jalopnik
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Our design fetishist Jason Torchinsky got a chance to take a look at the 2019 Rivian EV Pickup at the New York Auto Show. We can definitely for sure say that ...
The Shelby GT500 Is So Fast You'll Need A Six-Point Harness Jalopnik
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The GT500 roared through the corners, its grip just managing to catch what the engine put down. Inside, the sensation thundered between engaging in an aerial ...
How Jalopnik Actually Works | The Torchinsky Files Jalopnik
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Welcome to the The Torchinsky Files, the show where Jason Torchinsky yammers at you from his basement. This week Jason gives you a behind-the-scenes ...
What Car Should Someone Buy If They Absolutely Hate Cars? Jalopnik
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Believe it or not, there are people on this planet who despise cars! So when they're shortest commute to work happens to be via a car, what do they buy?
What It's Like To Drive The Tesla Model X Jalopnik
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We got a few minutes behind the wheel of one of the first Tesla Model X CUVs. Here's what that was like. Read more: ...
Why The LS Engine Swap is So Popular Jalopnik
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One of the most common engine swaps of all time is the LS, but why? What is it about this engine that makes it so popular? This 944 racing team built the perfect ...
How To Off-Road Your Beater Truck Jalopnik
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Want to try off-road driving, but you're not sure how to start? All you really need's a cheap truck and a little patience. We'll walk you through the rest in this primer ...
The Correct Pronunciation of Porsche | Carguments Jalopnik
2 years back
Raph and Kristen argue about the correct pronunciation of Porsche. Subscribe to Jalopnik: https://goo.gl/u7sDEk Visit us at: http://jalopnik.com/ Like us at: ...
The Autozam AZ-1 Is The World’s Smallest Supercar Jalopnik
2 years back
We got a chance to cram Andrew Collins into an Autozam AZ-1. It turns out, even if he could get out of this amazing KEI car, he doesn't want to.
The Most Eccentric Car Collection, Uncut -- JALOPNIK ON /DRIVE THE DRIVE
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A French sports car with just enough seats for a driver's wife and mistress. A proto-SUV with a plywood roof. The ugliest convertible in the world. You've already ...
What's The Best Car For A Teenager? | Doug DeMuro Jalopnik
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Classic Car Club Manhattan's Jeannette Klein, our Nicole Conlan, and Doug DeMuro debate the topic, with Tavarish providing some good used car options.
How To Drive Classic Cars Every Day -- JALOPNIK ON /DRIVE THE DRIVE
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How does a NYC car club with 300+ members keep its fleet of quirky classics alive on the mean streets? By following a few simple rules -- and always being ...