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Managing medical emergencies at 36,000 ft: A guide to Air Canada’s in-flight emergency medical kit StMichaelsHospital
2 years back
Drs. Alun Ackery and David Kodama walk through Air Canada's in-flight emergency medical kit. "Is there a doctor on-board?": Practical Recommendations for ...
Managing medical emergencies at 30,000 feet CNN
4 years back
Is there a doctor on board? CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta finds out how airlines prepare for in-flight medical emergencies.
Nurse Assists Pilot With Midflight Medical Emergency ABC News
6 years back
Pilot receives life-saving care after flight crew finds passenger that has the skills to help.
3 years back
[ 6.13.2016 - 6.17.2016 ] Our job is so much more than "just pouring cokes," this is one of those times where we have to be mini-nurses, too. Pack with Me ...
"Is There a Doctor On Board?" | My Experience Kevin Jubbal, M.D.
1 years back
When the flight attendants announce "is there a doctor onboard?" it gets your heart racing if you're a doctor. This is my experience being on an international ...
IS THERE A DOCTOR HERE?! Real Doctor Talks Medical Emergencies Doctor Crystal MD
11 months back
You've definitely seen it in movies… usually on a plane when someone asks “Is there a doctor on board?” Medical emergencies happen way too frequently in ...
How to handle in-flight medical emergencies News4JAX
2 years back
What you should do if someone suffers a medical emergency during a flight.
Woman’s Mid-Flight Medical Emergency The Doctors
11 months back
The Doctors and legal analyst Sara Azari discuss the case of a woman who had a pulmonary embolism during a flight and whether the airplane should have ...
How can airlines help passengers prevent medical emergencies? | Sponsor: Emirates Carnegie Mellon Integrated Innovation Institute
4 years back
Teams from the Pittsburgh & Silicon Valley campuses collaborated in these final team projects for our Enterprise Innovation Spring 2015 course.
Phoenix-based company helps with in-flight medical emergencies Cronkite News
4 years back
MedAire MedLink receives calls from a flight attendant, the cabin crew or pilot during in-flight emergencies and walks them through treatment so passengers can ...
Southwest Flight 3858, 10-28-18 Medical Emergency Shane Brown
12 months back
Crazy flight today, BWI to Vegas, female passenger has cardiac arrest and passes, then when on the ground for that diversion, another passenger has a medical ...
ER doctor says United staff questioned credentials during emergency on flight 9NEWS
10 months back
During a medical emergency on her flight, a Denver ER doctor who is also our 9NEWS medical expert jumped in to help. But she says the situation didn't go as ...
Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN'T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup Doctor Mike
3 months back
WATCH ME IN THE HOSPITAL (VLOG): Well, this flight was exciting, to say the least! Luckily it was a learning experience for both ...
Medical Emergency During Flight! Erynn Samara
4 years back
Find an Internship Abroad! : instagram: m_skelly.
In-Flight Medical Emergencies | A Review UPMCnews
10 months back
Millions of people will board airplanes to visit family and friends this holiday season. 1 in 604 flights will experience an in-flight medical emergency. A new ...
ICN Victoria - Hosegood on In-Flight Medical Emergencies Part 2 ICN Victoria
5 years back
ICN Victoria presents Dr Ian Hosegood, medical director for QANTAS Airways, in part 2 of this entertaining talk on In-Flight Medical Emergencies. Recorded in ...
Medical emergency on my Ryanair flight[EL-DCY] Flightsimmer101
3 years back
Hello . This is a video I was recording for my first video on the channel , instead I ended up catching a medical emergency . The flight was from East-midlands to ...
Medical emergency leads to frenzy on Cincinnati-bound flight WLWT
10 months back
Medical emergency leads to frenzy on Cincinnati-bound flight Subscribe to WLWT on YouTube now for more: Get more Cincinnati news: ...
ICN Victoria - Hosegood on In-Flight Medical Emergencies Part 1 ICN Victoria
5 years back
ICN Victoria presents Dr Ian Hosegood, medical director for QANTAS Airways, in part 1 of this entertaining talk on In-Flight Medical Emergencies. Recorded in ...
Medical emergency, Midflight spoiler deployment Airbus A340-600. Lufthansa flight MUC-CLT. Daniel Rivera
6 years back
First time I have seen this in all my flying to slow down pretty quick, mid-flight. About an hour before touchdown. Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 from Munich to ...
My First Medical EMG | FLIGHT ATTENDANT LIFESTYLE VLOG 14 | TheEKLifestyle EwitaK
3 months back
What started off as a regular, uneventful 3 day ended with me experiencing my first inflight medical emergency situation. Luckily there were plenty of medical ...
Sexiest doctor alive saves life on flight Chasing News
3 months back
Coverage from Chasing News with Bill Spadea.
Priority Landing for a Medical Emergency on a Flight From Dubai | Heathrow: Britains Busiest Airport ITV
4 months back
There's drama in Terminal 3 for young Passenger Experience Manager Harry as he deals with a medical emergency on a flight arriving from Dubai. Catch up ...
The Flight Attendant Life | Medical Emergency + Being The Lead Flight Attendant Trolley Dolly
4 months back
Flight attendants are trained for 4-6 weeks on medical emergency situations and actually emergency situations... only about half a day is spent on service ...
Doctor Saves Life of Asthmatic 2-Year Old on Transatlantic Flight ABC News
4 years back
Dr. Kurshid Guru saved the child's life by creating a makeshift pediatric nebulizer from material on board the flight.
Medical Emergencies | Flight Attendant Life Trendee Rocks
1 months back
Had a medical emergency on one of my flights. SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: Twitter: ...
Flight diverted to Milwaukee due to medical emergency WISN 12 News
2 years back
Flight diverted to Milwaukee due to medical emergency Subscribe to WISN on YouTube for more: Get more Milwaukee news: ...
Air Caribes medical emergency in Terceira - 2016-08-17 mix3dbreed
3 years back
Air Caribes flight from Fort-De-France para Paris had to make a u turn to land in Lajes, Terceira. Probably due to a medical emergency. The Airbus A330-323 ...
Paramedics Are on Call for a Medical Emergency! | Heathrow: Britains Busiest Airport ITV
4 months back
After a long haul flight from Australia a passenger has taken ill, the paramedics have been called in to help deal with the situation! Catch up now on the ITV Hub: ...
3 Day New Year Trip + A Medical Emergency : The Flight Attendant Life Galley Ally
9 months back
Happy New Year! I myself am going to work on my inner self while trying to "modify" my outer self so I feel better in my skin! Y'all are amazing people! Live every ...
The Flight Attendant Life | Recurrent Training, BNA Layover, + TWO MEDICAL EMERGENCIES!!!! Trolley Dolly
2 months back
Every year flight attendants and pilots need to go through training to keep flying for the year, it's called Recurrent Training. In other words it's just a review on all ...
Assistance Centre: In-Flight Medical Emergency Support International SOS
3 years back
Learn how MedAire, an International SOS company, offers support and assistance when a medical situation occurs during a flight.
Medical Emergencies: Paramedic Meet the Helpers
5 months back
Explore the role of a paramedic during a medical emergency in our neighborhood. Learn more at
Vipin Malik, MD: What to Do During an In-Flight Medical Emergency MD Magazine
2 years back
There's a medical emergency in one in every 604 flights. Here's what doctors need to know so they can handle them correctly.
Medical Emergency Charter Flight Call +91 9930403019 Airnetz Charter
10 years back
Medical Emergency Charter Flight. Call +91 9930403019 Also available in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad. Also available for aerial tour, private ...
[REAL ATC] Emirates B777 with EMERGENCY FUEL at Vancouver! VASAviation -
3 years back
Do you want to get into the VASAviation team? Send an email to [email protected] :) Follow @VASAviation on TWITTER to get all the news about the ...
Lil Wayne Hospitalized After In-Flight Medical Emergency Stereotude
7 years back
Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Lil Wayne's private jet was forced to make an ...
Westjet In-Flight Emergency JCVdude
12 years back
See how Westjet handles an in-flight emergency.
The "Real Life" of a Flight Attendant | Vlog 36 | MEDICAL EMERGENCY!! AshleySmithTV
2 years back
On this episode of the “Real Life” of a Flight Attendant we had a medical emergency. PLEASE Subscribe, Like, Comment and of course ENJOY! See more: ...
Emirates Airbus A380 Emergency landing and Fuel dumping Airflygo
4 years back
SUBSCRIBE and follow on Instagram Here we are onboard Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EDT) flight number EK5 on January from Dubai to ...
The "Real Life" of a Flight Attendant | Vlog 92 | THREE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES! AshleySmithTV
5 months back
FlightAttendant #FlightAttendantLife #TheRealLifeOfAFlightAttendant On this episode of the "Real Life" of a Flight Attendant, I had THREE medical emergencies ...
Medical emergency diverts Allegiant flight headed to ELM WETM 18 News
1 years back
Medical emergency diverts Allegiant flight headed to ELM.
Transatlantic Flight Diverted due to Medical Emergency - Spring Break Day 1 Colton Fisher
3 years back
For Spring Break '17 I went on a trip to France with my sister and her husband. This is the first video from the trip! There was a medical emergency on my flight ...