Dr. Oz Explains the Healthcare System DoctorOz
3 years back
With Donald J. Trump now President of the United States, many Republicans in Congress are seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This means that the ...
2. The Advent of AI in Healthcare Cleveland Clinic
11 months back
Once thought as a futuristic threat to humankind, artificial intelligence is now a part of everyday life. In healthcare, AI is changing the game with its applications in ...
MD vs. Machine: Artificial intelligence in health care Harvard Medical School
5 months back
Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way doctors practice medicine. Can medical data actually improve health care?
Next Generation of Health Care Technology at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Johns Hopkins Medicine
7 months back
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is now using smartphone technology for all care team members to improve patient safety, help provide a quieter hospital ...
Healthcare Management & Leadership Cleveland Clinic
7 years back
The management and leadership at the Cleveland Clinic is second to none. With our leadership roundings we talk to our caregivers so we can understand what ...
GE Healthcare Beyond Imaging GE Healthcare
1 years back
Discover GE Healthcare.
IBM Watson at Work: Transforming Healthcare - Boston Children's Hospital | Innovation Summit 2014 Boston Children's Hospital
5 years back
Join Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President of the IBM Watson Group, and Dan Cerutti, Vice President of Watson Commercialization, for a discussion about how a ...
Healthcare in Singapore Healthcare Triage
5 years back
Singapore is a small city-state that likely isn't as well known to you as some of the other countries we've discussed before. But they've got one of the most ...
Transforming Health Care: Understanding the Affordable Care Act and What Might Come Next Harvard Medical School
2 years back
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been widely debated. While many believe that health care should be accessible to all, not all agree on which methods are ...
Mayo Clinic Transform 2018 - IQ2 Health Care Debate Mayo Clinic
11 months back
Moderated by John Donovan of Intelligence Squared U.S., this year's debate is: Retail Alliances – Not Washington – Will Save the U.S. Health Care System.
Improving access to healthcare: too big to solve alone Novartis
9 years back
Imagine if your drive to the doctor weren't a drive at all -- that's only the beginning of the challenge of improving access to healthcare in the developing world.
Defining Quality: Aiming for a Better Health Care System IHI Open School
11 years back
So you want to improve the quality of health care. But what, specifically, should you aim to improve? In this video, IHIs Former CEO Don Berwick describes a ...
Cleveland Clinic: Quality Health Care & Safety Cleveland Clinic
10 years back
Everyone who works at the Cleveland Clinic is committed to their piece of the puzzle of quality and patient safety. Safety for patients and visitors starts when ...
Digital Health – Moving Health Forward with Memorial Healthcare System Memorial Healthcare System
7 months back
Digital Health enables you to connect with your healthcare team and tools from wherever you are, empowering you to take ownership of your health. “Digital ...
First-Hand Look at Health Care Careers Kaiser Permanente Thrive
6 years back
Nearly 150 Bay Area high school and community college students aspiring to careers in health got a glimpse of the wide array of jobs in health care during a ...
The Future of Community-based Healthcare The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
4 years back
The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
Why Medical Bills In The US Are So Expensive CNBC
9 months back
The American health-care system is in a tug of war between physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and shareholders. At the center of it ...
Researching unconscious bias in health care - Michelle van Ryn, Ph.D. Mayo Clinic
4 years back
Michelle van Ryn, Ph.D., a researcher at Mayo Clinic, describes unconscious bias in health care and research underway to understand and address the issue.
The real reason American health care is so expensive Vox
2 years back
Hint: single-payer won't fix America's health care spending. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like ...
The Central Role of Radiology Technology in Providing Seamless | Philips Healthcare Philips Healthcare
2 weeks back
Pioneeers Philips Healthcare and The University of Vermont Health Network are designing the future of radiology and creating a population health model.
Healthcare in Germany Healthcare Triage
5 years back
The last international health care system we covered – Singapore – got a great response from all of you. This week. We head back to Europe. Specifically, we're ...
Future of Nursing. Join Our Team at Memorial Healthcare System Memorial Healthcare System
2 years back
Memorial Healthcare System is the third largest public healthcare system in the nation. With over 13500 employees, the impact MHS and its employees have on ...
GE Healthcare Imaging 2030 - Meet Sophie GE Healthcare
6 months back
This worldwide premiere video takes us through the journey of a breast cancer patient and how the future of imaging has impacted her care pathway.
The Economics of Healthcare: Crash Course Econ #29 CrashCourse
3 years back
Why is health care so expensive? Once again, there are a lot of factors in play. Jacob and Adriene look at the many reasons that health care in the US is so ...
Hand Hygiene for Health Care Workers - Germ Smart Saskatchewan Health Authority - Saskatoon area
5 years back
A How-to Hand Hygiene Video for Health Care Workers. Germ Smart is a Saskatoon Health Region handwashing program. As much as 80% of germs can be ...
Howard Chiou on the Culture of Healthcare Stanford Medicine X
5 years back
Howard Chiou, MD-PhD candidate in anthropology at Emory University, presents at Stanford Medicine X at Stanford University on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
Healthcare: is it a right or a luxury? | Tarik Sammour | TEDxAdelaide TEDx Talks
2 years back
Is healthcare a right or a luxury? The answer each individual gives to that question depends largely on their previous experiences with medical care, and on ...
What healthcare will look like in 2020 | Stephen Klasko | TEDxPhiladelphia TEDx Talks
5 years back
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. How will healthcare change in the future? Dr. Stephen Klasko ...
Healthcare - where are we headed? Novartis
9 years back
Patients, diseases and healthcare are changing - and this affects your health. © 2010 Novartis AG.
Kaiser Permanente's Integrated Health Care Model Kaiser Permanente Thrive
5 years back
When people talk about Kaiser Permanente, they often mention Integrated Health Care. But what does that mean? And what can it do for you? See how care ...
6 Strategies: Competitiveness in Healthcare Siemens
3 years back Want more insights about staying competitive? Find this white paper, best practices, and inspiring resources for ...
Australian Health Care Healthcare Triage
5 years back
Healthcare Triage has merchandise! Get mugs and posters here: It's been a while since we've done an international health care system ...
How French Health Care Compares To The US System CNBC
4 months back
France's health-care system, which is called "social security," has been globally recognized for overall quality. In a 2000 report, the World Health Organization ...
China's Ailing Healthcare System | Inside China CNBC International TV
5 years back
China's ailing healthcare system. CNBC take a look at China, A country with 1.3 billion people. How do you make a public healthcare system that benefits the ...
Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? vlogbrothers
6 years back
In which John discusses the complicated reasons why the United States spends so much more on health care than any other country in the world, and along the ...
Healthcare system overview | Health care system | Heatlh & Medicine | Khan Academy Khan Academy
8 years back
The different roles in the healthcare system. Created by Sal Khan. Watch the next lesson: ...
Canada's Healthcare System Explained! Healthcare Triage
6 years back
Last week we discussed the United States health care system. This week we discuss Canada's. We also take some time to bust some myths about their single ...
How is technology changing the healthcare sector? World Government Summit
2 years back
Personal technology is paving the way for a new era for healthcare that is changing the way we make medical decisions and how we receive treatment.
Health Predictions: the future of healthcare (ISCF - Ageing Society) Innovate UK
3 years back
In the latest of our Predictions series, we take a look at what the future of healthcare will look like. Could artificial intelligence and smart technology improve ...
The Healthcare System of the United States Healthcare Triage
6 years back
We've been getting a lot of requests to talk about the health care systems of different countries. It's really hard to compress the complexities of each into an ...
Doctors Explain Why U.S. Healthcare Is So Expensive (HBO) VICE News
2 years back
VICE News visited a bunch of doctors in an attempt to make sense of our convoluted health care costs. What do the doctors say is needed to improve overall cost ...
How Much I PAY at a Japanese Hospital on Japan's Healthcare System Paolo fromTOKYO
8 months back
The Japanese Healthcare system is considered Universal since it's suppose to covers everyone in Japan. So anyone living in Japan including myself even as a ...
Healthcare Startup | Josh Liu | [email protected] TEDx Talks
5 years back
Dr. Joshua Liu shares his ideas on how to improve healthcare by capitalizing on the accelerating world of mobile technology, an approach that has catapulted ...
Michael Porter on "Value Based Health Care Delivery" Harvard Business School
8 years back
Faculty Perspectives on Healthcare. March 7, 2012.
Healthcare in The United Kingdom Healthcare Triage
5 years back
We've done the US, Canada, and France. None of them are really socialized healthcare systems. To get at that, we need to go look at a system like that of the ...
The Healthcare System of France Healthcare Triage
5 years back
We've covered the United States and Canada. today, we cross the Atlantic to discuss the healthcare System in France. Their system is a combination of ...
The Health System of Taiwan: HCT Healthcare of Many Nations Healthcare Triage
2 years back
Every once in a while, we like to take a moment and focus on health systems around the world. Today, we're looking at Taiwan, which made the transition to a ...