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Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold Full Foldable Comparison including Hands-on, Size, Display, Design, Camera, Battery & Price. ▻▻▻SUBSCRIBE for ...
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Here is my comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Note 10+. -TDD.
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The new Surface Duo is a Microsoft android based Dual screen device, which is different from a foldable display. So which of these devices will you get?
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Let's Connect Instagram: Twitter: 2 DON'T Buy The Huawei Mate 30 Pro ...
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Which phone is better for taking photos and videos - the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy Fold? How about their night mode, or slow-mo, or stabiliser?
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Side by side comparison between 3 of the hottest phone in the last part of 2019.
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Here is a quick look at both devices side by side. What do you guys think and prefer? Buy Accessories on Amazon
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Лучшие цены на Samsung и Apple в BigGeek: Galaxy Fold поступил в продажу в некоторых странах, а в конце октябр...
Live test: Watch how many folds the Galaxy Fold can take CNET
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Samsung says the new Galaxy Fold phone is tested to last through 200000 foldings and unfoldings. So we decided to try it out. Check out the highlighted ...
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold features one of the largest displays ever on a smartphone. How does that translate for gaming? In this video I play various mobile ...
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Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ...
What's inside Samsung Galaxy Fold? What's Inside?
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We used a waterjet on a Samsung Galaxy Fold! Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. Watch our other Tech ...
19 hours back
Дождался! В мои руки попал Samsung Galaxy Fold. Тот самый, первый, гнущийся смартфон. Удобен ли он? Оптимизирован ли...
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Very excited to check out the New and Updated Samsung Galaxy Fold! I will show off everything you will get in the retail box and also give my FIRST ...
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold launches this month - but should you buy it? I've had a play with the UPDATED version of the Fold, but even though it won't break as ...
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The Huawai Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are competing for folding phone dominance. Huawei has taken a different approach from Samsung opting for a ...
Galaxy Fold vs Galaxy Note 10 who is the top dog? Tommy Kelley
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In this video I compare the galaxy Fold to the galaxy note 10 plus. Is it all about innovation and specs? Let's find out #galaxyfold #note10plus #foldvsnote.
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The Updated and fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold is Finally here and being sold in the US and other countries, Today I share with my opinion on the new unlocked ...
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Die beiden Smartphone Könige, Huawei und Samsung bringen bald ihre neuen faltbaren Handys auf den Markt. Hier ist ein kleiner Vergleich der beiden ...
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Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold! Unboxing and full review video coming soon on both devices! But this is an initial vs video on the Samsung Galaxy ...
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In this video I compare purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Note 10+ and TabS6. The Fold is suppose to replace both, but does it accomplish its lofty goal?
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing & First Look - The Beyond Flagship Experience 🔥🔥🔥 Technical Guruji
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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Samsung Galaxy Fold ke baare mein baat ki hai, humne kiya hai unbox Galaxy Fold ko aur dekha hai isi phone ...
DIY Galaxy Fold The King of Random
7 months back
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown! - How does it even work? JerryRigEverything
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The new Samsung Galaxy fold is pretty much the coolest phone on the market right now. Yeah, folding smartphones are new, and the folding technology is new, ...
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iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro might be great phones but I think the NEW Samsung Galaxy Fold is the innovation king this year. Phone Skins from ...
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Introducing a device like no other: Galaxy Fold We didn't just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow. Galaxy Fold. [Large Screen ...
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Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Fold (final shipping version), the first folding phone to ship in the US. This is perhaps the most important phone release ...
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I went to Chiang Mai with two Korean foldables. So I put them to the test. This is a real world use two of the LG G8X Dual Screen and Samsung Galaxy Fold.