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Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing Unbox Therapy
9 months back
Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ...
The Folding Phone You Can Buy Right Now Unbox Therapy
6 months back
The Royole Flexpai is a foldable smartphone you can actually buy right now. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold which was close to release the Flexpai made it to ...
TCL's new triple screen foldable hands-on: first look at bold phone design CNET
3 months back
If Samsung's foldable phone doesn't do it for you, TCL hopes its gigantic, three screen prototype will. Subscribe to CNET: ...
The Last (and First) Folding Phone! Marques Brownlee
6 months back
Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST? weird flex but ok MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: ...
Huawei Mate X hands-on: This foldable phone is from the FUTURE Android Central
11 months back
The Huawei Mate X is the here, and it's straight outta the future. We've gotten our hands on the hottest device of MWC 2019!
Huawei Mate X Hands-On: The Folding Phone Is The Future MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
11 months back
Seeing a folding phone from a distance is, at first, a flurry of confusion. It just doesn't seem possible that a large tablet can be transformed into a small ...
Top 5 Best Upcoming Foldable Smartphones 2019-2020 Matthews Tech
6 months back
Samsung Galaxy Fold Xiaomi's Foldable Phone Iphone 11 fold Razar v4 Huawei Mate X Top 5 Best Upcoming Foldable Smartphones 2019-2020 Subscribe ...
Motorola Razr foldable phone: What's in the box CNET
2 months back
The Motorola Razr is one of the most exciting phones to be announced this year. It packs a hefty dose of nostalgia, the latest advances in foldable display ...
Can a Folding Phone Bend Both Ways?! - Bend Test! JerryRigEverything
6 months back
Does the worlds first folding phone bend both directions? The Royole Flexpie is the worlds first folding smartphone that you can actually buy today. So its time ...
Apple's Foldable iPhone - Everything We Know! ZONEofTECH
4 months back
Protect your Mac with Intego and get 60% off - Written ZONEofTECH Reviews - 🤳 Let's hit 50K on ...
Motorola Razr first look: A foldable and flip phone in one CNET
2 months back
Motorola's new foldable phone costs $1500 and folds in half from top to bottom. We walk you through the screen, the specs and what it's like to use. Motorola ...
The OnePlus FOLDING Smartphone!? | CES 2020 ASBYT
4 weeks back
The OnePlus FOLDING Smartphone!? | CES 2020 So OnePlus are launching the brand new OnePlus 8 / 8 Pro and 8 Lite smartphone devices in the next few ...
TCL's newest affordable foldable phone: hands-on CNET
2 weeks back
This working foldable prototype from TCL is designed to cost less than the Motorola Razr. Subscribe to CNET: CNET ...
Galaxy Fold: Official Introduction Samsung
4 months back
Introducing a device like no other: Galaxy Fold We didn't just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow. Galaxy Fold. [Large Screen ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing & First Look - Future is Here🔥🔥🔥 Technical Guruji
9 months back
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Samsung Galaxy Fold ke baare mein baat ki hai, humne kiya hai unbox Galaxy Fold ko aur dekha hai isi phone ...
Samsung's $840 foldable phone? CNET
2 months back
A report says Samsung will release a new, clamshell foldable phone, kind of like the new Motorola Razr. The crazy part would be the price: It'd be cheaper than ...
Foldable phones at MWC 2019: just the beginning The Verge
11 months back
Foldable phones are just getting started. Here's what we know so far: the Huawei Mate X, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Royole FlexPai. It's already obvious ...
Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks! EverythingApplePro
11 months back
Apple IS Working on an iPhone Fold! Folding iPhone Leaks & Concept, iOS 13 Leaks, A14 to be 5nm, Scary 4G/5G Flaw, Giveaway Winners & More Apple ...
Xiaomi's folding phone concept might be the best we've seen | Engadget Today Engadget
12 months back
Xiaomi truly is working on a foldable phone, company president and co-founder Lin Bin has confirmed in a teaser he posted on Weibo. In the video, you'll see ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New! Marques Brownlee
4 months back
Galaxy Fold is back. Think of it as a 1.1 refresh. Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Galaxy Fold Review: ...
Galaxy Fold full review: Samsung's fascinating foldable CNET
4 months back
Samsung's foldable phone represents the beginning of a brand-new era. Here's everything good and bad about our foldable future Subscribe to CNET: ...
The $150 FOLDING PHONE you can buy RIGHT NOW! Izzy Nobre
5 months back
Where to buy the ZTE Axon M: (US) (Canada) The ZTE Axon M is probably the most interesting phone you'll ...
Microsoft Surface Duo Foldable Phone - First Impressions! Soldier Knows Best
4 months back
Microsoft just unveiled their upcoming foldable phone, the Microsoft Surface Duo. With it not arriving until late 2020, here are my first impressions of what this ...
Best foldable phones at MWC 2019 Android Authority
11 months back
Read more: | Foldables were a big theme at MWC 2019. Here's a closer look at the best foldable phones announced.
Top Foldable Smartphones Concepts 2018, iPhone X Flex,Galaxy x, Moto Razr v4,Huawei Mate X TechConfigurations
1 years back
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Surface Duo first look: Microsoft's foldable Android phone The Verge
4 months back
Microsoft surprised us with the Surface Duo this week. It's the long-awaited Surface phone that has been rumored for years, and in a further surprise, it's running ...
2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon! Marques Brownlee
2 months back
The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches. MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: ...
I love the folding Huawei Mate X: A day out with the phone CNET
1 months back
Its massive screen and unique folding method makes Huawei's folding phone my favourite of today's bendables. Subscribe to CNET: ...
Top 10 Foldable Phone 2019 TechVID
9 months back
Top 10 Foldable Phone 2019 Don't forget to subscribe and like our video for more tech content. tags; top 10 foldable phone huawei mate x samsung galaxy fold ...
The Folding Phone of the Future! Royole FlexPai EverythingApplePro
5 months back
The Royole FlexPai is the worlds first foldable phone for $1500. Unboxing & review! Apple is also working on a foldable iPad & iPhone. NEW 2019 iPhone ...
Ellen Reviews the Newest Foldable Phone TheEllenShow
5 months back
Ellen reviewed the latest foldable phone that's similar to an old-school flip phone, and she explained why they're basically the bell bottoms of technology.
Samsung Galaxy F (X) - Will Be More Than A Foldable Phone!!!! Miror pro
1 years back
Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F Will Be More Than A Foldable SmartPhone...!!! Enjoy Watching ! Notice : If you tried to use the thumbnail of this video or any ...
5 Foldable Upcoming Smart Phones for 2019. Richie Rich
11 months back
Foldable Phones ready early 2019-2020 1.Samsung Galaxy X 2. Lenovo's CPlus 3. Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex ...
BOE 12.3" Rollable Phone, 7.7" Foldable Phone, BD Cell, Printed OLED, 8K VR, Automotive, mini-LED Charbax
7 months back
At SID Display Week 2019, BOE shows their latest 12.3" Rollable Phone, 7.7" Foldable Phone, many other flexible displays, UHD displays, micro-displays, other ...
Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Introduction Concept, the Foldable Triple Camera Smartphone is here!!! TechConfigurations
1 years back
Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Introduction Concept, Foldable Triple Camera Smartphone is here!!!
Sony Xperia Foldable Phone - Will Have A Transparant Display!! Miror pro
1 years back
Sony Foldable Smartphone will have a transparant will be a revolutionary Phone Enjoy Watching ! Notice : If you tried to use the thumbnail of this ...
Motorola Razr vs Galaxy Fold: Full comparison CNET
2 months back
Motorola and Samsung give us two foldable phones that work in completely different ways. Which one has the better screen design and smallest crease, the ...
This Folding Phone Is Different... Unbox Therapy
10 months back
Does the Motorola Razr 2019 stand a chance against the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold? Which will win the battle for folding smartphone ...
BOE Flexible OLED, 27" 8K, Bezel-less, foldable phone, AMQLED, 4K and more Charbax
3 years back
BOE from Beijing China shows their flexible OLED, plastic displays, which will be used for the foldable and flexible bezel-less smart phones of the future.
7 months back
Reports are detailing the upcoming galaxy fold 2 along with a new outward folding device! ✅ Subscribe: Folding phones caused a lot of ...
Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! - Is it STILL fragile?! JerryRigEverything
4 months back
The Galaxy Fold is here for its official durability test! See what your phone looks like with the new Robot Skin HERE: The Galaxy Fold ...
Samsung One UI 2 tour with new Galaxy foldable flip phone tease CNET
3 months back
At its 2019 Samsung Developer Conference, the phone-maker showed One UI 2 software running on a Galaxy Fold flip phone concept. Sorry, Motorola. One UI ...
Why Foldable Phones Are a BAD Idea Techquickie
6 months back
The first 200 people who head to will get 20% off their annual premium subscription of Brilliant. Are foldable phones just a ...
LENOVO Foldable Phone in FIRST LOOK 2019! Moby Smart Cat
10 months back
Upcoming LENOVO Foldable Phone in FIRST LOOK 2019! Lenovo is patenting a vertically foldable phone. This is just a preliminary design and could change ...
Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept first look Android Authority
4 years back
Full hands on: We still don't have consumer ready foldable smartphones or tablets, but Lenovo's concepts makes it seem like we're one step ...
Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 Future Smartphone Concept with Flexible Display AndroidLeo
1 years back
Samsung Flex 2020 introduction Concept video with Price and specification. for know more about samsung Flex click here; ...
The NEW Folding Flip Phone Dave Lee
9 months back
With Samsung Galaxy Fold problems in mind, these are my thoughts on the upcoming Motorola RAZR - A folding flip phone with a completely different kind of ...
I used a $2000 FOLDING PHONE on Fortnite Mobile... (best device) DuckyTheGamer
2 months back
Daily Streams: Don't forget to choose me as support a creator, USE CODE "Ducky" IN THE ITEM SHOP! How To Stream & Record ...