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News reporter catches auto repair shops! deziking
6 years back
In Automotive industry you need to be honest and up front. Make sure Parts and Labor are in line with the MFGR. OR DO GOOGLE SEARCH. DO NOT TELL ...
Fake Mechanic Wood Films Gh
1 years back
Watch out for our new series known as FAKE MECHANIC.. Coming your way on TV3... #woodfilmsgh..
I'm Not a Real Mechanic Scotty Kilmer
4 months back
I'm Not a Real Mechanic, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Is Scotty Kilmer a real auto mechanic or fake? Car repair fails. Automotive mechanic scams.
Mechanic fakes repairs on veteran's ride ABC Action News
5 years back
A mechanic did not finish repairs on a veteran's vehicle despite charging him for the work. It wasn't the first time the business faced allegations.
20/20 Undercover Investigation on Repair Shop Fraud and Dishonesty NJGCA
5 years back
September 12, 2014 -- A 20/20 undercover investigation into repair shops reveals some shops scamming customers and charging for unnecessary repairs, ...
Fake Mechanic -New African Comedy Bryan Werkle
5 months back
New #African #Comedy.
Fake mechanic scamming people in parking lots FOX 4 Now
2 years back
Cape Coral Police Detectives are asking for the public's help in identifying a fraudster.
Осторожно подделка!!! Флюс Mechanic MCN-UV80 / Fake flux Mechanic MCN-UV80 Вадим Корнелюк
2 days back
Как всегда, если появляется качественный товар, который стает популярным его, тут же, пытаются подделать...
Real Mechanics Don't Wear Gloves?? HumbleMechanic
1 years back
REAL mechanics don't wear gloves? Call me a fake auto mechanic. I think mechanics should consider wearing gloves for a number of reasons. Not just to keep ...
Vettel dresses as mechanic for garage prank FormulaSpy
5 years back
Sebastian Vettel gets up to devilment in a TV prank show by dressing up as a mechanic and frightens customers. http://www.formulaspy.com ...
What is mechanic Steve really doing? Ernest P.
2 months back
Real mechanic reveals what mechanic Steve is actually doing.
Scrap Mechanic - Fake Torque - 5 Snocrash
4 years back
A quick tutorial on how to move a structure using a game glitch! Can be used to create stable flying machines - or even a motorcyle If you're having problems ...
I Made A Fake Hovercraft Using Pistons! - Scrap Mechanic Gameplay ScrapMan
2 weeks back
Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic! Today I had the brilliant idea to make a hovercraft that technically doesn't hover. Instead, it uses pistons to keep ...
Fake City #4 | Viewer Creation (Scrap Mechanic #89) CoCoaCoCi
2 years back
I added the sky scrapers to the city, added a coffee shop and a 6 lvl apartment building. ⬇ Click to see more! ⬇ Did you enjoy this Scrap Mechanic video and ...
How to Spot a Scam Mechanic Scotty Kilmer
2 years back
How to spot a scam mechanic and auto repair shop before they work on your car. How not to get scammed, DIY tips with Scotty Kilmer. There's good mechanics ...
Fake mechanic Mbiti josphat kk
4 months back
Driver must do something.
5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know Scotty Kilmer
8 months back
5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car repair scams. Mechanic scams. Car scams revealed. Things ...
How to fake being a auto mechanic Grease Monkey Garage
2 years back
I am a DIY that likes to work on vehicles.
Fake mechanic.(😂SQUAT COMEDY😂) episode 10. funny video SQUAT COMEDY
3 months back
I didn't learn work, is only to avoid hunger. .
05-03-19 - Alex Howard - Fake Mechanic Ripping Off Parts At A Naples Dodge Dealership geoffrey lewis
2 months back
This is a video package I filmed with a reporter and put together for broadcast on NBC 2 out of Fort Myers, Florida. This is one of several videos I plan to archive ...
Fake City (Scrap Mechanic #75) CoCoaCoCi
3 years back
My new City project. A city with a lot of fake houses and other buldings. Don't worry the community city will be still worked on! ⬇ Click to see more! ⬇ Did you ...
LA NASA LE CONTACT !!! FAKE OU PAS ? - Scrap Mechanic Staiben
3 years back
Hey, salut tout le monde c'est Staiben j'espère que vous allez bien. Aujourd'hui on se retrouve sur Scrap Mechanic pour la construction de ma fusée. J'espère ...
3 months back
Hi Everyone! Another Rocket League goal montage. More insane clips coming in the future. - Sh3rlock []Footage[] 1920x1080 NVIDIA Shadowplay feat.
Mechanic to Pay Restitution for Fake Repairs WPRI
2 years back
Thomas Reardon was accused of accepting $15000 for repairs to a Westport fire truck that he never made.
Bangladeshi mechanic || Fake mechanic vs real mechanic|| Tv nosto || AA TUBE|| Bangla new funnyvideo Ananno Arefin07
2 years back
New video. Subscribe to get more videos Follow me on instagram✈ Ananno arefin 7 Director and editor:Ananno Arefin Follow me on Facebook :Ananno Arefin ...
Row House + Garages | Fake City #2 (Scrap Mechanic #78) CoCoaCoCi
2 years back
This is part two of the Fake City series. In this video we take a look at the new row house and the garages. ⬇ Click to see more! ⬇ Did you enjoy this Scrap ...
3 years back
Modular Skyscraper / Fake City (Scrap Mechanic #74) CoCoaCoCi
3 years back
This is the first modular Skyscraper. It's 'fake'. The skyscraper is just here to make your city look a bit cooler and a bit more populated. ⬇ Click to see more! ⬇...
Apartment Building | Fake City #3 (Scrap Mechanic #81) CoCoaCoCi
2 years back
A new addition to the Fake City. The apartment building has enough space for 16 families to move in. ⬇ Click to see more! ⬇ Did you enjoy this Scrap Mechanic ...
5 years back
Be aware from fake mechanic's and don't be a fool Bihari Autobots
3 years back
How to difference between Fake/ Fraud and Genuine Mechanics.
The FAKE Hoonitruck? | Ford F-250 Drift Truck | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 OG Wonka
11 months back
Click that like button and Subscribe to join me on the journey to 5000 subscribers! OG Wonka Official©. Build and expand...
Clev Fake Tutorial Video (NEW MECHANIC 2019) IN ROCKET LEAGUE!!! clev
2 weeks back
This new found mechanic will blow your mind. I did this for the fans.
Rocket League®New Mechanic Fake touch GNOVA-ZERO YT
1 years back
ROCKET LEAGUE https://store.playstation.com/#!/nl-nl/tid=CUSA01433_00.
Jagtial Mechanic Got Cheated With Fake Gold Coins | Robbed 7Lakhs | Teenmaar News | V6 Telugu News V6 News Telugu
3 weeks back
Teenmaar News : ఆర్టీసీ కార్మికుల పాలాభిషేకం https://youtu.be/TPVUt-i-Mhc అంజనంల తేలిన ఆర్టీసీ రహస...
Is that a Human Car? Auto Mechanic Pranks Real Customer – Purolator Purolator Filters
3 years back
Watch all of our hidden camera videos at http://NothingGetsByUs.com. Nothing Gets By You This guy sure knows his car anatomy. Our fake mechanic, not so ...
Little Princesses 5 -The Mechanic, The Ride On Pink Disney Princess Carriage, and The Lesson New Sky Kids
3 years back
In episode 5 of little princesses the pink princess carriage ride on girls car keeps breaking down, but it turns out the problem is that it has not been taken care of ...