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Funniest live TV news interviews gone wrong.
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Top 10 - Indian News Channel's news reporting fails. Indian News Channels are 24x7 but not all shows are live. And there is a reason behind it. Today @ Simbly ...
How Fox News opinion hosts contradicted their own journalist Washington Post
2 years back
Fox News opinion hosts expressed skepticism about reports that President Trump wanted to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in 2017 — despite their ...
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Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in 2018. Please Subscribe! Best News Bloopers 2018 Best News ...
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A collection of the best TV news bloopers fails.
The craziest news report Myhugefamily!! Vibes
1 years back
Watch this DOOOOOOO IT!!!
10 REAL Angels Caught on Tape Performing Miracles Slapped Ham
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From an angel photographed in a hospital to an angel that appeared at a rock concert, we count 10 real angels caught on tape performing miracles.
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SUBSCRIBE to Balls Up: 2018 is off to a great start we've already found the weirdest story of the year...this takes some beating! ▻ FOLLOW ...
Five Day Weather Forecast Studio C
6 years back
Five Day Weather Forecast. Sometimes the weather isn't as predictable as we would like it to be. Watch as this weather man tries to give the public the most up ...
Kids Answer "What is the Best Country in the World?" Jimmy Kimmel Live
4 years back
We hear a lot about how great America is or how great America was. We grew up hearing America was number one - and Jimmy never questioned that, but he ...
Weather map goes crazy live on the air FOX 10 Phoenix
5 years back
2960 degrees in Cave Creek?! FOX 10's Cory McCloskey leads viewers through a hilarious weathercast after his weather map malfunctions. Technology doesn't ...
10 Strange Phenomena Science Can't Explain Interesting Facts
5 months back
10 Strange Phenomena Science Can't Explain ▻ Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ...
2 years back
Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in January 2018. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 ...
Year in review: Donald Trump's craziest quotes in 2017 Global News
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Global News took a look back at some of President Donald Trump's most talked about quotes in 2017. This includes Trump branding a news organization "fake ...
1 years back
Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in June 2018. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 ...
The Heart Attack Grill: Restaurant Promotes Harmfully Unhealthy Food | Nightline | ABC News ABC News
9 years back
Yum. The hamburger restaurant with a menu that boasts unhealthy foods. Fatty foods in large portions are bad for you. However in light of this, The Heart Attack ...
Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 World Top ONE
8 months back
top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 including their dangerous runways Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight - are ...
Steve Irwin's Last Words: Interview With His Underwater Cameraman Part 1 | Studio 10 Studio 10
6 years back
A world exclusive with Justin Lyons, the underwater cameraman who was with Steve Irwin when he passed away. PART 2: ...
Tommy Lynn Sells - The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News ABC News
9 years back
A look at why serial killers lack remorse after slaying their victims. Dan Abrams sits down with Tommy Lynn Sells. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates ...
It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video Bloomberg
1 years back
Fake videos and audio keep getting better, faster and easier to make, increasing the mind-blowing technology's potential for harm if put in the wrong hands.
Ancient Aliens: Strange Events at Fuxian Lake (Season 11) | History HISTORY
8 months back
An ancient city with advanced architectural features found at the bottom of Fuxian Lake - and that pre-dates the lake itself - has ancient astronaut theorists asking ...
Weatherman nails town's super long name CNN
4 years back
British weatherman Liam Dutton pronounced the 58-letter name of Welsh village Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch flawlessly.
Full Interview: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle Inside Edition
5 months back
Televangelist Kenneth Copeland enjoys a life of luxury. He has his own airport next to his mansion in Newark, Texas, where he keeps his private jets.
28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth The BIGGEST
2 years back
Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger ...
Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny) Savage Brick Sports
2 years back
This took a while to make this is only part 1 of many discord: Instagram: Twitter: Gaming ...
President Trump's Most SAVAGE Moments BlazeTV
5 months back
Watch President Trump in some of his most SAVAGE moments yet. From Hilary Clinton to CNN, no one is safe from getting roasted by Trump. ▻ Click HERE to ...
Michael Jackson: The Craziest Rumors | ⭐OSSA OSSA
1 years back
Michael Jackson:The Craziest Rumors | ⭐OSSA Here's the video about unbelievable myths surrounding Michael Jackson. We gathered the most shocking ones ...
Tucker takes on gender pronoun crackdown supporter Fox News
9 months back
Democrat state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson announces that 'he' and 'she' will no longer be used during hearings; reaction from University of Maryland ...
ER Nurses Share Their Wildest Stories BuzzFeedVideo
1 years back
Real emergency room nurses answer questions and reveal secrets about the job. Credits: Check out more ...
Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live
2 months back
Sometimes the breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live are the funniest part of the sketch. We're looking at instances where SNL hosts, cast ...
Reporters Asking NBA Players Stupid Questions FanaticMixes
12 months back
A compilation of reporters asking NBA players stupid questions with some hilarious reactions and responses from players such as Russell Westbrook (duh), ...
Most Craziest World Record of all Time By The Way Documentary
19 hours back
It's human nature to want to push our limits. Whether it's a world record in the Olympics or just a personal challenge in our\backyard, with every passing year new ...
The Absolutely Most CRINGE Moments From CNN's LGBT Town Hall BlazeTV
2 weeks back
Check out the absolutely most CRINGE moments from CNN's LGBT Town Hall. ▻ Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV on Youtube! ...
Teen drummer lives his dream one beat at a time CBS Evening News
5 years back
At 16 years old, Brandon Olander is the youngest snare drummer in the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. But despite his age, he dreamed of becoming part of ...
Alex Jones Craziest Rant EVER, Fantasizes About Trump Getting Wacked By The FBI The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder
2 years back
In this Majority Report clip, we watch Alex Jones go into a very confusing rant about Donald Trump possibly being wacked by the FBI. We need your help to keep ...
Q&A: The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened To Stephen The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
3 years back
Every night Stephen takes a few questions from the audience before the show. On this particular occasion, he didn't quite answer the question, but he did tell an ...
Rush Limbaugh explains the Trump phenomenon Fox News
1 years back
On 'Hannity,' radio host says the business of the nation will be halted in Democrats win the House in November. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour ...
#DNR19 Reuters Institute – Digital News Report Reuters Institute
4 months back
Digital News Report 2019 More information at @risj_oxford | #DNR19 ...
John Bercow: five memorable moments from a decade as Speaker Guardian News
1 months back
After 10 years as House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow will be stepping down by 31 October. Well known for his theatrical shouts of 'Order' to unruly MPs, ...
Ellen's Favorite 'Game of Games' Fails TheEllenShow
2 years back
One of Ellen's favorite parts of "Game of Games" is when contestants give the wrong answer, and she looked back at some of the best worst answers from ...