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Best Stand up comedy sketch ever! Aiysha17
4 years back
Kevin Bridges, Scottish stand up comedian, put himself on the map in 2009 at Michael MacIntyre's BBC Comedy Roadshow in Edinburgh, aired on the BBC.
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) Lauris Beinerts
5 years back
Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate ...
Kenny Sebastian & Kanan Gill | Comedy Sketch - Flat Lime Soda Kenny Sebastian
7 months back
The first sketch from the hilarious live sketch comedy show 'Sketchy Behaviour', We join the extremely frustrating waiter Trishul as he has trouble getting a ...
This is one of the funniest comedy sketches ever!! Remember This? TV Show
2 years back
This is one of the funniest comedy sketches of all time. From BBC. Starring Irish comedian named Dave Allen, the sketch was aired in the 70`s or 80`s on the ...
7 months back
F R U S T This sketch is a part of a Sketch that is part of SKETCHY BEHAVIOUR a full live sketch comedy show! The full video and all related fractions containing ...
"Interview With An Applicant" - Sketch Comedy Paul Del Vecchio
9 years back
Sketch comedy "Interview With An Applicant" Starring: Jill Butterfield as The Applicant Melisa Breiner-Sanders as The Interviewer Edited, DPed, Sound Mix ...
Funniest English class ever Tube Geeks
4 years back
Funniest English class ever. A must watch funny video. Share and subscribe for more.
The Expert: IT Support (Short Comedy Sketch) Lauris Beinerts
2 years back
Square Project Ep2. A funny video about a phone call to IT Support. Another day in the life of Anderson, an engineer trying to fit into the corporate world and his ...
Flight Attendants - SNL Saturday Night Live
2 years back
Gareth (Will Ferrell) adds a dark twist to the safety rap Spencer (Chris Redd) and Sabrina (Aidy Bryant) have created. #SNL #S43 Subscribe to SNL: ...
Point Pleasant Police Department with Bill Hader The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
4 years back
Jimmy and Bill revisit their cop show from the '80s where the situations tended to get a bit messy. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ...
The Two Ronnies - Sweet Shop Sketch nymphofwater
8 years back
Copyright to the BBC! Sweet Shop Sketch from Series Eight episode Seven.
Top 10 GREATEST British Comedy Sketches WatchMojoUK
1 years back
Top 10 British Comedy Sketches Subscribe: We Brits have sketch comedy down to a fine (and very funny) art. For this list, we're counting ...
CC The Living Room - Awkward Salesmen Comedy Central India Originals
5 years back
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Do You Speak English? - Big Train - BBC comedy BBC Studios
11 years back
Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France.
Rowan Atkinson Live - Dirty Names Rowan Atkinson Live
6 years back
A classic bit by comedian, Rowan Atkinson. A teacher does roll call with a class register full of hilarious dirty names. Whether mesmerising us with the sheer ...
Short film "The Elevator" filmmekker
10 years back
A short comedy film by Greg Glienna, the creator of Meet the Parents, A Guy Thing and Relative Strangers. SUSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND CHECK OUT MY ...
The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch) Lauris Beinerts
2 years back
Square Project Ep3. Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world! Another day of Anderson navigating the ...
Air Traffic Control - SNL Saturday Night Live
8 months back
A Scottish air traffic controller (James McAvoy) with a heavy accent tries to guide a plane to a safe landing. #SNL #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill #SNL44 Subscribe ...
The Sketch Show UK - Phobias Workshop David Botran
11 years back
This is the UK version. All five actors are in a phobias workshop, phobias include a fear of the word "Aagh!", a fear of apologies, a fear of repetition, and awkward ...
Funny Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry comedy sketch! 'Your name, sir?' - BBC BBC Studios
11 years back
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie perform a hilarious short comedy sketch in a police station. A man making a statement has a surname that is pretty hard to ...
Emma Thompson Alfresco Phone Sketches Marina Wilkie
5 years back
Alfresco is a sketch show that ran for two series during 1983-84. The show included figures such as Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Ben Elton. Emma Thompson ...
Lauren - French exam - The Catherine Tate Show - BBC comedy BBC Studios
12 years back
Lauren gets worked up over her French exam. Another hilarious moment from Catherine Tate's BBC comedy sketch show.
Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
4 years back
Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump interviews his "reflection" in the mirror. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ...
Shallon: Stranger Awareness - SNL Saturday Night Live
6 years back
When police officer Rosen (Edward Norton) visits Shallon's (Nasim Pedrad) class, she ruins his speech warning them to avoid taking candy from strangers in ...
The funniest Ever!! 'Two Ronnies' Sketch: "Tickle Your Botty With a Feather Tonight" Mabrouk Ali
2 years back
The rarest funniest 'Two Ronnies' Sketch ever made: "Tickle your botty with a feather tonight"
Sketches from "School of Comedy" Suri Dalma
8 years back
A sketch comedy show performed by kid actors (but not for kids!). I just couldn't resist uploading this, despite the poor quality. The actor you see most of the time ...
The Lost Kid | Go Straight Take Left | LIVE SKETCH COMEDY Them Boxer Shorts
3 years back
A child (Naveen Richard) separated from his mother looks to a stranger(Sumukhi Suresh) on the road for help. The sketch performed live at the Cuckoo Club in ...
Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) in religious comedy sketches gavsmith1980
2 years back
Mostly religious sketches by or including Rowan Atkinson, pus one or two tenuously related clips like a wedding and a reading of a will.
Comedy Skits - The Gas Station Comedy Skit ComedySkitShow
6 years back
For more hilarious Comedy Skits visit The Gas Station A comedy skit featuring a customer who supplies discount vouchers to lower his petrol ...
Directions (Short Comedy Sketch) Lauris Beinerts
4 years back
A funny phone conversation illustrating how hard it can sometimes be to follow 'simple' directions. Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: ...
4 years back
The boys from All India Bakchod take you through the basics of sketch writing starting from where to get inspiration and all the way to how to end your videos.
Self Service Checkout Comedy Sketch TheSonyFony
8 years back
Self Service Checkout Comedy Sketch starring Griff Rhys Jones.
How to Make a “Good" SNL Skit Karsten Runquist
2 years back
Get 10% off your first purchase at: This week I talk about one of my favorite shows on TV, SNL, and how they make a good skit.
Funny New Comedy - SNL Saturday Night Live
3 years back
Coming soon to CBS: Broken, an award-worthy comedy about a family of adjunct professors (Tom Hanks, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong) who are all diagnosed ...
The Sketch Show Series 1 FULL Jumble
2 years back
Sketch comedy series featuring a range of different humour styles. Lee Mack, Jim Tavaré, Karen Taylor, Tim Vine, Ronni Ancona.
R. Kelly Interview Cold Open - SNL Saturday Night Live
6 months back
Gayle King (Leslie Jones) interviews R. Kelly (Kenan Thompson) about the allegations leveled against him. #SNL #IdrisElba #Khalid #SNL44 Subscribe to SNL: ...
Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk Reveals How He Writes Comedy Sketches theoffcamerashow
3 years back
Bob Odenkirk walks Sam through the process of generating and writing comedy and how he draws from his own life experiences. If you liked this video, there's a ...
Comedy That Hits the Funny Bone NDTV
5 years back
The Sketchy Behavior is a compilation of sketches prepared, presented and bought to you by our rising stars of comedy - Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian ...
Asking For Directions | LIVE SKETCH COMEDY Them Boxer Shorts
3 years back
Giving directions in a country that's full of one ways can in some ways become extremely complicated. Naveen Richard and Sumukhi Suresh from their live ...
Amazon Echo - SNL Saturday Night Live
2 years back
The Amazon Echo Silver is specifically designed for the greatest generation (Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant).
The ATM Line | Go Straight Take Left | LIVE SKETCH COMEDY Them Boxer Shorts
3 years back
Nobody likes a line cutter, wether it's an ATM machine or a train station ticket counter. But some people have a real skill for getting ahead of the queue and ...
Top 10 Fry & Laurie Sketches WatchMojoUK
1 years back
Top 10 Fry & Laurie Sketches Subscribe: From funny-sounding surnames to understanding barmen, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie have ...
Short Comedy Sketches from Blue Man Group | BLUE MAN SHORTS Compilation Blue Man Group
1 months back
Enjoy a compilation of hilarious short comedy sketches from your Blue friends at Blue Man Group. Don't miss a video! Subscribe here: ...
Tim Conway Comedy Sketch - Son Of Tarzan MaTeOWaNnA ReMaStErZeR of LoLs
1 years back
2018 Remaster of a comedy sketch w/ Tim Conway as Boy, the son of Tarzan. More remastered Tim Conway - More remastered Comedy ...
Top 10 Funniest All That Sketches MsMojo
1 years back
Top 10 Funniest All That Sketches // Subscribe: These are the most hilarious “All That” sketches! For this ...
A Black Lady Sketch Show: Courtroom Kiki (Full Sketch) | HBO HBO
1 weeks back
"Cicely Tyson would be very proud." A Black Lady Sketch Show is a narrative series set in a limitless magical reality full of dynamic, hilarious characters and ...
Grumpy old men comedy sketch - Visiting Hours - BBC BBC Comedy Greats
10 years back
Fred Git is visiting Alf Git in hospital and it doesn't look good for him, well especially not when he has friends like that! Watch more high quality videos on the new ...