Everything Wrong With SpongeBob SquarePants "Rock Bottom" TVSins
5 days back
He may live in a Pineapple under the sea, but that couldn't protect him from getting sinned. How do you sin the lunacy of SpongeBob Squarepants? Well, we did ...
Everything Wrong With The Lorax In 12 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
2 years back
We went looking for sins in Illumination's The Lorax, and you know what? This movie is really freakin' annoying. Next week: A dark movie and a not-so-dark ...
Everything Wrong With Paddington In 10 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
2 years back
In 2014, Paddington was quietly released. Which is unfortunate, since it's pretty awesome. But even awesome family films have sins, as I'm sure you know, so.
Everything Wrong With The Matrix In 12 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
6 years back
Putting our money where our mouth is again today. This is our narrator's favorite movie of all time... but we still went looking for sins. Why? Because no movie is ...
Everything Wrong With How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Again - With Nostalgia Critic CinemaSins
5 years back
As previously stated, we are two very stubborn individuals. Even if some studios hate Christmas, we're pretty determined to bring you this video in a fashion that ...
Everything Wrong With War For The Planet Of The Apes CinemaSins
2 years back
War for the Planet of the Apes was one of 2017's best action films, despite there being as much scenery & talking as there was action... maybe even more.
Everything Wrong With Brave In 13 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
4 years back
For some reason, Disney mixed up their standard princess formula with Brother Bear, and shoved it in Pixar's direction to force them to make a film. And what we ...
Everything Wrong With The Greatest Showman CinemaSins
2 years back
This movie has sins, several just for trying to make it seem like P.T. Barnum was a super nice and swell guy. TLDR: he wasn't. Remember, no movie is without ...
Everything Wrong With Godzilla In 7 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
7 years back
The year: 1998. The film: Godzilla. The reviews: disastrous. Seeing as how giant robots will soon be fighting giant monsters on the big screen in Pacific Rim, we ...
Everything Wrong With The Fault In Our Stars CinemaSins
5 years back
Two kids with cancer fall in love; what could possibly go wrong? This week's Thursday sins video will actually come out on Friday: A special guest helps us ...
Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book In 10 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
4 years back
Get 30 days free anime at Crunchy Roll: With the new live-action Jungle Book hitting theaters, we decided to go back to the ...
Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Part 1 CinemaSins
4 years back
Well, this movie sure had some sins. Damn. Here's Part 2: Thursday: You know what's coming. Remember, no ...
Everything Wrong With Scream in 16 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
4 years back
Scream is considered a modern horror classic, but it still has sins (duh). Next week: A pair of timely sins videos. Remember, no movie is without sin.
Everything Wrong With The Nut Job In 11 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
2 years back
Apparently this short-ass movie that is terrible made enough money that The Nut Job 2 is hitting theaters soon. Un-freakin'-believable. This is a train wreck, and ...
The Nemesis Of Cinema Sins: A Cinema Sins Cat Video CinemaSins
6 years back
We wish we could crank out more sins videos than we do, but there are forces at work beyond our control. Also, every self-respecting YouTube channel needs a ...
Everything Wrong With The Snowman In 18 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
2 years back
Well here is a movie. There's blood... a snowman... a Fassbender... some other stuff... we still have no idea what happened. We did notice some sins, though.
CinemaSins' Best Movie Of 2013 - Conversations With Myself About Movies CinemaSins
6 years back
It's been a long time since I've talked with myself about movies. Well... a long time since we've filmed such a conversation, at least. Today we have a discussion ...
Everything Wrong With Trolls In 18 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
3 years back
Start snacking and save 50% on your first order at Here's a movie I could have done without. We all could have done without it, ...
Everything Wrong With Fast Five In 18 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
5 years back
Fast Five, the movie that heard you thought the last one was stupid and set out to show you what stupid really looks like. Jeremy wrote a book: ...
Everything Wrong With The Muppet Christmas Carol In Adorable Minutes CinemaSins
1 months back
Say hello to one of the best Christmas movies ever made, The Muppet Christmas Carol. It's cute, emotional, inspiring, and goofy. And it has sins, like all movies.
Everything Wrong With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 CinemaSins
4 years back
And so ends our sinning of the Twilight series. And just in time, since this video did, indeed, nearly kill us. Thursday: Older action-y sins. Remember, no movie is ...
Everything Wrong With Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets CinemaSins
6 years back
Well after many months of making you wait, we finally return to the Harry Potter series for the second installment, running down the list of sins in Harry Potter ...
A Good Day To Die Hard, Bruce Willis, & Kevin Smith - Conversations With Myself About Movies CinemaSins
7 years back
The unthinkable happens. I agree with myself about something. That is... until we start disagreeing again. We discuss A Good Day To Die Hard, Bruce Willis in ...
Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
2 years back
Hotel Transylvania is one of those movie's that's short and kind of feels humorous in your memory, but when you go back through it looking for sins ends up just ...
Re-Issue: Everything Wrong With Back To The Future CinemaSins
6 years back
This video is a re-upload! Due to a very small piece of music, our entire Back to the Future video was muted. We thought it was better to just delete that sh*t, ...
Everything Wrong With Man Of Steel In 8 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
6 years back
Superman is considered the greatest superhero, but his movies are often full of sins. The latest, Man of Steel, is no exception. Have a good Thanksgiving (if ...
Everything Wrong With Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix CinemaSins
6 years back
Today we return to the Harry Potter franchise... something many of you have been rudely clamoring for us to do. In the 5th Potter film, we see continued Hogwarts ...
Everything Wrong With Krampus In 15 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
3 years back
Finally Hollywood gives us a decent-ish Christmas horror film with Krampus, which earns plenty of sins but still isn't terrible. Next week: Pixar something and ...
What's The Damage? - Titanic CinemaSins
6 years back
We figured that in addition to counting up the sins in Titanic, we'd better also count up the monetary damage, since there was probably a lot. So... here you go.
Stuff You May Not Know About Cinema Sins CinemaSins
5 years back
Plenty of CinemaSins fans are new to the party, so we thought we'd recap some of the stuff newer fans might not know about, like our Twitter, t-shirts, Tumblr, ...
Everything Wrong With Jupiter Ascending In 19 Minutes Or Less CinemaSins
4 years back
Jupiter Ascending. If you saw it, you hate yourself. If you didn't, you're one of the lucky people who can carry on with life as normal. It's a sinful motherf*cker.
CinemaSins is Still Wrong About Everything Shaun
2 years back
Spoilers for all the movies ever. Any mistakes I made were satirizing, um, something. I can never be wrong accidentally. CinemaSins channel: ...
Christmas Vacation - What's The Damage? CinemaSins
6 years back
Another damage assessment video, and our final Christmas movie video of any kind for this holiday season, we give you all the monetary damage caused in ...
Everything Wrong With Star Trek: The Motion Picture CinemaSins
4 years back
Once upon a time, Paramount made a Star Trek movie that, while true to the Trek spirit, was also boring as f*ck. Here are that movie's sins. Thursday: Staying in ...
24 Reasons The Matrix & The Lego Movie Are The Same Movie CinemaSins
5 years back
Introducing a new member to the CinemaSins family. Watch more Couch Tomato here: Merch: ...
Behind The Scenes - Conversations With Myself About Movies CinemaSins
7 years back
Many of you have been asking us for some time now to do a behind the scenes video about how we create our weekly Conversation With Myself episodes.
Everything Wrong With Teen Titans Go! To The Movies! Moliminous
1 years back
Join The Pony Nation: Go Teen Titans, eh it actually wasn't that bad, but yeah let's make fun of it. #ttg #teentiatansgo #cinemasins Patreon: ...
Everything Wrong With South Park "Pilot" TVSins
5 months back
Animation sweeps month lands us with Matt and Trey's very first episode of everyone's favorite foul mouthed cardboard cutouts. We love the show as much as ...
Conversations With Myself About Movies - Django Unchained CinemaSins
7 years back
I have a conversation with myself about Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, Tarantino's acting, and more. What movie or movie topic should I discuss with myself ...
Movie Recipes - Scarface CinemaSins
3 years back
In this episode of Movie Recipes, we head to Del Campo in Washington D.C. to see their take on a dish based around Scarface. Thanks again to Victor Albisu ...
Rejected Concepts - Sh*tty Acapella Movie Review Songs - Gravity - SPOILERS CinemaSins
6 years back
SPOILERS! This is a previously-unreleased video for an abandoned series concept. We felt guilty about not having the planned sins video ready for you today, ...
Answering Fan Mail - Part 1 - Conversations With Myself CinemaSins
7 years back
We go through our email and answer some of the most common questions we get asked. We'll finish up the FAQ next week with the second batch of questions.
Sin Dissection - Episode 1 - "This Movie Exists" CinemaSins
6 years back
Sin Dissections. A new series pulling back the curtain on certain controversial and misunderstood sins--and probably some where we were just flat-out wrong.
Everything Wrong With The Good Place "Everything is Fine & Flying" TVSins
4 months back
You wouldn't think The Good Place would have any sins, but then again maybe everything isn't as it seems. Here's what we found! Next week we sin the pilot of ...
CinemaSins & Mental Health America CinemaSins
9 months back
May is Mental Health Month, and it's a subject that means a lot to us here at CinemaSins In fact, we're partnering with Mental Health America (MHA) to not only to ...
Everything Wrong With Baby Shark In 4 Minutes Or Less (CinemaSins Parody) Nippon-Teikoku Productions [NTP]
2 years back
NO NARRATION INCLUDED! Inspired by CinemaSins. Go sub to them if you aren't subbed already! Since our first ...
Everything Wrong With CinemaSins...and why Pitch Meeting is Better Toxic Touch Productions
4 months back
Kinda buried the lede on this title here, but I get the feeling you'll enjoy this. This has been on my mind for a while. #supereasybarelyaninconvenience Check my ...
Batfleck: Ben Affleck As Batman - Conversations With Myself About Movies CinemaSins
6 years back
This week's mid-week video is another installment of our occasional series, Conversations With Myself About Movies. This week's topic is the hotly debated ...